Oscar's Grind Sports Betting System

Oscar's Grind is a theory was first used in casinos when betting on roulette. Sports fans have since then adopted it, and still some use it for betting on games in hopes to beat the sportsbooks.

The purpose of this technique is to minimize the player’s losses in the long run. The algorithm of actions does not allow players to lose their heads in the event of a series of defeats, because the amount of the bet on the loss remains the same. If a series of wins occurs, the bet is increased, which contributes to maximum profit during this period.

The Basic Rules of Oscar's Grind Strategy

  • It is recommended that you divide the bankroll into 10 equal bets
  • If you lose, the size of the next bet will not change.
  • If you win, the stake for the next bet doubles
  • The ratio should be 2.0 (+100) or higher
  • The cycle ends if the net profit is larger or equal to the size of the first bet

Consider the following example:

Let's say we have a bankroll of $1000.  Now we need to divide this bank into 10 equal bets, respectively, the rate for the first bet will be $100.  For the convenience of conducting mathematical calculations, we have chosen fixed odds at 2.00 (+100).

BetSize of BetResultBankroll
1100Loss1000 – 100 = 900
2100Win900 + (100 х 2.0) = 1100
3200Loss1100 – 200 = 900
4200Loss900 – 200 = 700
5200Win700 + (200 х 2.00) = 1100
6200Win1100 + (400 х 2.00) = 1900

Based on the table, we can see that after the 6th step (3 losses and 3 wins) the size of the player's bankroll was $1900, after he received a profit after the 5th step. Of course, this does not mean that the game always turns out this way: you can of course have more or less wins than in the example. 

When using the Oscar's Grind strategy it is very important to stop at certain points. Thus, let us remind you that after losing the bet the size of the next one does not change, and after the winning it doubles. 
It is important to know that if you win three bets in a row, it is not recommended to increase the size of the bet, as this can lead to the loss of a large amount. If three bets in a row have won, it is worth starting over and returning to the original size of the bet.

Oscar's Grind strategy is available to be used, but it is undesirable to use it in the long term, as odds are used above 2.00 (+100), and therefore the probability of getting into a protracted hustle is quite high. In the short term, the strategy can bring profit, but it requires careful analysis.

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