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Betway closed my account on multiple occasions each time I won money. They had me verify my account twice making me take pictures of my debit cards, bank statements, ID. They currently have closed my account after I tried to make an $8500 withdrawl. Contacted AZ Gaming Commision as they are quick to take your money and close accounts. I need them to manually send a check or wire the funds immediately as I didnt not do anything to warrant them to not pay me. 
They have multiple deposit methods to deposit but when you go to withdrawal they limit you to VIP ACH all other options are locked or state you havent used to deposit even though I have prior. I had another sportsbook Unibet that was hacked and they notified me immediately and told me to contact my bank to retrieve the funds. VIP closed my account for the Unibet suspicious activity. When I called VIP they state they do it to protect the consumer but Betway and VIP have both railroaded me. Someone tried to deposit and withdrawl $1500 in a 24 hour period and didnt wager and tried to retrieve my funds. All casinos use VIP preferred pavillion and they will not do anything to resolve if you ever run into any problems. Prior to this my only problem was Betway constantly closing my account for stupid crap and then I would send them all my docs and they would turn me back on. Stay away from this site at all cost. I will update if I ever acually see my money again.  Its the most I had ever won and very convenient of Betway to pull this stunt. Please mail me a check you have all my information and ID and source of funds.