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2020 Borgata USA Sportsbook Review

Updated: 09/23/2020
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  • Good selection of sports to bet on
  • Exclusive prices and betting markets
  • Updated features like fast withdrawal


  • Live games missing additional markets
  • The sportsbook can be more focused on casino
Sportsbook has a license for this country

Sports selection — good

We have collected the average margin size for the most popular sports that are featured on Borgata's Sportsbook. We used a variety of games and leagues for each sport to find an accurate average. 


Average Margin = 7.06%

The average from all leagues and games that we looked at was 7.06, which places this sport in the bad category. For top leagues in the sport of soccer, we have taken averages from games in the Spanish La Liga. The margins from this league averaged out at 6.68. This average is from the markets on the win, draw or loss as well as on the total number of goals.

For the Portugese Primeira Liga, the averages sat at 7.01. We took the averages from three games and on markets for win, draw and loss and also on the over/under for total goals. For the Norwegian Eliteserien, the margins for the lowest league were the highest of them all averaging at 7.48. The same markets were used here as well.

Betting options — good

The sports fever runs deep in New Jersey and in turn the featured sports bets revolve around the biggest, most popular sports. Baseball, basketball and football are of course all featured on the Borgata site. The site also features hockey, as New Jersey is very proud of their NHL team, the Devils. The website offers many other popular sports to make bets on, such as golf, tennis and boxing.

There is also a section called the daily boost section that features bets from any sports where the odds have been heavily increased in favor of the player. The home page has a scroll down list displaying all upcoming games/ events separated by sport. At the top are the boosted bets that will be featured for a limited time.


Football is naturally very popular with the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Jets and Giants nearby. The Giants even technically play in New Jersey, since their stadium 'Metlife' is located in East Rutherford. So, you can probably guess that Borgata features a wide variety of bets available for football and you would be correct.

The Borgata website features the NFL, CFL and NCAA College Football leagues. The bets on these leagues are for current, live and futures. For NCAA, it is possible to bet on the line of certain games as well who will the win the Heisman or National Championship. 

On the NFL you can bet on the game line or on totals. You may also take a chance and bet on who will win the Super Bowl, conference or division. Futures bets like who will win various awards like Offensive/ Defensive Rookie of the Year, MVP, Coach of the Year and more. For the CFL your options are limited to Grey Cup winner and division winners.


Basketball is one of the most popular sports to bet on in America and Borgata understands this well by listing a large number of possibilities for players. The NBA here has many bets featured on the site. Borgata offers two award bets for the upcoming season, allowing the player to bet on the next MVP as well as the next Rookie of the Year. Also featured in futures betting are division winners, conference winners and the next NBA champion. In both the WNBA and NCAA, you can bet on the championship winners for each respective league.


The number of leagues on display for soccer is quite impressive for America. If you are a soccer fanatic and love to bet outside just the top leagues, then Borgata has you covered. As well as four out of the top five leagues (only Italy’s Serie A is missing), the Borgata soccer line also has bets on many other countries’ top leagues such as Belgium’s Jupiler League, Brazil’s Serie A and the Dutch Eredivisie. Ironically, America’s own MLS is not one of the featured categories on display. 

In addition to betting on individual games in the featured league you can also bet on the league winners from each league including more than just the featured (Italian Serie A and MLS are there). For featured leagues on individual games you can bet on win/loss, totals or and bets with a handicap. This is even more impressive when you realize the amount of games they cover with their featured leagues. The soccer betting category also features main European tournaments such as the UEFA Super Cup where you can make the same bets as on individual games (totals, handicap, win/loss).

Live — good

Borgata’s sportsbook features a Live Betting section at the top next to the boosted bets and home tabs. The sports betting site now features live streaming, which is available for multiple leagues and games. In the live section, players will have the ability to make bets on games as they are being played, which oftentimes include special betting markets specifically for live games. 

Borgata Live Betting

Scores and statistics are updated quickly, as well as the odds for each bet available. The odds updating is very clear as you will see either a blinking green up arrow or a blinking red down arrow appear in the box with the odds. These will appear when the odds are being raised (green) or lowered (red). Each time this happens the arrows will stay in the box for a few moments until fading away. The Live section as a whole is easy enough to understand.

On the left there is a text box with tabs of all the sports taking place at the time. You can switch through the tabs easily from sport to sport. For each sport there will be a drop-down arrow showing all the live games for that sport. Simply clicking on the specific game you want to bet on will bring the live scoreboard and all of the associated bets in the front and center of the screen. 


$100 in Free Bets

Borgata's welcome offer will get you $100 in free bets after your first bet of $20 or more. You can make your first bet on any sport, but the odds need to be -200 or greater.

After creating an account, depositing money and making a first bet of $20 or more you will receive your bonus of $100 in free bets. The free bets will be given to the player in ten bets worth ten dollars each. 

These free bets must be used within seven days of receiving them, or they will expire. The bonus does not depend on the success of your first bet, meaning you will receive the free bets whether your first bet wins or loses.

All free bets must be claimed either online or on the BorgataSports apps and will be credited to your account within 24 hours after the event you bet on ends. This promotion will run until the end of the year at 12/31/2020. 

$100 in Free Bets

Borgata's welcome offer will get you $100 in free bets after your first bet of $20 or more. You can make your first bet on any sport, but the odds need to be -200 or greater.

After creating an account, depositing money and making a first bet of $20 or more you will receive your bonus of $100 in free bets. The free bets will be given to the player in ten bets worth ten dollars each. 

These free bets must be used within seven days of receiving them, or they will expire. The bonus does not depend on the success of your first bet, meaning you will receive the free bets whether your first bet wins or loses.

All free bets must be claimed either online or on the BorgataSports apps and will be credited to your account within 24 hours after the event you bet on ends. This promotion will run until the end of the year at 12/31/2020. 

About the sportsbook

Borgata has quickly risen from its start in 2003 to become Atlantic City’s most profitable casino. The casino is something of an Atlantic City landmark and in 2016 was bought by MGM International for $900 million ensuring the casino had indeed become a force to be reckoned with in both popularity and profit.

Although they specialize in live music and gaming, Borgata is also familiar sports as the resort often hosts MMA and boxing matches in the event center. The company, however, did not stop there. Borgata was the first casino to offer sports betting in house after its legalization in New Jersey in 2018. 

In the summer of 2019, an $11 million permanent sportsbook was also launched enhancing the company’s stake in New Jersey sports betting.  Not waiting too long to expand, in May 2019, the Atlantic City casino decided to offer online sports betting in addition to in-house betting launching the Borgata Sports App for Apple and Android.

The app joins the already existing Borgata Poker and Borgata Casino apps. The app features the exact same lines, odds and wagers as the casino’s Race and Sportsbook. Borgata also posts lines and odds every game for the top four sports.

Borgata USA Sportsbook Overview

The Borgata Resort in Atlantic City is the largest hotel in the state of New Jersey. It is owned by MGM International after the company agreed to the purchase from Boyd Gaming. Borgata began offering sports betting online in May 2019, making it the 15th online sportsbook to launch in New Jersey.

Borgata Site Overview 

Borgata Sports unsurprisingly shares many similarities to the BetMGM sportsbook product. The design and layout is nearly identical, as are a lot of the features shared between the two sites. Like BetMGM, sports on Borgata are listed down the center of the main page with live games appearing first. You can see all of the sports available on Borgata by hitting the A-Z Sports tab. Live games are placed first in the list and the live section tab is also first in the top row of tabs. 

The live section will display all of the different sports being played as well as the time of the competition and the scores of the events. You can also watch select competitions live in this section while betting at the same time. Overall, Borgata gives each player a complete sportsbook to use. Live betting, sport and bet selection and promotions are some of the most important things on any sportsbook. Borgata does all of these exceptionally well.

Borgata Official Site

Like we stated earlier, many similarities are shared between both BetMGM, sports on Borgata are listed down the center of the main page with live games appearing first. You can see all of the sports available on Borgata by hitting the A-Z Sports tab at the top. This will show you all of the sports that currently have bets available, but not all of the sports included on the site.

  • Soccer

  • Bull riding

  • Handball

  • Lacrosse

  • Volleyball

  • Lawn Bowls

  • Darts

  • Golf

  • MMA

  • Football

  • Baseball

  • Tennis 

  • Rugby

  • Basketball

  • Boxing

  • Cricket

  • Cycling

  • Hockey

  • Snooker 

  • Table Tennis

Right from looking at the list of sports available, we can see that there are not only a large variety of sports, but also ones that you would not be able to find on most other sportsbooks. We have yet to find a sportsbook other than Borgata or BetMGM that has the option for bets on lacrosse, much less for bull riding or lawn bowls. 

Borgata therefore gives you the option to bet on sports that would be difficult to find anywhere else. Live betting, casino, poker and promotions can all be accessed from the main page from the tabs at the top.

You can access all of the sections on the site under the same account. Borgata offers plenty of different betting types for each game, including on live games. The bet types include straight wagers as well as system bets (round robins).

Round Robins

Parlay Bets

Live Bets

Futures Bets

Prop Bets

Handicap/Spread Bets

Moneyline Bets

Over/Under Bets

Registration and Verification on Borgata

The first thing that you will need to do before you begin playing on Borgata is to create your own account on the site. Registering your account on Borgata follows a three-step process that can be completed in no more than five minutes. Following a few steps will teach you exactly how to create your account. 

  1. Go to the official Borgata Sportsbook website
  2. Fill out the required information accurately and relevantly 

  3. Include any bonus codes that are relevant at the time

  4. Wait for approval from Borgata that your account has been approved

  5. Deposit funds into your account and begin betting

Once you have completed registration, you will need to use your email address and password that you created during signup to log into your account. During the registration Borgata will need to verify your identity to make sure that the information you have entered is accurate.

It will do this through the use of the last four digits of your social security number. The main things that will be checked are your age, location and whether or not you are a key employee of one of the state’s casinos or sports organizations.

Verification is usually done instantly and if something is not correct they will ask you to check over your information and make changes. You can read more in-depth information about the Borgata registration process in our ‘Betting School’. 

You can find all of the available bonus offers on Borgata in the promotions section on the site. There will be bonuses listed for the sportsbook, as well as for the casino and poker sections. Borgata does not only feature one-time promotions, but rather most of the time it will have offers that can be used over and over again. 

  • Parlay Boosts

  • Weekly contests

  • Free Bets

  • Odds Boosts

  • Bet Type Bonuses

However, Borgata will also offer one-time bonuses for both new and existing users on the site. These can range from things like matched deposits to risk-free bets when creating an account.

Receiving the bonuses are a matter of reading and completing the offer's requirements. You can go to the promotions section at any time and select an offer to receive. 

In the case of welcome bonuses for new players, these can be received upon opting into these promotions.In the description for each welcome bonus, you will see a promo code that you need to use when registering an account. There is a space during registration where you will need to enter this code. 

  • If you fail to enter this promo code, you may not be able to receive the welcome bonus even after you have completed the requirements.

You can always check our sportsbook reviews for each state to see which sportsbooks have necessary bonus code requirements. There are plenty of bonuses that can make their way onto the Borgata site at any time. Bonuses are available for both new and existing users, and can be browsed anytime by going into the promotions section. There, players can pick and choose any promotions that they are eligible for including anything from giving players higher odds on parlay bets to cashback for lost wagers. 

Free Bets

Live Bonuses

Parlay Boosts

Futures Bonuses

Odds Boosts

Trivia Contests

Free Spins

Risk-free Bets

Deposits and Withdrawals

You can make all of your payment transactions in the same place on Borgata in the cashier section. You must have an account registered and be logged in to view and access this section.

There are multiple ways that you are able to withdraw and deposit into your account, including both online and in-person methods. 

  1. Go to the main Borgata page here to sign up (referral link)

  2. Complete registration and navigate to the cashier section

  3. Select either deposit or withdraw

  4. Choose your payment method

  5. Enter an amount for deposit or withdrawal and confirm

Many sportsbooks will offer plenty of methods for depositing money, but have less than adequate options when it comes to withdrawals. 

BetMGM has many payment methods that can be used for both deposits and withdrawals. This is good not only for variety, but means there is less of a change you will have to switch between different payment methods for deposits and withdrawals. 

Payment Method



Play+ Card









VIP Preferred (ACH)






Borgata Cash at Cage 






Check by Mail



The Borgata option is available at the company’s location in Atlantic City. You can make deposits and withdrawals there during the resort’s normal business hours.

PayNearMe is another in-person method. After printing off your payment slip, you can bring the slip to any participating 7-Elevens, CVS Pharmacys or Dollar Generals and deposit. 

The withdrawal approval wait time is normally up to five days for all methods, during which you may amend or retract your decision. Borgata does not charge any fees for making deposits or withdrawals on the site and offers features like ‘Fast Withdrawals’ which is meant to speed up all of your withdrawal wait times. 

Borgata Mobile Betting App

Borgata has apps for both Apple and Android devices that follow much of the same design as the and carry many of the same features of the desktop version of the sportsbook. The apps are both free to download and give the player the best way to bet from anywhere in the state. 

Borgata App Positives

  • Excellent design and format, different sections easy to find

  • Good selection of promotions available on the apps

  • Simple deposit and “fast withdrawal” features available

  • Reliable customer support options 

Borgata App Things to Improve

  • App can be slow and has a tendency to crash at times

  • Some features can freeze up and fail to work

In conclusion, the design and features available on the apps make it well worth the download. You can still do things like stream live games, make different bet types and gather up promotions among other things. 

The deposit and withdrawal features allow you to quickly and simply make transactions. Beyond this there is plenty of helpful information, customer support and betting opportunities that make the mobile app an all-around good choice. 

Borgata Customer Support

Borgata has online customer service support in case of questions or disputes that possibly arise. By going to the contact page you are able to personally get in touch with one of the customer support representatives. There are a few different options available here for you to quickly get in touch. 

  • Live Chat

  • Phone 

  • Email 

Before you are able to get in touch with customer support, Borgata will attempt to help you solve the concern through one of its many articles on the site. You can click on the ‘Help and Contact’ button in the top right corner to get started solving the issue. 

Once there, a list of different categories will appear ranging from deposits to geolocation and other main features of the sportsbook.

Clicking on any of these will give you a list of frequently asked questions related to the category you selected. If you can still not find your answer you will have the above mentioned forms of contact made available to you. 

Questions and answers

What are the best features of Borgata betting?

Borgata Sportsbook has many great features on both the desktop version and the mobile apps for Android and IOS. The sports betting brand does not stop on just great betting opportunities and types, but also excel at other important areas such as the promotions section, payment transactions and customer support.

The thing that stands out above the others however is the live betting section and sports selection. The design of the main live page is where it really comes together however. Here, you can see all of the live games being played, including scores and current time of the games. 

Sports selection on Borgata is also incredible, as there are sports there that you will not find on many other sportsbooks. Borgata is able to do this while also keeping the main sports intact and available on the site. The addition of these rare sports will give you the opportunity to try your luck on new competitions which is also fun. 

Who owns the Borgata?

Borgata is owned by the famous MGM Resorts International. The online sportsbook at Borgata mirrors its parent company’s BetMGM. Boyd Gaming sold its 50% stake in the Borgata in June 2016 to MGM for $900 million. As of today, the Borgata stands as the largest hotel in New Jersey, offering gambling, sports betting and poker all online and on location.  

Where is Borgata Casino?

The Borgata Hotel, Casino and Spa is located in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The city hosts many well known and prosperous casinos alongside the Borgata. The exact address is 1 Borgata Way, Atlantic City, NJ 08401. Since Borgata Way is its own road, the best way to get there is by taking Huron Ave southeast near the ‘State Marina’. 

You may also take the Renaissance Point Boulevard and turn off onto Borgata Way.  The 42-floor resort is near to other Atlantic City staples such as Harrahs and Golden Nugget. Harrah’s own Boulevard leads directly into Borgata Way. 

Support service

+1 877 448 5833
Live Chat
24/7 Support

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