• Ability to bet on a multitude of leagues within sports
  • Good loyalty programs for existing users
  • Lots of different sports hard to find elsewhere
  • Live streaming available


  • Can be difficult to contact customer service
  • Slow transition time for some betting app features

Mobile apps BetMGM

Get more emotions in the app

Download the mobile app of BetMGM to get all advantages of the bookmaker

Payment systems

At least
Payment. Commission %
Payment. Deposit time
Check Account
10-20 seconds
Check with BetMGM
Fee structures can be found in terms and conditions here:
Check with BetMGM
1-2 minutes
Check with BetMGM
Check with ACH provider
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Check with Bank
1-2 minutes
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Check with Bank
$500 per day
Within 15 minutes
Check with BetMGM
1-2 minutes
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Less or equal to full amount of Skrill account
Check with Skrill
Deposits can not be made with Skrill if the account was funded by Mastercard
At least
Payment. Commission %
Payment. Withdrawal time
Check Account
Within 24 hours
To withdraw using PayPal, a successful deposit must have been made in the last six months using PayPal
Check with BetMGM
Fee structures can be found in terms and conditions here:
Check with BetMGM
Within 15 Minutes
Check with BetMGM
3-7 business days
1-3 business days
To withdraw through ACH, a successful deposit must have been made in the last six months using ACH
Check with Skrill
At least 24 hours
To withdraw using Skrill, a successful deposit must have been made in the last six months using Skrill

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Review of the bookmaker BetMGM from Legalbet

MGM Resorts International is one of the most successful American companies in the world. Beginning in 1987 as a luxary airline service, today the company deals mostly in real estate and destination resorts. The current MGM CEO is James Murren. 

A Fortune 500 company, its name is instantly recognizable in America and even throughout much of the world. They currently employ 78,000 people worldwide and manage 28 hotels. 

However, MGM also has some prior experience with sports betting as well. The company serves as the official data provider for the NFL, along with being the official gaming partner of the MLB, NBA and NHL. 

BetMGM is now able to promote its sports betting app and casinos through the help of individual sports teams. The casino has also partnered with Boyd Gaming, one of Vegas' largest sportsbooks. 

BetMGM uses IGTs PlaySpot software to launch their mobile apps. The apps are the first from IGT to appear in the sports betting category.

The company will allow app users to create original parlays, teasers and more with real-time pricing updates. The player’s customized wagers will also be given the potential payout in real-time.

Odds — good

BetMGM is the product of ROAR Digital and has a massive selection of sports and competitions available for betting. The company offer bets on anything from football to chess to even bull riding, with nearly any competition available for betting. 

This alone puts BetMGM as one of the largest online sportsbooks which is great news for American bettors, as the sportsbook is available in many different states including New Jersey, Colorado, Pennsylvania and Indiana. 

MMABoxingFootball NASCARTable Tennis
BaseballRugbyCricketFormula 1Handball
SnookerVolleyballSailingBull RidingBadminton

When looking at each sport, we want the best available odds, especially for the most popular competitions. We examine the odds on BetMGM for lines like moneyline and over under bets to find the average margin percentage. 

(For our Odds Rating, we rank average margins below five percent as Good ✅, from 5-7% as Normal🔘 , and anything over seven percent as Bad ❌.)

BetMGM Odds - Soccer 

Average Margin Percentage = 6.77%

We took a variety of leagues for soccer betting and found their average margins. This includes top tier leagues like the English Premier League, the Russian Premier League and games from Belgian Jupiler Pro League as well. 

Odds RatingLeague for Soccer BettingAverage Margin Percentage
Normal 🔘 English Premier League5.79%
Bad ❌Russian Premier League7.47%
Bad ❌Jupiler Pro Leagues7.06%

BetMGM Odds - Hockey 

Average Margin Percentage = 5.38%

BetMGMis nearing the good range with its total margin percentage for the three leagues we looked at. While the smaller leagues like Swedish SHL were slightly higher on average, there is great news for fans of American hockey. In that, the BetMGM odds on the NHL were very good, ensuring high odds on the games. 

Odds RatingLeague for Hockey BettingAverage Margin Percentage
Good ✅NHL4.18%
Normal 🔘 KHL5.76%
Normal 🔘 SHL6.2%

BetMGM Odds - Basketball

Average Margin Percentage = 4.71%

Keeping in line with the trend of good odds, BetMGM gets even better when it comes to basketball. In this sport, we were able to examine two of America's leagues, the NBA and the NCAA. Both of these leagues boasted low margin percentages and ranked in the good category. 

Odds RatingLeague for Basketball BettingAverage Margin Percentage 
Good ✅NBA4.46%
Good ✅NCAA4.59%
Normal 🔘Spanish ACB5.06%

More Competitions for Betting

  • Football (NFL) = 4.16% ✅
  • Baseball (MLB, CPBL) = 4.69% ✅
  • MMA (UFC) = 4.3% ✅

Betting options — good

The website offers popular sports to make bets on, and popular American leagues. Sports with bets available at the time will be listed in the A-Z section on the site.

There are numerous betting features like the boosted bets section that has markets where the odds have been increased in favor of the player.

The bets are featured not only within the top sports like baseball, soccer and football, but it could come from any of the site’s sports or leagues.

MoneylineProp BetsRound RobinsParlaysSpecial Bets
Periods Over/UnderSpreadsFuturesAction Bets

BetMGM Football Betting

Betting on football will always be popular which means the markets for them will remain plentiful. BetMGM is no different as they offer bets on the NFL, NCAA and the CFL.

There are a good variety of bets that you can make on America’s favorite game. What BetMGM does extremely well is its inclusion of the CFL.

On the website, you can make the same bets on the CFL as you can on the NFL.

The casino also includes futures bets under this category. For the NCAA, you can bet on who will win the Heisman, which teams will make the playoffs and who will win the National Championship.

Its possible as well to bet on the total wins for each team in an over/under format.

The NFL has the most variety and largest number of futures bets. You can bet on winners of awards, divisions, championship etc.

You can also make bets where you can predict in which place a team will finish.

BetMGM Basketball Betting

Basketball is one of the most popular sports to bet on in America and BetMGM understands this well by listing a large number of possibilities for players.

The NBA here has many bets featured on BetMGM.

BetMGM offers two future awards bets for the upcoming season, allowing the player to bet on the next MVP as well as the next Rookie of the Year and champions.

In addition to betting on the champion, you can make a bet whether the winner will be from California or not. You can get even more dangerous by narrowing the area and betting on whether the champion will hail from Los Angeles, betting on the Lakers or Clippers winning.

BetMGM Soccer Betting

The number of leagues on display for soccer is quite impressive on BetMGM. If you are a soccer fanatic and love to bet outside the top leagues, then BetMGM has you covered.

As well as the top five leagues, BetMGM also has bets on many other country's top leagues such as Belgium’s Jupiler League, Brazil’s Serie A and the Dutch Eredivisie.

In addition to betting on individual games in the featured league you can also bet on the league winners from each league. For featured leagues on individual games you can bet on win/loss, totals or and bets with a handicap.

The soccer betting category also features main European tournaments such as the UEFA Super Cup where you can make the same bets as on individual games (totals, handicap, win/loss).

Live — good

BetMGM does feature a live betting sections where all the sports they feature regularly will be updated in real time. The live section is easy to navigate and to understand.

It also has a wide variety of sports that you will be able to find available for live betting. 

Live Betting on BetMGM

You can separate sports by either the competition or the time that they will be played.  The odds are quickly updated, and the games are added to the section as soon as they start. Live streaming is available on the site, and there is a live scoreboard for events that cannot be streamed. 

The scoreboard will update scores and some other small statistics. There are also drop-down tabs where you can sift through the types of bets offered for the game.

Once selecting a bet, the appropriate odds will also be displayed on the screen. Overall, the BetMGM live section is excellent across the board, with lots of sports, live streaming and unique betting markets for live competitions. 

BetMGM Poker Online Review

With sports betting and online casino -style games already on the site, BetMGM makes it the perfect trifecta by including online poker as well. BetMGM poker, like the online casino, can be accessed directly from the sportsbook, or mobile app, without switching accounts. 

Daily tournaments, weekly events and plenty of ways to play. BetMGM poker is a great addition to the site for fans of table card games. The real-money poker has a relaxed atmosphere which can be comfortably played on desktop or on a mobile device. 

The BetMGM Poker section can be accessed on desktop by clicking on the section header at the top of the page. In the BetMGM app, the player will need to open the casino section and then select the 'Poker' tab at the bottom of the page. 

There are a lot of things to do in the BetMGM Poker section. The tournament selection is varied, with the possibiility of different types of tournaments going on at once. They are also consistent, like the Mega Tuesday Six-Max No Limit Hold’em, which is held every Tuesday. 

In addition, there are unique promotions constantly available for BetMGM Poker, along with the M Life Rewards Program working here. The section in general is a great addition and gives players another way to compete on BetMGM. 

BetMGM Sportsbook Review Summary

BetMGM launched its sports betting in New Jersey in August 2018. The company now operates online in multiple states around the country. The offerings on BetMGM range from different betting types to live betting and more.

Navigating the site is made easy through the use of tabs and filters. BetMGM also often offers weekly promotions and odds boosts, in addition to other great betting features. The live betting section can be accessed off of the main screen and is a key feature on the BetMGM Sportsbook.  

BetMGM Site Overview

This section allows you to bet on games as they are being played, and has features such as live streaming available. All sports that are live will be featured in this section as well as a myriad of bet types for each contest.

In addition to live betting, BetMGM does an excellent job on keeping up with new promotions and offers for players. These include not only one-time promotions, but ongoing contests and free to play games which continuously give players extra ways to win.

Promotions and contents that are often featured include weekly BetMGM free bets, trivia contests and weekly leaderboard prizes. The extra offerings vary by state, and many are constantly updated which give you new ways to profit and receive extra benefits on the site.

MGM's M Life rewards program also now includes sports betting, and will accumulate points for betting. 

BetMGM Review Official Site

The BetMGM official sportsbook differs from other casino-style sites in that the design and content focus mainly on sports betting and remains the same throughout different states.

The sportsbook does not have the feel of a casino site, but rather a sports betting site with a casino included. Live and upcoming competitions are given priority on the main page, as they will be listed down the center of the screen.

Other popular events and leagues will be listed on the left side of the screen, followed by a list of all of the sports featured on the site. Different sports with bets currently available will also be placed as tabs near the top of the screen.

BetMGM currently has more than 20 sports available on the site, not including the multiple different types of motorsports and races. Motorsports include bets on popular forms of racing including NASCAR, Indy Car Racing, Formula 1 and more. The complete list of sports can be found by going to the A-Z sports at the top of the screen. 

Popular events at the time include leagues or competitions and when clicked on will take you directly to the bets available.Clicking on any of the sports will take you to the pages with all of the available leagues and games for that sport

BetMGM displays featured games or odds boosts at the top of the screen. Sections like promotions, live betting, bet history and other tools are featured on the site and give you ways to enhance your betting.

In general, the BetMGM site is packed with information and different sections but never becomes overwhelming in its display. The site feels relaxed and easy to navigate while still offering multiple betting features. 

Registration and Verification on BetMGM

You will first need to register an account on BetMGM before you are able to begin betting. You can follow this link to choose your state and begin the registration process.

In general, the registration process will not have much variation between the different states, and each of the individual sections will be quite short. 

  1. Follow the link, choose your state and click on the ‘Register’ button

  2. Complete the registration process accurately with relevant information

  3. Wait for approval for your account from BetMGM

  4. Once your account has been approved, you may deposit and begin playing

As a rule of thumb, the registration process should not take much more than five minutes. Also, as long as the information you have provided is accurate, approval of your account is usually done instantly.

You will be notified through the email address that you have provided that your account was approved and you are free to begin playing. 

During the registration process, there will be three sections that you need to complete. The sections follow basic information and at the end there will be terms and conditions that you will need to agree to.

Things like account setup, personal information and BetMGM rules for betting will be included. 

BetMGM Bonuses and Promotions

For both new and existing users on BetMGM, there are almost always different promotions available. These can range from a number of different offers and opportunities including free bets or weekly contests.

You can view all of the currently available BetMGM bonuses in the promotions section on the site. 

For new welcome offers like risk-free bets or matched deposits, you will often need a bonus code in order to opt into these offers. The bonus codes are a series of numbers and letters that can be found in the promotions description. 

While you are completing registration there will be a space where you can enter the code to automatically receive the bonus once the requirements have been completed.

All other offers can be received in a similar manner without the use of the bonus codes.

  1. Go to the promotions section on BetMGM

  2. Select the offer that you would like to receive

  3. Click and read the necessary instructions to receive this offer

  4. Read the terms and conditions thoroughly before accepting

  5. Complete the instructions and receive your promotion

One of the promotions that BetMGM often offered is a weekly free bet given to players if they wager a certain amount in the previous week. However this is not the only promotion offered on a recurring basis. BetMGM has multiple contests and unique leaderboards that can be played or used more than once. 

These include promotions for not only the sportsbook, but also for the casino and poker sections of the site. The best way to take advantage of these is to opt in to the notifications from BetMGM and never miss when a new promotion is offered.

Either way, you should always keep an eye on the promotions section on BetMGM to never miss an offer. 

BetMGM App Mobile Betting

The BetMGM app is available for Android and Apple devices and can be downloaded on each for free. Both versions of the apps can be downloaded and used in multiple states, and BetMGM strives to offer its app in every state they operate.

The apps give you a convenient mobile option for betting and carry many of the same features as the desktop versions.

Live Betting on the BetMGM Mobile App

BetMGM App Pros

  • Many of the same features including live streaming on the app

  • Deposits and withdrawals easy and quick to make

  • Cash Out function allows you to end wagers early if you are ahead

  • Odds Boosts give you more lucrative betting opportunities

  • Great promotions available including exclusives for the betting app

BetMGM Needs Improvement

  • The app moves slowly when switching between pages

  • Can be confusing to find certain sections on the app

  • Lacking a wide variety of bet types on certain sports and competitions

Overall, the BetMGM app hits positively on more points than it misses. The brand consistently updates its app to make sure it is the best product on the market. The brand also quickly introduces the app in new states it launches to show even more the level of attention given to the mobile app.

This app is definitely recommended as a viable and enjoyable mobile betting option. 

BetMGM Customer Support

BetMGM has plenty of options to either receive an answer to your question or to get in contact for any other reason. You can use the contact page if you need to personally get in touch with one of the customer support representatives.

There are a few different options available here for you to quickly get in touch: 

Live Chat



These options are available for all users and can help you with any questions or disputes that you may have while using the site. There is also an extensive FAQ page that will provide you with some of the most common questions for different categories, and the correct answers for each. 

You can click on the ‘Help and Contact’ button in the top right of the screen to begin to get in touch with a representative. Rules, terms and conditions and other general information tabs can be found near the bottom of the screen. 

Updated: 03.26.2024
Review rating: 4.5 / 5

Information about the company

Questions and answers

How does BetMGM work?

BetMGM is an online sportsbook that operates in multiple states, giving players the opportunity to bet on their favorite sports and games online. Thanks to the federal legalization of sports betting in Summer 2018, sports betting can now be done on sites like BetMGM. 

  1. Go to BetMGM registration page to sign up

  2. Register or login to your BetMGM account

  3. Deposit funds into your account 

  4. Browse until you find a bet and add it to your bet slip

  5. Enter an amount to stake and confirm your bet

The process for registering, depositing and making bets in general are all very simple to complete and learn. Staking money on a bet will give you the chance to either win more money or to lose your original stake, depending on the odds and the outcome of the market you have chosen.

For example, if you bet ten dollars on a win for the Denver Broncos with odds of +325 and the team wins, you will successfully turn your ten dollars into $42.50. If the Broncos lose the game, you will lose your original ten dollars. 

How to play free games on BetMGM?

There is more than one way to play for free on BetMGM.The best way to play for free on both the BetMGM Sportsbook and the casino is to find promotions on the site. BetMGM will sometimes offer free to play weekly events which can wield real prizes and even cash. 

There are also weekly promotions that are ongoing and will give you free bets or free spins if you meet a certain wagering requirement within the previous week. Other promotions will simply have you fulfill different requirements to get free bets or other benefits. BetMGM will almost always have some offers available for players on the site. 

How to cancel a bet on BetMGM?

Once you place a wager on BetMGM, you will only have until the start of the event to change or cancel your bet. After an event that you have bet on has started, you will not be able to cancel that bet.If the odds are less than what they were when you made the bet, you may be able to cash out early for a lesser amount than if you had won. 

For example, if you bet on a soccer team to win and they are leading in the second half 2-1, you may be able to cash out the bet early. This is a good way to profit while you are ahead, however it is up to BetMGM whether or not you will be allowed to cash out. 

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