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Legalbet ratings are compiled from a mixture of data analysis combined with our experts independent judgment and empirical experience.

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Rating American Sportsbooks by Odds

The valuation of the sportsbook in this ranking was decided by the size of the sportsbook's margin separately for each of the major sports. All values are objective: the margin size was calculated on the basis of real odds for real events in each sport. The position of sportsbooks in this list depends on the size of the odds on which you can bet on the website of the sportsbook. To understand the calculation algorithm, a click on the digital margin value is enough. This comparison is as objective as possible, as it is based solely on the digital indicators of sportsbooks in America.

Bookie Margin Reviews
Sportsbooks with the highest odds. The best margins are not higher than five percent. In some markets, it can even be as low as one percent.
Sportsbooks with the lowest odds. Margins included here are higher than seven percent.
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