• Experienced and popular sportsbook
  • Good mobile apps available for betting
  • High number of bonuses and promotions
  • Low margins means lower average William Hill odds


  • Lack of match center section and stats
  • Live games have no streaming and limited betting markets

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Review of the bookmaker William Hill from Legalbet

William Hill may have been started in London, but the William Hill sportsbook has been operating at a maximum in the US for years now. This started through multiple locations in Nevada, most notably William Hill in Las Vegas.

The company understands the American sports betting style, and it shows on the sportsbook. Featured bets on the site will almost always cover popular US sports leagues like the NFL or the NBA. 

The sports available on the site also revolve around American leagues.

The William Hill Sportsbook has the best of both worlds, with a large amount of experience in both the international and American sports betting industries. The site features a lot of different sports, betting lines and many different ways to wager.

Odds — good

William Hill is one of the biggest sportsbooks in the world, and that includes in America. We have examined the margins that are present on its sportsbook in the United States. Doing this helps us to better understand the William Hill odds in different sports and leagues.

We have used both the moneyline bets and over under bets if available to find the most accurate average William Hill odds in each competition.

(For our Odds Rating, we rank average margins below five percent as Good ✅, from 5-7% as Normal🔘 , and anything over seven percent as Bad ❌.)

William Hill Odds - Soccer

Average Margin = 5.63%

For soccer betting on William Hill, we used lines from games in top leagues, average leagues and in the Bundesliga specifically. We looked at three different leagues to find the most accurate margin percentages. 

Odds RatingLeague for Soccer BettingAverage Margin Percentage
Normal 🔘Bundesliga6.07%
Good ✅Calcio A4.47%
Normal 🔘Swedish Allsvenskan5.16%

William Hill Odds - Hockey

Average Margin = 3.47%

On William Hill, there are multiple leagues for betting including of course the NHL. We looked at the average William Hill hockey odds for both the NHL, KHL and the popular Finnish league as well. 

Odds RatingLeague for Hockey BettingAverage Margin Percentage
Good ✅
Good ✅
Good ✅
Finland Liiga3.01%

William Hill Odds - Basketball

Average Margin = 4.566%

We looked at the three top basketball leagues on William Hill when determining average margins. The total average for all three leagues was at 4.566, placing the Sportsbook in the good category for basketball. 

Odds RatingLeague for Basketball BettingAverage Margin Percentage
Good ✅NBA4.43%
Good ✅NCAA Mens4.08%
Normal 🔘EuroLeague5.19%

More Competitions for Betting

  • Tennis (ATP Hamburg, French Open) = 6.42% 🔘
  • Football (NFL) = 3.86% ✅
  • Baseball (MLB, Japan NPB) = 4.6% ✅
  • MMA (UFC) = 4.42% ✅

Betting options — good

Different sports betting markets are overall categories that describe certain types of bets. William Hill covers all of the main types of wagers, with a couple of non mainstream options as well including system bets with both teasers and round robins available.

William Hill Sports Betting Markets:

MoneylineOver Under BetsSpread BettingParlays
Live BettingFuturesProp BetsPeriod Betting

More advanced bets like teasers, round robins and multiples can also be made. 

Of course, William Hill also has a live betting section on the site and app, where you can make live bets on the current games. Another thing that William Hill Sportsbook features is a lot of alternative lines for the main bets like spreads and over unders. 

These combined market types along with the number of alternative lines gives the player a lot of options for placing wagers. You can find these betting markets on all of the relevant sports and leagues. 

William Hill Betting Rules

How to place a bet and on which sport is solely determined by William Hill. The sportsbook has a complete section called 'House Rules', where you can find specific information on different aspects of betting. 

Some of the main categories of William Hill betting rules covered include:

  • Maximum payouts for each sport
  • Information on acceptance of bets
  • Descriptions and explanations of errors
  • Types of bets descriptions 

These are the main categories, and the betting rules for William Hill will fully describe how the sportsbook defines each. Getting associated with these rules is certainly not necessary, but can be very helpful in better understanding how William Hill conducts sports betting. 

Live — good

William Hill's live betting section that can be accessed by clicking on the InPlay tab on the left side of the screen. The tab will take you to a home page for live games. For each game listed there will be odds as well as the tournament, time and location of the game.

The live scoreboards constantly refesh with new statistics and updates

The biggest downside of this section is that not all of the games are available for live betting and there are fewer betting markets. However, many of the major competitions will be included for live betting.

Following the games being played is also extremely easy on William Hill, as even without live streaming there are plenty of statistics and game updates available. New bets will also update throughout the competition, keeping options fresh. 

When you select a game there will be a live scoreboard for the player to watch.This includes alerts for in-game statistics and news. Live betting on William Hill is a well developed section on the site, and gives players an overall smooth and professional way to bet. 

William Hill Online Casino Review

Sports betting isn't the only type of gambling players can enjoy on William Hill. The site also features an online casino for players looking to hit the virtual slots or participate in various table games. As with sports betting, the company puts years of experience into the online casino, launching it in 2000. 

William Hill online casino operates under the same account as the sportsbook and runs 24/7. Whenever there is small interval in sporting events, just quickly switch over to the casino portion of the site without having to switch accounts or make a separate deposit.

While on the William Hill casino, there is a range of slots machines and table games available. Table games include variants of Roulette, Hold 'em and Baccarat. 

There are nearly 40 different slot machine games in the casino section, each of which has different styles, with some being modeled after famous pop culture icons. New games continue to be added to the collection as well. 

Download William Hill Casino App

There is only one app for William Hill in the US, and it brillantly combines both the online sportsbook and casino into one. Switching between the two in this case is as simple as tapping your finger. Therefore, the instructions for downloading the William Hill casino app will be the same as for the sportsbook. 

This means either in the Apple Store or directly from the William Hill site for Android. 

The live casino William Hill app will be downloaded in the same way. This is also included, and is an extra section within the casino portion of William Hill. 

William Hill US Sportsbook Information

William Hill is based in London, however the sportsbook has also been operating a long time in America, opening its first betting office in Nevada in 2012. The company soon moved its operations to the East Coast, opening its sportsbook at both Monmouth Park and Resorts Casino in New Jersey.

As of now, William Hill US offers its brand of sports betting in nearly every state with legal sports betting. The company is available in states such as Iowa, Colorado, Nevada, Pennsylvania and more. It also serves as the exclusive risk manager for sports betting in Delaware and powers the official Rhode Island sportsbook.

You can make many different types of bets on the William Hill Sportsbook, including live bets on games that are currently being played. The live (InPlay) betting section on the site again makes it very easy to find the games you are looking for, and features a long list of alternative lines for most games.

William Hill Live Betting

There are no horse racing bets on the site, but the sportsbook does offer a high number of bets on auto racing. This section will have lots of bets available for auto races such as NASCAR, Formula 1 and the Grand Prix.

The types of bets that can be made for different sports can be read about in the William Hill information section. You can expect to see lots of different bet types available, and also find offers and promotions for live betting. 

Overall, it is hard to find much of anything missing on William Hill, as the sportsbook features a strong showing in just about every section on the site. The experience, bonuses, number of lines and live betting section combined make William Hill a top sportsbook contender.

William Hill Live Football Betting

The undisputed most popular sport for betting in America is football, particularly bets on the NFL. In William Hill's live betting section, football is certainly included and done quite well. This includes bets on the NFL, NCAA and occasionally on the Canadian Football League. 

The most interesting betting types available in William Hill live football betting include bets on specific quarters, or period bets. Moneyline, point spread and over under bets here are made in the same fashion, but are only valid for certain time frames of the game. 

For example, bets such as which team will have the lead after the first half or over ten points in the first quarter. Since they are only valid for a fraction of the game, these types of bets can be made multiple times on the same game. 

Other live football bets on William Hill can include props such as which player will score the next touchdown, or which team will be the next to score. 

William Hill Golf Betting

While the most popular sports and leagues will be available on nearly every online sportsbook, the rest can be kind of a toss up. William Hill golf betting lets players know that famous competitions like the PGA Tour can always be wagered on. 

Golf betting on William Hill entails all of the popular tournaments, including the US Open, Masters and the Ryder Cup. Players can make futures bets on the winner of these tournaments before they really get started. 

Closer to tournament time, bets become available on individual player statistics in the game. While William Hill golf betting has not yet been added to the live section, it would be interesting to see the company try and convert the sometimes sluggish sport into rapid live betting. 

William Hill US Official Site

The US online sportsbook and mobile betting app do not follow the same design and structure as the international offerings. Instead, the online William Hill sportsbook in the US features its own design centering around the American market.

William Hill Site Overview

The simplicity of the site can be seen as a rather good thing, as it allows the player to easily navigate to the sport or game that they are looking for. William Hill will also constantly update its sports and leagues selection to match current betting opportunities. 

There is a wide selection of sports available on the William Hill Sportsbook. The bets and markets are centered around American leagues and games, as well as events that are being played live. 









Aussie Rules Football









Rugby League


Table Tennis

The sports that have bets currently available are listed on the left side of the screen. The center of the home page will also show games and odds for all of the upcoming events.

If you are not looking for a specific game, you can browse the center of the screen for any enticing competitions. These are separated by both sport and league, meaning that you can narrow your options as much as you would like. Clicking on any odds will bring up the bet slip on the right side of the screen.

You can place a wager straight from the home screen by entering an amount and choosing ‘Place Bet’.

William Hill App Review and Preview

The William Hill app can be downloaded either from the Apple store or directly from the William Hill online sportsbook. Both versions of the app are free and are available in multiple states.

Both William Hill apps allow you to make bets from anywhere in a legal state on the go. They will include the same features as the desktop versions, and have been able to very successfully integrate sections like live betting, promotions and more into the mobile versions. 

When we talk about the William Hill app, the conversations are mostly quite good. There is not too much here that we can nitpick with such an experienced sportsbook. There are some things we would like to see done a little better however, so lets look at our favorite and not so favorite things about the William Hill app.

William Hill App -What Was Good

  • Very easy to navigate anywhere on the site

  • Great live betting section

  • Bonuses specifically for betting app

  • Same sports and bet lines as on desktop

William Hill App - Needs Improvement

  • Placing a bet could be more convenient

  • Need to leave app to contact customer support

  • Lack of major withdrawal options

Overall the William Hill app is very good, but not without some issues. Despite the issues, there are still enough perks to make it more than a viable option.

The sports betting app by William Hill gives you the same great ways to wager and includes live betting and even a unique set of promotions from time to time. The William Hill app runs smoothly, has a great and well designed surface and overall is an excellent way to bet. 

William Hill US Review: Deposits And Withdrawals

Transaction or payment methods on William Hill's US sportsbook will vary depending on the state in which you are betting. In states with legal mobile sports betting, you will have many more methods available to you.

Obviously, there will be more convenience involved in states like New Jersey and Rhode Island that have legal mobile betting. However, William Hill makes it as convenient as possible to make transactions to your account in non-mobile states as well. 

Depositing/withdrawing in mobile betting state

  1. Log in to your William Hill account with username/password
  2. Navigate your way to the ‘Cashier’ section on the site
  3. Select whether you wish to make a deposit or withdrawal
  4. Choose a payment method and amount
  5. Click on confirm and start betting

Depositing/withdrawing in non-mobile betting state

  1. Locate a William Hill Sportsbook within your area

  2. If PayNearMe is available in your state, you may also find a CVS Pharmacy or 7-Eleven

  3. Fill out registration form and provide identification

  4. Wait for approval and deposit in cash or with a Play+ card

The minimum deposit amount on the William Hill sports betting site is $20, no matter which deposit method that you use. The speed of funds being deposited also does not vary, as all payments made into your account will show up instantly. 

The William Hill PrePaid Card is currently the only way to withdraw money besides going to a retail location. Furthermore, the card makes a good choice as both payment transactions with the card can be done instantly.

In the deposit funds section, you can apply for the William Hill PrePaid Card. The card will be mailed to you after you have filled out the necessary information.

Registration and Verification

Depending on the state you are in, there are different ways to register a William Hill account. If allowed, mobile registration can be done by going to the website in your preferred state and clicking on the ‘Register’ button in the top right corner of the screen.

Registration will differ slightly between the states but the main outline will still be the same. There will also be the same key things that will apply to all signup processes. 

William Hill Sportsbook Registration: Key Points

  • Follow state registration rules

  • Must be of legal age to bet in the state

  • Geolocation Location Services

  • Agree to William Hill terms and conditions

In general, these will be the things that stay the same throughout registration in the different states. To read more about these points and about the William Hill registration process in general you can go to the how to start betting articles in our Betting School.

Once you have completed the registration form, William Hill will immediately begin to verify that the information you have entered is correct. From there, you should receive a notification letting you know that your account has been accepted and created.

After receiving this notification you will be free to make a deposit and begin betting. If allowed, mobile registration can be done by going to the website in your preferred state and clicking on the ‘Register’ button in the top right corner of the screen.

William Hill Promo Codes & Bonuses

One of the best parts of the William Hill Sportsbook is the ‘Promotions’ section on the site. William Hill constantly updates its offers, and often has more than most sportsbooks available.

There are also normally no shortage of promotions for both new players and players who have already registered an account.

The types of bonuses that you can receive are varied, as they range from bonuses for different sports, leagues and competitions. William Hill often ties in special promotions that correlate with sports at the time.

For example, during the NBA season you will see more offers for betting on basketball.

Types of promotions you can find on William Hill

Cash Back

Matched Deposit

Parlay Boost

Free Bets

Raffles and Prizes

Bet Type Bonuses

Seasonal Promos

Odds Boost

You can always check the promotions section on the William Hill Sportsbook to find out what is currently being offered. Clicking on any bonus will bring up its requirements and the terms and conditions.

One of these requirements may make it necessary for you to “opt-in” to the bonus with the use of a promo code. This is most common when signing up on a site or making your first deposit or bet. 

The William Hill promo codes can be found in the bold information at the top of the promotion’s page. The promo code will be a short series of numbers and letters like Legalbet500, for example. Entering this code in the necessary place will activate the bonus and release it to you following the fulfillment of its requirements.

If you happen to come across questions or issues concerning betting, there are multiple ways that you can get in  touch with William Hill customer service. 

You can easily find the method of contact you would like to use by locating the help and feedback tab in the top right of the screen and clicking on contact us. In the mobile betting app, this is the ‘support’ button in the bottom right.

The live chat is normally the quickest method however only operates during normal business hours. The William Hill customer service phone line is another good option for direct contact and is available 24 hours a day.

Additionally, the William Hill Twitter page for the United States is a great source for new information. Updates are posted every few hours, including things like news, betting odds and recent winning bets from players. 

TelephoneEmail AddressWilliam Hill Live Chat
Updated: 03.26.2024
Review rating: 5 / 5

Information about the company


Questions and answers

How to get and use free bets on William Hill

William Hill constantly has different offers available for both new and existing users. Sportsbook bonuses bestow certain perks that help players to increase the value of their bets. 

These can range from free bets to parlay boosts and many more various offers. So lets answer the first part, how to get free bets on William Hill? 

Free bets are a fairly popular sportsbook offer and therefore will appear more often in the promotions section. To get free bets on William Hill, the most effective way is to navigate to 'promotions', find an offer for free bets and complete the terms and conditions. 

In addition, for new players, free bets are occasionally offered as welcome bonuses. During registration, there is a place to enter a William Hill promo code.

For example: Legalbet500

If the current welcome bonus on William Hill is a free bet, then after the registration and deposit is completed, the free bet will be automatically applied to your account. 

Found some free bets? Great! Now lets discuss how to use free bets on William Hill.

Free bet bonuses will usually be applied to the account within 48 hours of completing the requirements. In order to use a free bet on William Hill, players must first add bet selections to their bet slip. Do this by clicking or tapping on the odds listed under the competition. 

Now, when going to place a wager on the selections in the bet slip, there will be an option to use the free bets available rather than real money. If you are ready to place the wager, select the free bet option and then just wait for the confirmation that the bet has been accepted. 

How does live betting at William Hill rate?

Making a bet on a game as it is being played is very popular. William Hill’s live betting section is more than enjoyable, although could use some improvements.

The addition of live streaming to the site and William HIll apps would truly make the site top notch. As it stands, the live betting is still very good and holds up well against the US competition.

It is convenient to bet with a lot of different lines and sports available. The layout of the live betting section is exceptional, making navigation between competitions and bet types quick and painless. 

What is the difference between William Hill online betting and in person betting?

Besides the obvious difference in that you can make mobile bets anywhere within the state, there are a couple of main differences between the two. Both are great options and depend on the player, as both offer the same product of sports betting. Betting at a William Hill retail location can be done legally in more states and also will have ways to both watch the game and cash out immediately on site. Mobile betting is certainly more convenient and will allow you to quickly make bets without any disruptions.

What is the best thing about the William Hill Sportsbook?

Since it is truly difficult to single out one single thing that William Hill does best, we would have to say the best feature on William Hill is the experience that the sportsbook has.

This experience in sports betting pours into every section on the site, which are all done very well. The company focuses primarily on sports betting, with no added sections.

The result is a sportsbook that does everything ranging from live betting to promotions very well. 

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