Frequently asked questions

In this section we have collected answers to the most frequently asked questions from new users on our site. If the answer you are looking for is not here, than you can ask a question relating to sportsbooks in this section: site administrators and experienced Legalbet users will answer your question as soon as possible.

What is a sportsbook office?

Sportsbook office (abbreviation BO) - is an organization (legal entity) that either on the internet or through a physical betting office accepts and manages bets with players on the outcome of sports games or other events.

Where is it better to make bets - on the internet or in a sportsbook's office?

In previous years, players would make bets in physical offices more often (PPC): There you could meet with friends, watch the broadcast together and discuss the selection of bets. In todays world, most players choose online sportsbooks, because it is fast and comfortable.

The question "which is better?" is very subjective. Everyone will choose the choice that fits them better. Speaking of which, you can learn on which websites sportsbooks offer a larger number of fan-favorite bets, in the people's ranking section on Legalbet.

I am still not 21 years old. Can I make bets online?

NO! By law players on sportsbooks cannot be younger than 21 years old, and in order to register on a sportsbook's site being 21 is a mandatory requirement. And even if on the registration you incorrectly enter an older age, the sportsbook will block your account when he checks your identification.

Can you really win in a sportsbooks office?

Of course, you can - it all depends on your understanding of sports and on the discipline of the player.

Can I use betting as a main source of income?

NO! Bets made with the bookmaker should be done for the sake of enjoyment, as a hobby, or to increase the emotional aspect of the event. In no way whatsoever should bets be used as a main source of income. Our site responsibly states this for all users. 

What is a margin?

It is the difference between the probability of the event's outcome and the odds, shown by the bookmaker. The best odds visible on a bet, are when there are only two types of outcomes (for example, in tennis, when there is only the victory of the first or second tennis player). If the players chances are 50/50, then mathematically the odds would be 2.0 and 2.0, respectively. However, taking into account the margin, the bookmaker would instead offer 1.9 and 1.9. This is an "underestimation" of the odds and provides the bookmakers with a profit in the long run. It is from the margin that the bookmakers profit is formed.

I would like to know more about bonuses on sportsbooks, what are they?

Bonuses are different incentives which the sportsbook offers to both new and current customers. As a rule, it is money for free bets or returning of lost bets. Please note that with bonuses there can be terms which may place restrictions or require certain actions from the player. Before agreeing to a bonus, we recommend reading the terms and conditions of the promotions. Learn which sportsbooks offer bonuses for new players in the special list Legalbet: sportsbooks with bonuses. 

Which Sportsbook to Choose?

Different players all have different criteria that they follow when choosing a bookmaker: for some players the most important thing is for a bookmaker is to have high odds, while some look for the bookmaker with the best selection of bets, and some only care the most about the welcome bonus.

The website Legalbet has identified seven main criteria for choosing the correct bookie and has conducted an objective review of the existing American bookmakers for different states. You can find out more about this in the article:

“How to choose a sportsbook: an instruction for beginners.”

How to Register with a Sportsbook?

Each sportsbook will have a ‘register’ or 'join now' button on its website. When registering make sure to carefully fill in all of the necessary fields: you will usually need to include your name, date of birth, drivers license number and contact details. All of this information must be correct, because there is advance identification required for making bets or withdrawing money. 

Learn more about registration and identification, “How to register with a bookmaker for beginners” - we recommend reading it so that you can avoid any unnecessary difficulties. Here you can also check any details related to registration, the bookies support service or Legalbet’s online chat. 

Is it possible to register with several different sportsbooks?

You can register with as many sportsbooks as you want. All sportsbooks work separately from each other and are always happy to have new customers. The main thing is to remember (or even to write down somewhere) the login and password for each different game account, because the recovery of this data can take time. 

I forgot my password. Do I have to re-register?

No way. Re-registration is prohibited and may even result in your account being blocked. You will simply need to go through the password recovery process- there is one available on each bookmaker’s site. If difficulties arise, we recommend that you contact the customer support available on the bookmaker’s website. The operator will quickly (hopefully) tell you how you can restore your account.

Is it possible to create several accounts with just one sportsbook?

No. One player, one account. This is the main condition for any sportsbook. If you manage to set up more than one account you will be able to get away with it only until you try to withdraw your funds. The sportsbook will then immediately understand that you are a fraudster, as the use of several accounts is prohibited.

This is because sportsbooks will block several accounts at one IP address or with the same bank accounts, etc. Depending on the rules of the office you are playing at, you may not even be given your winnings and only returned the deposit amount.

Is it possible to set up several accounts at one sportsbook using friends and relatives information?

Like we mentioned in the last question, serious sportsbooks block accounts by IP address. If several accounts have the same IP address, then the sportsbook office can accuse you of fraud (multi-counting). Although, if your friends and family really are playing on the accounts, there are some offices that after checking the identities involved can unlock the accounts.

I have not previously registered with this sportsbook, but my account is blocked by IP. Why?

In this case, you are most likely a victim of ISP, which has a few subnets covered in its grid. This results in many customers using this provider to share the same IP address. It can happen, but it very rarely does. More commonly, this will be because you are attempting to use an online sportsbook's functions outside of its legal states.

If either of these are a mistake, then in these situations, you will need to contact the sportsbook’s available customer support. You will be required to provide identification, and after a certain amount of time (depending on the sportsbook) your account will be unlocked.

How to Replenish my Funds on a Sports Betting Site?

American sportsbooks, who take bets online, offer different forms of payment methods to deposit into your account. The most popular methods offered are PayPal as well as Visa and Mastercard. The account can also be replenished with various other apps or bank accounts. Sportsbooks will always list the deposit methods accepted on their website. Learn more: How to replenish gaming accounts on American sportsbooks in our Betting School.

How quickly is the money added to my game account?

The rate at which funds are received and withdrawn depends on which method of payment the player uses. If to fill your account you use a credit card or an electronic payment system, then usually the money will instantly be added to your account. Bank transfers will normally take several days. Sportsbooks will oftentimes indicate the amount of time each payment method will take on their websites.

What is the minimum deposit you must make into your account?

The minimum amount that the player must deposit will be specified on the sportsbook’s website. More often then not it is only five or ten dollars, but it could be more or less depending on which payment method the player is using to deposit.

Can I put money into my account, make a bet and immediately withdraw my money?

The rules of payment transactions vary with different companies, but they will always be specified in the relevant section on the site. Not all sportsbooks will allow you to immediately withdraw funds after making a deposit, however, there are a decent amount who will. 

In some cases you will have to wait a certain period of time before making a withdrawal. It is also worth noting that some sportsbooks have a rule: funds can be withdrawn only after the entire amount has been placed on bets.

How to Make Withdrawals from a Sportsbook?

The rules for withdrawing funds are almost always described on the sportsbook’s site in the “withdrawals” or “banking” sections. Most often, you can make withdrawals with the same forms of payment that you used to deposit money. You can read more about entering and withdrawing money in the article “How to fill an account on an USA betting site” in our betting school

It has been more than one day after my withdrawal order and I still have not received my money on my card/ bank account/ payment app. What should I do?

Be sure to carefully check the sportsbook’s website for information about how long it could take to withdraw funds for your particular payment method. Usually the maximum time period is up to five business days, however the funds are usually withdrawn within two-three days.

The sportsbook could have also made a claim about you and is withholding your funds for one reason or another. In this case, you will need to contact the support team and find out what is causing the delay. If the support team is not able to give you a solution, but you are sure that you played fairly and did not violate any of the site’s rules, then you are welcome to leave a complaint about the sportsbook on our website. To do this, select your sportsbook from the general list and click “Add a Complaint” on the page.

If I send the sportsbook’s staff all the necessary documents, will they issue me a loan?

Don't be afraid of these things. Sending copies of documents is an international practice, and there have been no cases where these copies were used improperly. However, with American sportsbooks the chance of having this happen are unlikely. 

If you are still worried, then you should avoid using sportsbooks with low rating, and instead trust sportsbooks that have been in the market of betting services for a long time. We recommend using Legalbet’s sportsbooks ratings for review.

What currency is used to play on sportsbook’s websites?

On American websites you can only play with dollars. It is convenient and allows you to save time and money on conversion and from possible commissions. Other currency can be used on foreign sportsbook’s websites. We do remind you that playing on foreign sportsbooks who are not licensed in a US state will likely carry negative consequences down the road.

What is an parlay bet?

This is a bet on several things at once. On this bet, the winnings will be equal to the total odds of all the events the player chose. If at least one of the events in the parlay bet loses, then the entire bet will be lost. However, if the player predicts all of the events correctly, then the winnings will be much greater than if you had made each bet separately. You can find out more about the types of bets in our article Single, Express, System.

How many events can I put into a parlay bet?

You must first check the rules of your sportsbook. Usually, up to 20 events can be placed in a single parlay. The height of the final odds is also important. Even if you cannot find the maximum odds in the rules, the sportsbook will automatically tell you if you have exceeded the maximum odds allowed, if there is one. 

What is an express bet?

This is a type of bet that combines several single bets from a selected number of events. This bet differs from a parlay in that one or even several of the selected events can lose without the whole bet losing.

But the profits on the system is less than the winnings would be on the parlay. The maximum number of options and events allowed for the system can be found in the sportsbook’s rules section. Read more about the types of bets in the article Single, Express, System.

What is an over/under bet?

This is a bet you make on the total number of goals, touchdowns, home runs, points, corners, cards, fouls, etc. You can make bets on both the game total (combined number of both teams) and on the team total (the total of just one team).

The sportsbook determines the total number and offers you the choice of whether the actual number will be more or less than this value. For example, for soccer a value of 2.5 goals is usually offered. More information is available in our article 'Types of Sports Bets'.

How does the sportsbook choose the over/under number?

Each sportsbook has analysts who study the sports and track the results. Goals are not always 2.5 for soccer. In certain leagues or divisions (for example, the 1st division of the Norwegian Football Championship) a total of 3.5 goals is used, as teams in these leagues traditionally score a lot of goals.

Sportsbooks, who make the lines, study how much of one statistic on average each team will end with. So, not only is the total average taken but also the teams' averages as well. Everything is taken into account, even the statistics of previous matchups and other things like the weather for example.

What is the spread or handicap?

The spread or handicap is an advantage or disadvantage that is given to one of the teams, which is taken into account when you are counting the result. The handicap allows you to either increase or decrease the probability of an outcome, raising or lowering the number of one statistic or another, usually on the final score.

The team that is the favorite to win will have points taken away from the final score, while the underdog will have the same number of points added. You can take either team for the bet, and the odds on both will be more or less the same. Some sportsbooks will have a large number of different lines for spread bets, where you can pick the number of points from a set number of different options. 

What types of handicaps are there?

There are European, Asian and triple handicaps.

How does the traditional European handicap differ from the Asian one?

The Asian handicap is a familiar handicap with two outcomes. In western offices fictional odds such as 0-0.5 or -1-1.5 are added to the original odds (0, -1, -1.5). Therefore if you bet on a handicap of -1-1.5 with a factor of 1.8, your bet is split into two single half bets.

One goes for a handicap -1, the second on the handicap 1.5. For example, if you bet 2000 dollars, then 1000 dollars goes to the handicap -1, and the other 1000 dollars goes on the head (1.5), both with a factor of 1.8. Let’s imagine that your team won by one goal. In this scenario, the the return on the rate will be 1000 dollars: the bet on the handicap -1 returned, and the part that stood at -1.5, lost.

For the European handicap, the bet is made taking into account a draw (“three-off”). So be careful when betting on a European handicap. The handicap bet -1 in the European Handicap is equal to the -1.5 handicap bet in the Asian handicap, as it adds the option to draw as well.

Can you explain how to understand the American odds format (-110)?

Foreign sportsbooks operate mainly in two formats - the decimal or fractional. However, in America we use our own system for displaying a team's chances of winning. There are two easy ways to understand the odds format in the US.

  1. The minus sign in front of a team's odds (-110, -140, etc.) signifies the favorite, while the plus sign (+110, +140, etc.) signifies the underdog.
  2. The odds on the favorite will signify how much the player needs to bet to profit $100, whereas the odds on the underdog signify how much you will profit from a $100 bet. 

This will be the odds format on all sportsbooks in America, and should be learned before betting. Learn more about the types of betting odds and their ways in our School of Betting.

The football game ended with Team A winning in overtime, but the office calculated the bet as if it had ended in a draw. Why?

All sportsbooks accept bets for the main time. Betting on overtime and penalties will be offered to you in a different line. Be aware of this when you bet on events that have a possibility of overtime.

How are bets on hockey games accepted? Do they take into account overtime or not?

Carefully study your sportsbook’s rules regarding this. All sportsbooks calculate bets in different ways. Thus, one sportsbook might take into account overtime for the NHL and KHL, but only the main time for WHL league games. In each of the reviews in our sportsbook rating there is a clause “specials of admission and calculation of bets” - we recommend reading this item in the review of the office that you bet at.

On which sports do players have a better chance of winning?

Such a statistic does not exist. Most people bet on soccer, as it is the world’s no. 1 sport. Then there is football, basketball, hockey, etc. Advising one particular sport does not make sense, as some players are better at reading the game of soccer, and some tennis, etc. However, the lower the popularity of a sport, the easier it is to win a bet on it (provided that you actually understand it and are aware of the current state of the athletes).

The fact is that the number of bets on unpopular sports is relatively small, and sportsbooks usually do not bother with correctly placed odds. In addition, it is difficult to find all of the necessary information on these sports. Therefore, sportsbooks can be mistaken and offer an unreasonably high odds, which can be used by the player. However, it is not easy to win in these markets all of the time. First, sportsbooks will initially set low limits on these events, and if they see that you are better than them in this sport, they will offer you a maximum bet on these events around one dollar.

What are live or inplay bets?

These are bets made on events that have already started. You can make these bets during the game. You can find more information about the features and nuances of live bets in our article ‘Live Bets During the Game'.

Are bets calculated quickly on sportsbook sites?

On the good sportsbooks, the time you wait for a bet to be accepted will only take a few seconds. If your sportsbook takes a long time calculating your bet, then continuing to play there is not going to be worth it.

What is the maximum accepted bet for an event?

Each sportsbook and market (sport, live, championship) will have its own limits for the maximum amount to be accepted on an event. As a rule, sportsbooks do not drastically limit the bets on European football championships or other major sports tournaments.

However, if you are betting on unpopular events, and you are cautious of the sportsbook’s security, then these betting limits can sometimes be set. In some cases, these can be reduced to minuscule amounts.

When does the sportsbook set betting limits?

  1. If you are a “forkman”, meaning that you place bets in different offices on a single events and by betting on opposite outcomes and you are guaranteeing yourself a profit no matter what. Sportsbooks of course do not like this and use all possible means to fight against them. The penalty for playing “forks” could not only be setting a maximum limit, but also blocking the account and confiscating all winnings from the bets.
  2. If you are a successful punter and are constantly winning (especially if you are betting on unpopular competitions). In this situation, the sportsbook may consider you a professional bettor, and in turn will quickly cut your limits. You will be paid all of your winnings (since you did not break any rules), but the sportsbooks will do everything they can to turn you away from betting on their site.

Does the sportsbook have the right to set betting limits? I am playing fairly.

Many players ignore the rules that every sportsbook has posted. Seeing the huge text listing the house rules and conditions players can understand that it clearly says that it is the sportsbook’s decision to change maximums for any reason. And when you sign up for their services, you sign/ agree with these rules by clicking on a button along the lines of “I’m familiar with the rules”.

If I only bet in small amounts, do I risk having my account blocked?

In general, sportsbooks are loyal to players who bet as a hobby. It is easy for them to see which events the player bets on, how often and in which markets and sports they play. Even if you win often, the sportsbook will not take any action against you, but if a professional player is suspected, then max betting limits will be automatically set. Professional players are usually caught by betting on “boulders” (mistakenly inflated odds by sportsbooks).

If I can afford to bet big, then will sportsbooks not want me betting with them?

No, sportsbooks love big players. Even the ones that win. Many will even have loyalty programs that reward players who bet big and often. They only do not like those that bet professionally on events where the sportsbook made a mistake in regards to setting the odds.

These players can win consistently for a very long time, so sportsbooks try to get rid of them. If you are making bets for fun, and you understand sports well and win more often than not, sportsbooks will not set up any obstacles for you.

Is there ever a maximum payout for parlay bets?

This is a rare occurrence that parlay bets will be cut and, if it does happen it is done by sportsbooks with low ratings. We recommend refusing to play with these sportsbooks.

Is it possible to bet on the same event several times, but with different variations?

Most sportsbooks will allow this. However, any bet has a risk attached. With an extensive choice of betting markets, you can bet many times on a single event, but it isn’t guaranteed that you will be in the positive.

The number or different combinations of bets allowed on one event will usually become immediately visible, as once you select a market from the game you will not be able to click on others. Some sportsbooks have bet builder features, which will help you to select the highest number of markets from each specific game. 

Where can I complain about sportsbooks (non-payment, account blocking, interpretation of events in their own way, etc).?

First, you must read the rules of the sportsbook. If your problem is described there and you have indeed violated one or more rules, then your complaints will surely lead to nothing. However, if you can prove that you played fairly and violated no rules, then our site can try and solve the problem.

In order to file a complaint, you need to select the sportsbook from the general list, go to his page (click on the logo) and click “Add a complaint.” Official representatives of companies that work with our website are also involved in analyzing player’s complaints. Also in order to help our users, we attract other established representatives who are in contact with employees of the sportsbooks. We talk about previous player complaints and their results on our page “We helped”.

How can I know whether I should play on a certain sportsbook or not?

Legalbet recommends that players choose sportsbooks with a high reliability rating. This rating is based on two main criteria: the evaluation is influenced by the honesty of the company by how they pay winnings, as well as its willingness to engage with players to listen to complaints and solve them.

You can also read about them in the Users Ranking of sportsbooks, showing the popularity of each company among real betting fans on

Which sportsbook rating is the most objective?

There are enough websites on the Internet that rate sportsbooks themselves. Unfortunately, completely objective rankings compiled by betting sites do not exist, as sportsbooks are partners of these sites, and therefore in one way or another will affect the ratings.

ALL SITES offer a subjective rating based on their relationships with the bookmakers: some are more influenced than others, but they are all subjective. This includes our site as well. However, the Legalbet User Rating is the only rating based on the players themselves. This should help to influence your trust when players like you are making the rankings.

My bet was counted as a loss, however on a different sportsbook site it is listed as a win. Do sportsbooks operate with different sources?

The answer is yes, it can happen. Usually sportsbooks will be contracted to the official websites of sports leagues, teams, etc. if your rate is calculated differently for different sportsbooks, then that means that the companies use different sources of information.

You need to make a support request and specify which source shows the correct outcome of the event. Your sportsbook should always tell you where their information comes from. Unfortunately, the sportsbook usually wins this dispute.

How does a sportsbook calculate a bet if it has been postponed or in the case of a technical defeat?

To do this, you need to read and understand the rules of your sportsbook - they will specify the outcomes of all possible cases.

Do sportsbooks have the right to recognize a game as contractual if there is no official recognition of this by the sport itself?

By agreeing to the sportsbook’s rules when you register for the site, you automatically agree that the office recognize the game as contractual by its own ruling. In this case, the office can block the account and even confiscate the winnings, returning only the deposit. Some sportsbooks will deliberately delay checking the game to keep the players who bet on the contractual match on edge. The reason they do this is to try and force the player to stop playing on their sportsbook.

If the account was incorrectly specified during a live bet and the bet was lost, will the money be returned?

The rules of the sportsbook state that the office is not responsible for the loyalty shown by the current account in the game and recommends that you focus on official sources. Therefore, the sportsbook has the right to keep the result by force.

If I accidentally made the wrong bet on a game, can I cancel it?

Usually, before taking a bet, a question will be asked like «Are you sure you want to bet on an event with these odds?» when you have to confirm the bet. Some sportsbooks accept bets without a question. Once the bet has been accepted it becomes impossible to cancel it. Make sure to be careful.

Some sportsbooks will have the cash out feature available. While this will not fully return your stake, it will allow you to cancel your bet early and receive part of your original stake back. The percentage relies on the odds when you placed the bet, and the odds at the time of cashing out. 

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