Canelo Alvarez announces next fight against undefeated Callum Smith

Canelo Alvarez has emerged as a heavy favorite against the undefeated Callum Smith. 

WBA and WBC middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez has announced his next fight will be against the Englishman Callum Smith. The fight will be held on December 19 in Dallas, at the AT&T Stadium.

USA sportsbooks were quick to post the odds on the outcome of the fight, with the Mexican champion coming out as the favorite. 

Alvarez vs Smith Odds 

Despite the fact that Smith is currently undefeated in the professional circuit, sportsbooks are placing the Englishman as the clear underdog. It does not come down to skills, but rather the amazing form of Alvarez, who it seems, will not be stopped in the next couple of years. 

Betting Predictions on the Alvarez-Smith Fight

Sportsbooks from around the world believe that the fight is likely to end without going the distance. The most likely outcome is a knockout by Alvarez. This may make a good bet, as there is doubt that Smith will be able to keep up with the pace of Alvarez. 

The betting odds being floated around now that the fight will last all 12 rounds is about +137. 

Many factors do support the sportsbooks that the fight will likely end ahead of schedule. However, if Canelo fails to finish his opponent ahead of schedule, the judges are likely to be more supportive of the reigning WBA and WBC middleweight champion. 

Alvarez vs. Smith Tale of the Tape

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Canelo Alvarez

  • Current WBC, WBA, and The Ring middleweight champion of the world. Regular WBA super middleweight champion of the world. The highest paid boxer in the world. 
  • 56 Fights, 53 Wins, 2 Draws, 1 Defeat

A truly unique phenomenon for modern boxing - this is the only way to characterize Canelo Alvarez. By the age of thirty, the Mexican boxer had already fought in 56 professional fights. Alvarez started boxing at the age of 13, had 20 fights in the amateur circuit in just two years, after which he won silver at the 2004 Mexican Championship. And in the next year earned a gold medal. 

We will not go through all of the top boxers that Alvarez has managed to defeat, however a few key names, over which changed the course of boxing in the 21st century. 

Canelo won victories over such eminent boxers as Daniel Jacobs, Rocky Fielding, Gennady Golovkin, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., Amir Khan, Miguel Cotto, Shane Mosley and Sergey Kovalev.

The only defeat on Alvarez’s record is against the undefeated Floyd Mayweather. However, this moment, has tempered Canelo and motivated him to boost his defensive skills to the level of the legend,

What to expect from Alvarez against Callum Smith

Firstly, do not believe that the reach of Callum will turn into a major factor. Alvarez has experience fighting against tall and long-armed opponents and has gotten comfortable to the task. He will be able to focus less on the protection of the body and choose a wide stance to instantly close the distance. 

Alvarez will not rush at Smith in the first few rounds, but first will force the opponent to reveal the fighting style and find out at which distance Smith will look to attack, while also calculating the timing. 

After that, he will begin working on the body, forcing Smith to lower his hands more often, opening up his chin. In this fight, one should not expect an early knockout, since the Englishman understands perfectly the kind of technical fighter he will need to face. A calm Canelo will also not force any devastating results early on. 

The Path to Victory for Alvarez

In a fight against another British fighter, Rocky Fielding, we have already seen that main weapon the Mexican has against tall opponents by constantly putting body shots into the side. 

Fielding tried to get up to the last after each single hit, but his strength quickly left him and the referee stopped the fight. 

This time around, Alvarez will likely operate using the same system. He has enough skill to dodge Callum’s jabs, and his stocky build allows him to quickly close in against the furious lunges that Smith often employs. Most likely, Canelo will wear out his opponent closer to round 7-8, after which he will either end the fight ahead of schedule or win by decision. 

Callum Smith

  • WBA Super World Champion, WBC Diamond and The Ring Super Middleweight Champion. The winner of the World Boxing Super Series and the winner of the Muhammed Ali Cup. 
  • 27 Fights, 27 Wins, 0 Defeats

The youngest of the Smith brothers was brought up in a boxing environment his entire life. Callum’s childhood was spent on endless trips to competitions, where his brothers Paul, Stephen and Liam competed. Callum began his career in boxing at the age of nine, and made his professional debut on November 17, 2012. 

Until now, Smith is an undefeated boxer, but some observers point out that throughout his career, he has not faced opponents comparable to the ones Alvarez has been in the ring with. 

The path to stay undefeated for Smith

Callum’s main weapon in the upcoming fight will be his distance and his jab. Perhaps the only chances of staying undefeated will lie in his height and reach advantages. 

This fight will be a real test of his endurance, if he decides to play the long game and not unleash a flurry of punches on Canelo in the first few rounds, but instead systematically work out the jab to prevent Canelo from getting into a comfortable form.

In such a scenario, the detailed work becomes a major problem, and this is where Smith may find himself in trouble.  

Smith’s Chances of Winning

With all due respect given to the Englishman’s jab, it is worth noting that due to the length of his arms that this blow can often become deciding. However, Callum cannot defend his face all of the time, and will need to lower his arms to deliver ample strikes. 

Combining this with the above factors, we can conclude that he has little chance of winning this fight. Perhaps he will survive all 12 rounds, but he is unlikely to beat Alvarez in the number of connected punches.