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With one of MMA's most entertaining personalities returning, we preview McGregor's next UFC event.

Khabib vs. Gaethje: Bets and Sportsbook Odds on the UFC 254 Main Event

Legalbet's full fight preview and analysis of the main event in the upcoming UFC 254.
With the return of La Liga comes some of the biggest soccer teams in the world and top sports betting markets.
The return of the Italian Serie A is accompanied by hard-hitting markets for sports betting.
A complete sports betting guide to the upcoming Bundesliga season.

Philadelphia vs. Washington: Complete Game Preview

Washington will take on the Philadelphia Flyers at 4:00pm EST on August 6th.

Montreal vs. Pittsburgh: Hell on Ice

The Pittsburgh Penguins and Montreal Canadians will play the third game of the series tonight at 8:00pm EST.
On November 28, 2020, two boxing legends will matchup in a brief return to the ring.

BetMGM Launches New NBA Promotion

BetMGM is ready for the NBA restart with a promotion for new users worth up to $100 from a one dollar bet!

The NHL is Back! Playoff Schedule, Betting Odds and the Favorites

The NHL's Stanley Cup Playoffs are set. With matchups, games and heavy-hitting series coming up.
Betting tips that stand the test of time. These five tips will help you make the best sports bets.
Who will be crowned NBA Champions? We take a look at the restart of the NBA season.
Gambling since its inception and even to this day has been associated in society to something terrible, and flawed in a sense.
An updating blog documenting the steps to the return of professional hockey.
With the Premier League having returned we not have a tight finish to the season coming.
As we draw nearer to the return of professional American sports, we are thinking of the NFL. We will predict key week one matchups.

Bundesliga’s return to action provides offers across American sportsbooks

It’s official, the German Bundesliga will return to action next week, on the 16th of May!
Sports betting is never a guarantee, however you can increase profits over time using the famed high school math formula.
Tom Brady and Gronk are reunited once again in Tampa, but just how big of a difference will it make?
Sports betting is not just about statistics, numbers, calculations and finding a profitable option.