Manchester City Receive UEFA Ban - How Does This Affect Bets on Them

It has already been heard throughout the soccer world, as top team Manchester City have received a two-year ban on UEFA participation in European competitions. The ban was received on Valentine’s Day, nonetheless.

It is important to understand the in this current season, Manchester City has not been playing bad, but has not had the best of luck. As a result, the team is not performing at its best against weaker sides and is losing games with teams of equal competition.

What can I say? If we are taking manager Guardiola at his word, then the team should be at the top of the league with 67 points and first-place Liverpool should be at 57. In other words, the team’s current points should be switched by 16 based on performances. However, Man City have struggled whereas Liverpool have cruised through this Premier League season.

It is understood that advanced statistics in soccer can be reluctantly accepted. After all, it does not consider all of the factors, but the XG metric’s general trend has been quite reliable. If it is indeed reliable, then talk about the decline in the quality of the game is not necessary.

This is important because Man City’s ban from European competitions means that this year’s Champions League becomes the last chance for the current Man City team to make history. To achieve this noble goal, the team will have to defeat Spanish giants Real Madrid in the upcoming knockout round, with Madrid sitting at the top of the standings in Spain’s La Liga.

In the environment surrounding the matchup, the confrontation has already been dubbed the “battle of bald charlatans” playing on the team’s managers. However, what we will be expecting is an equal matchup of two top teams with excellent head coaches on both sides.

In the Premier League, we will witness a unique situation, when the top team for two-thirds of the season will not be able to profit no matter how well they perform. It cannot go on like this forever, because it is logical that Manchester City will remain the champion’s favorites. The team has the resources to do this. It is a great team with one of the best coaches in the world and it will be motivated now more than ever, especially in light of the of the UEFA ban received. The last path to glory and the beautiful ending that could appear before our eyes.

It seems that now there are only a few tournaments left for Manchester City, the English League Cup (March 1 vs. Aston Villa), to successfully perform in the FA Cup and to get the most out of this Champions League. If we remember that the team has been very unlucky in this competition for several seasons and in the EPL everything has gone awry.  The Champions League can be a force of chaos, with all teams being equal now, a lot of things are decided by chance.

Many triumphs have their own history and it seems that the current matchup between Manchester City and Real Madrid has all signs pointing to City.

To sum everything up, nothing will change for Manchester City globally, only the EPL can be given more focus. The motivation for other tournaments will be much higher, and the Champions League games will become a battle of life or death for the players. Is it time to bet on Manchester?