New NFL Power Rankings with Super Bowl Odds in 2022

The 2021 Super Bowl gave fans one of the greatest storylines in the competition’s history. Legendary icon quarterback Tom Brady, at the age of 43, led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to victory for his seventh Super Bowl ring, more than any other NFL franchises. 

Brady was also named the game’s MVP after going 21-29 for 201 yards and three touchdowns. Beating out Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes to prove that the greatest to ever do it is still the NFL’s chief commander. Sportsbooks were quick to publish odds on the 2022 Super Bowl, with the question of whether Brady can do it again on everyone’s minds. 

The sportsbooks consensus right now is, that with the same matchup, the outcome changes. 

NFL Power Rankings for the 2022 Super Bowl

#1 - Kansas City Chiefs (+550). The 2020 Super Bowl winners are primed by sportsbooks to make a third straight appearance this upcoming season. Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid’s Kansas City team narrowly missed the mark in 2021, but are consensus favorites to reclaim the title. The Chiefs will be returning some of the NFL’s top players and are one of the most well-rounded teams. 

#2 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+900). If the sportsbooks are correct, we should be expecting another Super Bowl showdown between Brady and Mahomes, and what a game it could be. Though Brady’s is currently the NFL’s oldest active quarterback at 43, we were taught in 2021 not to underestimate the legend. With two of the league’s best receivers in Mike Evans and Chris Goodwin, and partner in crime Rob Gronkowski, the offense will be near impossible to tame. 

#3 - Green Bay Packers (+1100). During the reign of quarterback Aaron Rodgers, the Packers have been an excellent team, but one that has failed to have total postseason success. No Super Bowl appearances since 2011 (which they won), have meant many great seasons with little to show. The Packers will have two big obstacles in the two above teams, but Rodgers and co. are still backed by sportsbooks to be a top three contender after going 13-3 last season. 

#4 -  Buffalo Bills (+1200). The New York team narrowly edged out the fifth-place choice from sportsbooks. After falling behind the Patriots multiple seasons in a row, the team finally won the AFC East in 2021 with a 13-3 record before losing to the Chiefs in Conference Championships. The odds are predicting this rematch to determine the 2022 AFC Super Bowl team. 

#5 - Baltimore Ravens (+1400). Some things never change, including the defensive-focus of Baltimore football. The Ravens will be returning a stacked defense in 2022 including cornerbacks Marlon Humphrey and Marcus Peters. This in addition to a dual-threat quarterback in 2019 MVP Lamar Jackson. Baltimore will be counting on its defense to hold AFC quarterbacks at bay to win the franchise’s third Super Bowl. 

#6 - Los Angeles Rams (+1300). The Rams have been relatively successful in the NFC West the past five seasons, making the playoffs three times and winning the division twice. Los Angeles tends to go where quarterback Jared Goff goes, and so far the California-native has been good. With a solid pair of receivers in Robert Woods and Cooper Rupp and a great defensive unit, 2022 may be the time for Goff to take the team to an NFL title. 

#7 - San Francisco 49ers (+1500). A complete sportsbook consensus in our number seven spot, San Francisco sits right behind the team’s in-state rivals. The placement is admittedly our most striking yet, after the 49ers went 6-10 to finish last in the division in 2021. Certainly, a turnaround is expected, as sportsbooks will likely cite the massive toll that injuries took on the team last season. If the 49ers stay healthy, this isn't looking like a terrible bet. 

#8 - New Orleans Saints (+2200). With the retirement of legendary quarterback Drew Brees, the 2022 Saints will have a much different feel, along with a big hole to fix. The team currently has two backups in Taysom Hill and Jameis Winston, with Hill certainly being the more preferred option. Hill put in a solid 2020 year for New Orleans as a utility backup, and with the offense built around the Idaho-native, the odds are quite favorable for him to shock the league with a title in 2022. 

#9 - Cleveland Browns (+2500). The Browns have not finished in the top two places in the AFC North in the past five seasons. Sometimes, rebuilding a team takes time. Sometimes, it takes decades.. Cleveland has not appeared in the Super Bowl since 1964, so placing money on the team to win it with these odds would take some serious cojones. Still, the team does have talented players on the roster including Myles Garrett, Odell Beckham Jr., Jarvis Landry and Baker Mayfield. If the team can not be the Browns for a season, it may be possible. 

#10 - Indianapolis Colts (+2500). The Colts are another team who are currently unsure of who will be the starting quarterback in 2022. In the past three years, both Andrew Luck and Phillip Rivers retired from the NFL with the team, with both coming reasonably unexpectedly. The expectation is that the Colts will likely try to land a free agent QB, and it's a pretty good bet that the team’s season will depend on that along with the future of wide receiver T.Y. Hilton. 

#11 - Miami Dolphins (+2500). The way down south Florida team had a big turnaround last season, going 10-6 but still narrowly missing out on the playoffs. The team sits just outside the top ten for Super Bowl winners, which means sportsbooks are predicting another season of major improvement. Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa did well in his rookie season, and has expressed confidence in his second season despite the Dolphins being rumored with other starting QBs .

#12 - Seattle Seahawks (+2500). The Seahawks have not missed the playoffs since the 2017-18 season, winning the division with a 12-4 record last season. With a healthy 49ers team along with the Rams, the NFC West will not be a walkthrough, but there are bigger problems brewing in Seattle. Quarterback Russell Wilson is reportedly unhappy, and trade rumors are flying. Wilson is of great importance to the team, and if the 31-year-old leaves, it's hard to see any other quarterback stepping in and making the same impact in the first year. 

#13 - Dallas Cowboys (+3000). The NFC East was the worst division in terms of records last season, with Washington winning the division with a 7-9 losing record. The Cowboys’ team from the past few seasons could see drastic changes over the next couple of weeks, with Dak Prescott and Zeke Elliot both being included in rumors of departure. Still the chances are looking good that both players will remain on the team for 2021-22, and with a weak division should at least go into the playoffs at ease. 

#14 - Tennessee Titans (+3500). Ryan Tannehill had an excellent season at quarterback in 2020, leading the Titans to clinching the AFC South. Despite Tannehill and running back Derrick Henry (over 2,000 yards rushing), the Titans lost the first game of the playoffs to Baltimore. The team should be returning the main core of players from last season, in hopes of an extended playoff run. The defense has been a consistent issue however, and with Jadeveon Clowney a free agent, a Super Bowl run will become more difficult.

#15 - Los Angeles Chargers (+4000). The team is ranking surprisingly well after a 7-9 finish to the 2020-21 season. The offensive line was and continues to be the biggest concern for the Chargers, but will likely be looking to shuffle around multiple positions right now. Like Tannehill, quarterback Phillip Rivers does not have a Super Bowl ring, yet is in firm control of the Chargers. Rivers will have solid offensive weapons with receivers Malcom Floyd and Vincent Jackson and RB Ryan Mathews. If the offensive line improves, the team could become a logical pick.

#16 - Pittsburgh Steelers (+3000). Such a good regular season ended in the first round of the playoffs for Pittsburgh in 2020-21. Still, the team is coming back with one of the best rosters in the NFL. With QB Ben Rothlisberger likely going into his final season, the Steelers will be a team to watch closely this season. The defensive side is even more stacked, with Bud Dupree, T.J. Watt, Cameron Heyward and Vince Williams making up one of the most intimidating linebacking/pass rushing cores in the NFL. 

#17 - Arizona Cardinals (+4000). The J.J. Watt lottery prize was won by Arizona this offseason, meaning a poor Cardinals defense will be getting a major boost. Is the signing enough to make the team a true Super Bowl threat however? Both quarterback Kyler Murray and head coach Kliff Kingsbury have improved the team in their first seasons, and it's not a stretch to believe that in 2021 they will push the team further. 

#18 - New England Patriots (+4000). When a player like Tom Brady leaves, you are going to experience some trouble. New England felt it last season with the team failing to win the division for the first time since 2008. Even worse, the team and head coach Bill Belichick had to watch Brady bring the title to Tampa Bay. The truth is that New England will likely not turn this around too much this season. A playoff spot would be a risky bet, to win a Super Bowl is unfathomable. 

#19 - Las Vegas Raiders (+5000). After an average 8-8 season and missed playoffs, rumors are swirling about quarterback Derek Carr’s future with the team. If Carr does leave, it would be a big step back from a Las Vegas team that has had successful offseasons the past two years. Adding Russell Wilson could provide the Raiders with a step up in terms of experience at quarterback, but poor in terms of experience with Jon Gruden and the team. As things sit right now, the team is poised for improvement, but the current offseason talks spell a setback in nearly every possible outcome. 

#20 - Minnesota Vikings (+5000). The NFC North was not exactly a competitive division last season, with the Packers taking the division with ease and no Wild Card spots being awarded. The Vikings do look like the team who could step up, however. Confidence in starting quarterback Kirk Cousins and a solid pass rush and defense will be the team’s major strengths. While Dalvin Cook is a vital piece of the offense at running back, it will be up to Cousins to make the most of a subpar wide receiving core for title shots to be considered. 

#21 - Carolina Panthers (+6000). Seemingly the opposite of the Vikings offensive setup, as with receivers Robby Anderson, DJ Moore and Curtis Samuel, the Panthers have an exceptional group of receivers. What is uncertain is who will be throwing the ball to them as the team has multiple options at quarterback with none of them being great. With the best running back in the league in Christian McCaffrey, if any one of the quarterbacks can step up and perform above average this may be a good longshot pick to have. 

#22 - Chicago Bears (+6000). The Bears’ defense turned in one of the best seasons in the league last year and at 8-8 the team was the closest threat to Green Bay in the NFC North. With quarterback troubles, it's worth mentioning that one of the top rumored destinations for Russell Wilson is in Chicago. If that does actually happen, we could see the Bears take a massive leap in these rankings, as Wilson would be joining an offense with good weapons such as RB David Montgomery and WR Allen Robinson. 

#23 - Denver Broncos (+6600). The Broncos were abysmal last season on both offense and defense. The team will certainly be looking to make major offseason moves, with a starting quarterback high on the list. With Courtland Sutton returning this season from injury, the wide receiving core should make any quarterback look good. Still, with inconsistencies and below average players littering the defense, a Super Bowl title is most likely way beyond expectation. 

#24 - Philadelphia Eagles (+6600). In 2020, the NFC East was the NFL’s worst division, and at the very bottom of it were the Philadelphia Eagles at 4-11-1. Time moved on pretty quickly from the 2018 Super Bowl champions. The team is also not in great shape in regards to salary cap and with a poor defense and offense, even in a weak division there is little hope for improvement. 

#25 - Atlanta Falcons (+7000). Another 4-12 team from last season and another in bad salary cap shape. The Falcons also had the league’s fourth-worst defense last year. There is still some small hope for the team, as on paper it should have performed better than how it turned out. Offensively, Atlanta has obvious bright spots including Matt Ryan, Julio Jones and Todd Gurley. The team will likely stay the same through the offseason, but should still show slight improvement. 

#26 - Washington Football Team (+6600). Washington is a completely one-sided team as of now. Surprisingly enough, the team;s defense ranked second in the NFL. The offense was the third worst. A starting quarterback is an immediate need as Washington’s two options have less than 30 games combined. Thankfully there are plenty of options available, and if Washington is to get one then it should at least be able to take the NFC East again.

#27 - New York Giants (+10000). Another NFC East team with major struggles on offense, the Giants desperately need wide receivers. Quarterback Daniel Jones has proven to be able to run the offense, but is still without any top threats. The wide receiving core means more pressure on both Jones and running back Saquon Barkley. One top receiver along with an already good defense could see the Giants at least challenge Washington or Dallas for the NFC East. 

#28 - Cincinnati Bengals (+10000). Unfortunately for Cincinnati, the team was very poor on both offense and defense last season on its way to a last place finish in the AFC North. The Bengals will certainly be looking to build more around quarterback Joe Burrow, who had a great rookie season despite the injury. Still though, this is a team currently building, and unless Burrow quickly becomes the next Tom Brady, Super Bowl expectations are extremely low. 

#29 - Jacksonville Jaguars (+10000). Just like the above Bengals, the Jaguars were near the bottom of the league in both offense and defense last year. The team did manage to be the best worst team however, with a 1-15 record, giving the team the first overall pick in the upcoming NFL Draft. The odds are massively in favor of Clemson quarterback Trevor Larwence going to the Jaguars, so this was a good season to be terrible. More than one win? Hopefully. A Super Bowl title? …..

#30 - New York Jets (+10000). The Jets had the de facto worst offense in the NFL last season, along with only two wins. The good news for the team is that the offense does have key pieces like WR Denzel Mims and a very good offensive line. Quarterback Sam Darnold has been average, but is still young. There are multiple top quarterbacks available in this year’s draft, but the Jets may be better off taking Penei Sewell or an offensive threat and move forward with Darnold. 

#31 - Detroit Lions (+15000). Worst offense? Meet the worst defense in last year’s NFL, the Detroit Lions. Detroit rode that defense to a last place 5-11 finish in the NFC North, with an offensive looking for a little support. Matthew Stafford, Marvin Jones Jr. and Kenny Golladay will provide Detroit fans with some hope this season, but with a bad salary cap situation things are unlikely to improve much anywhere else. The team will likely remain in last again this season. 

#32 - Houston Texans (+15000). Losing the face of the franchise J.J. Watt is going to hurt quite a bit. This is coming on top of an already poor finish for the Texans last season. The team’s defense was already bad last season, now it will be rivaling Detroit for the worst. The offense isn't terrible, but questions surrounding quarterback Deshaun Watson’s future with the team leave no other choice but a sportsbooks consensus last place.