Return to Serie A: How Zlatan and AC Milan have conquered all of Italy

How much can be won betting on the incredible AC Milan? And how long will the streak last?

The pandemic’s forced lockdown was certainly not harmful to everyone. The Serie A club AC Milan returned from the hasty vacation refreshed, disciplined and in excellent physical condition. 

AC Milan are the only club in the top five European leagues that have not had a single defeat in the past six months.

The Serie A hierarchy has been flipped: has the era of the unbeatable Juventus come to an end, and for the first time in ten years, will there be a champion outside of Turin? An interesting note, the last team to win the Serie A before Juventus was AC Milan. It looks like it's time to return the trophy!

AC Milan’s Stefano Pioli: Rewriting Goal Records

Milan marked its return from the quarantine with a respectable draw in the Italian Cup semifinals against none other than Juventus (0-0), however the main events began in the 27th round of the last season of Serie A. 

Since June 22, for 19 matches in a row, Milan have not lost in the Italian Serie A.

Of course, the record that was set from 1991 to 1993, is still miles away (the current record for games without defeat is 58), however the hope that the team can do it is growing everyday.

AC Milan manager Stefano Pioli and legendary striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic have already managed to scrape a couple of club records. 

  • 27 goals in a row in Serie A (previously 24)

  • 4 victories in a row at the start of the new season (a repetition of the 1995/96 record)

By the start of the eight round in the Italian league, AC Milan have already scored 16 goals for an average of 2.29 goals per game. Surprisingly, the team is still not in first in the Serie A in that regard. Atalanta and the sensational Sassuolo already have 18 goals apiece. 

However, this is even better for those who would wager on Milan becoming the highest scoring club in the Serie A. The odds would right now be very high.

How much could you win on Milan’s victories and the team’s scoring streak

Our favorite column is “what if..”?

The AC Milan Unbeaten streak

Suppose that, together with Legalbet expert Roman Askerov, you believed in the incredible restart of AC Milan as soon as the Italian Serie A returned from quarantine. Experienced players place bets on a string of outcomes, rather than just a game. 

This optimizes the potential winnings without causing significant harm to the bankroll (when betting in reasonable amounts). Therefore, we will consider three different betting lines at once for wagering on AC Milan.

Win/ Loss when betting on AC Milan using the ‘Flat Strategy’; Betting $20 on each

The strategy of betting on victory of AC Milan, victory with a handicap of (0), and a handicap of (1.5), allowed us to draw several conclusions from the first 18 games:

  • A conditional win streak was only present when betting with a (0) handicap, with five refunds. 

  • The handicap (-1.5) turned out to be the most profitable. The turnout was a profit of around $160. 

  • In the current season (7 games), the most profitable bet was on AC Milan to win straight up (winning five out of the seven games). 

“The most important point: don't be afraid to bet on Milan's victory, even in the most competitive games. Lazio, Inter and even Juventus were all included in the 19-game series. It was these bets that brought the most tangible winnings.”

It is interesting that in the eighth round Milan will have yet another top game: this week’s rival will be Napoli (Sunday, November 22, starting at 2:45 PM). The perfect moment then so it seems, to check out the trends. 

The AC Milan Goal Streak 

The player with an experienced eye will immediately be aware of this one fact: Milan’s unbeaten run is not as ideal as its scoring achievements. 

In the past 19 games, Milan have scored 51 goals! An average of 2.68 goals per game.

Only one opponent out of the last 19 has managed to keep Milan’s attack from scoring two or more goals. This gives us the opportunity to make calculations for two types of bets: AC Milan more than 1.5” and “AC Milan more than 2.5”. 

Win/ loss when betting on AC Milan goals in the last 19 matches. In all seven starting rounds of the new Serie A season, Milan have scored at least twice. 

After Napoli, the Milan club will face another difficult opponent in Fiorentina (November 29, beginning at 9:00 AM). Let's try starting the scoring trend at this meeting.

The dreams of Milan fans seem to come true! Let's wish Pioli and Ibrahimovic good luck in continuing their excellent winning streak and goal scoring streak!

And remember, betting is fun. But even in your favorite hobby, you need to try to be the best!