The Return of English Soccer: Premier League Ready to Finish the Season!

The biggest soccer league in the world has returned! While we await the return of popular American leagues like the NBA, NHL and MLB, the English Premier League resumed games on June 17, 2020. Teams will have less than 9-10 games left before the season is concluded.

Let's refresh our memories with where we left off when the Premier League went on hiatus, and look at how the league standings and individual awards could end up. We will also look at some of the more unique markets offered by USA sportsbooks

Liverpool has never not looked like the champion this season, and because of this has a solid odds margin ahead of the next contender in Manchester City. The likelihood of Liverpool becoming champions is so large that many sportsbooks are not even placing bets for this market, with the team only needing six points to win the title. 

We know that it is possible for other teams to displace one of the league's top teams at this point, however we would like to keep the focus on the teams that are currently fighting for top four finishes. 

Champions League Finish: Two Members in Doubt

Since we are almost 100% positive about the fate of the top spot, we switch to some more realistic opportunities, namely finishing in a Champions League spot. There can be no doubt about the first two lines in the table: Liverpool and Manchester City will not give their spots to anyone.

However, the positions from the third to the fourth will become the place of a real battle. The struggle can end with a sensation or even sensationalism.

We show the odds of getting into the top 4 according to the results of the 2019/20 season in the Premier League.



BetMGM Odds

SugarHouse Odds

Leicester City








Man United








Sheffield United




Tottenham HotSpur








Race for the Golden Boot: waiting for a true show!

For the second season in a row in the Premier League, the goal scoring race represents a tight competition with lots of competitors.

There are four real contenders for the crown of highest scoring striker in the Premier League at the moment. This does not include at least five more who will be looking to wedge their way into the discussion. 

Let’s plunge into the upcoming altercation of intrigue towards the end of the Premier League season.

Jamie Vardy - 19 Goals

Leicester City, after its 2016 championship season, has not yet climbed as high in front of the table as it did before the 2020 lockdown: the club is in a solid third place. Much of the credit is still assigned to the dynamic striker Jamie Vardy. The main man has scored 19 goals this season - nearly a third of the total number of goals for the entire team.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang - 17 goals

Arsenal is trying by all means at Arsenal to keep its main star, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. It's not even about the 17 goals scored, even though this is a lot. In only three matches of this season has the London club played the Premier League without its striker, and failed to win in all three. Aubameyang is not just a striker, he is the leader of Arsenal. At the end of the season, all bets will be placed on him.

Sergio Aguero - 16 goals

Sergio Aguero has been gradually lowering his importance for his team, Manchester City. Most of the effect has come from his age (recently Aguero turned 32), and the presence of Gabriel Jesus, and also including the well-known dislike from Pep Guardiola for the classic 11 jersey number. Nevertheless, Aguero is ready to fulfill his norm of 20 goals per season. But is this enough for the 'Golden Boot'?

Mo Salah - 16 goals

The Egyptian “pharaoh” Mo Salah has not been as bright in the current Premier League season as he was the year before (32 goals) or in the past (22 goals). However, before quarantine, the Liverpool striker once again began to strike (8 goals after New Years), and the forced break did not come at the right time. Is Mo Salah ready to resume the season with the same note that he left off on. 

We wont forget these six participants in the race for the Golden Boot:

  • Danny Ings, Southampton - 16 goals. 

  • Sadio Mane, Liverpool - 14 goals. 

  • Marcus Rashford, Manchester United - 14 goals

  • Raul Jimenez, Wolverhampton - 14 goals. 

  • Tammy Abraham, Chelsea - 13 goals. 

  • Dominic Calvert-Lewin, Everton - 13 goals. 

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