Colorado Avalanche Continue in Los Angeles After Blowout Win

The Los Angeles Kings have yet to win or lose a game in regular time this season, starting with two overtime losses. The game starts at 10:00 PM tonight with both teams tied at two points apiece in the Western Division.

Despite the two teams being tied in the standings, Colorado will enter the game as a huge favorite over the Kings: 

Colorado Avalanche

What a rude awakening the St. Louis Blues second game of the season was. After beating Colorado 5-0 in the first game, the Avalanche responded in typical fashion, absolutely dismantling the Blues 8-0 in the second game. Don't poke the bear, as the Avalanche are often at its best after embarrassing losses. The team bounces back. 

However, a new opponent awaits Colorado tonight, as the team travels to Los Angeles for its third game of the season. If the Kings are worried, we can't really blame them. Colorado was downright terrifying in its second game which saw Nathan Mackinnon and Gabriel Landeskog get their first points of the season. 

There is a reason this team is a favorite to win the Stanley Cup and we saw why on Friday. Calm in front of the goal, and a defense that stops attacks right at the line. The game was a complete turnaround from the first 5-0 loss, and we doubt that Colorado looks back as the team moves forward to Los Angeles. 

Los Angeles Kings 

The Kings themselves did not see any turnaround after its first game, a 4-3 loss in overtime to the Minnesota Wild. In fact, the team saw the exact same result to the exact same team. To be fair, the Kings certainly didn't look bad in either game, save for a bit lackadaisical. Both games saw the Wild come from behind to tie it late, and sink Los Angeles in overtime. 

As it stands now, the Kings are tied for last place in the Western Division, and do not have a very friendly foe coming to town tonight in Colorado. And against the Avalanche, there will be no time to drop its guard as it did against Minnesota. The last game was certainly a heartbreaking way to lose, but Los Angeles will have to put it behind. 

While the team may not be favorites to win the league, it certainly does not belong at the bottom of the division. The team by all account played better than Minnesota in the second game, getting unlucky in the final second. Against Colorado, the competition will be much tougher, but expect a more determined Kings team tonight. 

Avalanche vs. Kings Analysis 

Though it would be easy to take the Avalanche here, we need to remember that both teams are coming into this game with different motivations and confidence. Colorado will certainly be flying high after beating St. Louis 8-0 and getting some of the key players their first points. 

On the other hand, Los Angeles needs a win here, as three losses in a row to start the season may have the team questioning where it truly stands. Expect a really close game, as the Kings’ have a good defensive game and will look to harass the Avalanche front lines. 

Meanwhile, Colorado simply needs to play its game. A quick goal or two for the Avalanche could disperse any motivation the Kings have coming into this game. In the end, Colorado will likely make this its second win in a row, but the game will be closer than the sportsbooks are expecting.