Philadelphia vs. Washington: Complete Game Preview

It was expected that the format of the seed-tournament after the return of the NHL will turn into a routine formality. The top teams teams from the two conferences, both with places already secured, are using the time instead to return to previous form from before the quarantine break. 

Therefore we have the results that we have received from the previous games, with more than five goals being scored in only one of the first four games. The upcoming game between Washington and Philadelphia will prove whether waiting for an improvement in the second round was worth it. 

The game will start on August 5, 2020 at 4:00 pm EST.

The Capitals, according to sportsbooks, will be the favorites for this competition. 

Washington: Kuznetsov replaces Ovechkin

In Washington’s first game back after the quarantine, the team faced Tampa Bay. Nikita Kucherov and company took the game 3-2 in a shootout. 

The game could hardly be called electrifying, especially after the end of the second period where Evgeny Kuznetsov tied the game up at two. The teams both played a timid offensive style, did not take many risks and rather waited for mistakes.

The removal of Kucherov in OT could have proven fatal, but Washington failed to capitalize on the chance. 

Team captain Alexander Ovechkin was on the ice for 21 minutes, within which time the 34-year-old winger accumulated three shots and six checks. Not the best evening for the captain, and Washing ended up relying heavily on Kuznetsov. 

Todd Reirden, the head coach of Washington was nevertheless pleased after the game, after two goals and convincing play. After all, we expected the teams to play this way while regaining the previous form. 

Philadelphia’s Guide to Dismantle Boston

With the conclusion of the NHL regular season, Philadelphia finished unexpectedly high in the Eastern Conference standings, at fourth. The Flyers have one of the most efficient teams in the league, and it does so without any stars the level of Ovechkin or Crosby, though Claude Giroux over the years has been at least comparable. 

The Flyers took on Boston in the first round of the seeded tournament, coming in as a consensus underdog (odds for the team went as high as +220. Having endured the Bruins for the first period (12 shots), the team went on to score three goals through the efforts of the second line. The defense stayed sound all night allowing only one goal in the second period. 

Sportsbooks have lately been giving unreasonably high odds for Philadelphia’s win. We are wondering when Alain Vigneault and his Flyers will begin being taken seriously. Will it be only when the team lifts the 2020 Stanley Cup trophy over its heads. 

Washington vs. Philadelphia Game Prediction

I am throwing away the notion that the seeded tournament is of little importance, and yet that is still not entirely true. The third place team will be matched up with Carolina in the first round of the playoffs.

 We strongly believe that there is not one sane team out there who currently wants this. Therefore, in the final two rounds between Boston and Washington, there will be a game of cat and mouse deciding who will take last place in the East. 

Perhaps we would have guessed Philadelphia to win anyway, but it is all the more evident since Washington certainly does not need the win. The Capitals will be more concerned with its form for the playoffs. 

A small addition: in 2020, Washington lost all three head-to-head games with the Flyers.