Practicing Live Sports Betting During the Game

Sports betting can be done in two ways: the first is called prematch betting, or a bet is made before the start of a sporting event. The second is called live betting, which is when the bet is made during the actual sporting event. This is where the term live-stakes comes from.


Every year live sports betting becomes more and more popular, thanks to the development of technology and the spread of the Internet. Players are attracted to this option of betting for several reasons.

  1. First of all, it allows you to feel your peculiar involvement in the event.
  2. Secondly, it immediately adds an emotional aspect when watching the game.
  3. Thirdly, in live betting, the player does not have to wait long from when the bet is accepted for the result to come to fruition, it can happen in as little as seconds.
It is believed that one of the reasons for the popularity of live bets is the greater probability of a correct prediction, for you can watch the teams/athletes in real time, which allows you to more accurately analyze their current form and take this into account in the prediction.

The ability to correctly assess what is happening on the field/court during the game can give the player an additional advantage over the sportsbook, which will not be present on bets in the pre-match mode.

For example, after watching part of the game, you can make up your mind about how events are infolding, the form of each side and what the likely outcome will be. And this opinion will not always converge with the opinion drawn up before the game.  

Before the game, the prematch odds on the favorite may be too low. However after the start of the game, these can grow significantly. This is especially true as well for betting on totals after the start of a game, the live odds on totals, as a general rule, increase.

When betting before the event, the player plays along the line, which was put together by analysts and various specialized programs. When live betting the player competes directly with the specialist of the sportsbook who is adminstering the specific game and updating the live odds.

You will be able to feel the difference.

Which Bet Types are Available for Live Betting

You can bet on almost all sports disciplines that exist in the modern world, starting with the classic football and ending with eSports. The width of the line for live betting depends only on the sportsbooks. The number of betting lines the sportsbook offers in general usually translates over to live betting as well.

Just as in pre-match bets, live provides options for betting on a player or team's victory, a draw (if it is provided), the number of goals scored or points scored, as well as a host of other specific bets that are inherent in the sport that the player chooses.

One of the more exciting bet types for live betting are period or time frame wagers. These are regular betting lines like moneyline and point spread, but are made only on certain segments of the competition, such as quarters, periods or halves. 

These bets of course open up the possibility of betting on each quarter or half of a game. 

How Live Odds Work and Change

Only with live odds can the chances of a favorite winning suddenly become lower than an underdog or vice versa. This may be due not only to a goal being scored (for example, in hockey or soccer) or a touchdown being thrown, but also because of the injury, weather conditions and the general condition of the team.

Sportsbook analysts also monitor what is happening and immediately respond to any changes that may affect a particular outcome of an event. Betting enthusiasts do not always agree with the fidelity of these sportsbook estimates and in some cases that makes it possible to find more attractive live odds on the chosen outcome than there were in the pre-match line.

Example: In the German Cup match Bayern Munich vs Heidenheim. The live odds of the home side (Bayern) winning this game before the match was -1250. However, after 39 minutes, Heidenheim was winning 2-1 and Bayern had a player sent off. Bayern's odds rose to +112. In the end, Bayern pulled it out, and the game ended 5-4 in its favor, but for those who bet live, it gave them the  opportunity to bet on this victory with much higher odds.

More Live Betting Features

Modern sportsbooks are trying to attract players by creating additional opportunities. Not bypassed by innovations and live-stakes. Thus, on the websites of most legal US sportsbooks in many sporting events exists the ability to follow online what is happening on the field was added.

For some sportsbooks this meant adding live streams of the game, some where everything is displayed in infographic and others have added a match tracker. Also, additional opportunities for live bets include the presence of statistical facts on the page, the history of personal meetings, the standings, current form, etc.

US Sportsbooks with Live Streaming:

Live Sports Betting Strategies

There are plenty of real-time betting strategies that can be found that work great for live betting. Plenty of different strategies and bet types can be found in out 'Betting School' as well. Here are a few possible options that can only be used in live bets.

Note! Legalbet reminds everyone that none of the existing strategies guarantee a win: this information should be taken as some of the possible methods of play, and not as a guide to guaranteed profits.

Best Tips for Live Betting

When it comes to live betting there are plenty of both pros and cons that are involved. Live betting is by no means a guarante, and can be a dangerous form of betting, especially if you are inexperienced. Some tips and strategies will help you keep a focused mind when placing wagers during a competition. 

  • One of the worst mistakes a player can make in live sports betting is to focus only on the low odds, i.e. the temporary favorite of the game. As noted above, during the game the result can change several times in different directions.
  • Very often players like to bet on the current odds with the thought that in the remaining time left nothing drastic will change. This is a great misconception that can lead to losses. In any case, you can not go all-in, expecting that the winner is clear, and that in the remaining time nothing will happen.
  • Each sport has its own peculiarities, and these need to be understood before betting. For example, it is worth bearing in mind the number of differences between men's and women's tennis. If in men's tennis matches the scoring is more or less consistent, in women's the scoringcan be erratic. There are many such features in every sport, and they should not be overlooked.
  • There is no need to bet on obvious errors in the line of the sportsbook. Moreover, it is not necessary to put a "fork" in this situation. If such a bet is played, the sportsbook is likely to give a refund - you will not come away with any winnings, but there is of course always the risk of losing money when sports betting.

A sporting event is a dynamic phenomenon, often with an intricate plot, in which the expected outcome can change repeatedly. Sometimes such changes occur within relatively short intervals of time, and sometimes even instantly!

Making live bets, you can make huge profits (with favorable circumstances and luck), or quickly lower your entire betting account. The process of live-betting is very similar to stock trading, and therefore this type of betting is used more by experienced players, but for beginners who do not know many nuances of the game, it can lead to quick losses of funds.

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