Top Six Most Common Reasons Why a Sportsbook Blocks an Account

In this article we will explain six of the most common situations in which a sportsbook would block a user's account. We will also learn how to avoid getting an account blocked and what to do in the situation that it occurs. 

Why do sportsbook's block accounts?

Sportsbooks can block accounts for serious breaches of the company's terms and agreements. Before beggining to bet on a certain sportsbook, it is recommended that players read through these terms and conditions in full.

These can usually be found at the bottom of the page and may be listed under 'House Rules'

1) Betting on Fixed Games

Though it is impossible to know for certainty whether the game you are betting on is fixed or not, the outcome to doing so could result in the account being blocked. Though this is a rare occurance, betting on competitions where game fixing might be suspected should be avoided.

In these cases, the account funds will be frozen and getting a refund will prove to be difficult. This is something that will be detailed in the rules on most sportsbooks. 

2) Sure Bets or Forking 

The strategy of middling your bets is acheived by betting on two conflicting outcomes of a single event, wherin you will be guaranteed a profit no matter the outcome. This usually occurs through the use of multiple sports betting sites.

Sportsbooks share information between themselves and have their own systems to track players. If this strategy is used and discovered, then the result will likely end in a blocked account.

This is because these types of bets will be classified under the sportsbook as fraud. 

3) Using AI Betting or Bots

The sportsbooks may also block accounts if the use of special scripts or bots that automate the betting process is in effect. In these cases, sportsbook servers will block the IP address of the user.

Using these programs will be forbidden, so obviously avoiding them is in everyone's best interest. 

4) Re-enrollment (opening additional accounts)

This applies to those who are looking to be blocked not just once, but twice. If opening a new account is attempted by someone who has previously been blocked this will violate most sportsbooks terms and conditions.

This of course is grounds for a second blocking from the sportsbook, while cancelling all bets made from the account in the process. 

A friendly reminder against creating two accounts

5) Fraud  

If a sportsbooks suspects that a certain player has committed fraud, the account can be blocked. Depending on the severity of fraud, the gaming commission in the state where it happened can be notified.

Among the various factors that can be considered fraudulent we include the following:

  • Creating accounts using in the name of a third party
  • Use of payment owned by a third party
  • Use of a third party's documents
  • Sharing IP addresses with other accounts
  • Falsifying documents
  • Taking advantage of errors on the sportsbook's page, and many more. 

6) Too Much Winning

We cannot end the article without discussing the unfair behavior on behalf of the sportsbooks as well. Things such as betting limits and blocking can be done without any wrongdoing on the part of the player.

Faced with an increasing rise of successful sharps and tipsters, the number of winning users has also increased. 

Therefore, sportsbooks are increasingly resorting to techniques such as restricting maximum bets or even certain competitions. This does not apply to every sportsbook, as some will let players win as much as they can in a honest manner.

Others will simply limit the amount the player can bet on individual competitions. 

In the most extreme cases, sportsooks can block or close the account completely for just this reason. 

How to Avoid Having Your Account Blocked

To avoid ever having our accounts blocked by a sportsbook, we must take into account the contents of this article as well as to read through and follow the sportsbook's rules. It is also highly recommended to complete the account verification process as soon as possible.

Doing so will help players to avoid problems further down the road. 

In our sportsbooks section there is a place to leave your own feedback, experiences or complaints about a certain sportsbook. Players can also read about good and bad experiences that other users have had. 

At Legalbet, we always recommend using one of the sportsbooks that we have listed on the site. On our site, we only feature state licensed sportsbooks who have been approved to operate in the United States.

In doing so, players will be able to take their complaints to the gaming commissions if necessary, which would not be an option with an unlicensed sportsbook. 

What to do When an Account Has Been Blocked

The first thing that should be done in the case of having an account blocked is to contact the customer support staff on the sportsbook.

Each sportsbook in the USA will have at least one method of contact listed on the site or the app. 

Many sportsbooks have several methods of contact including live chats and phone numbers. If possible, the recommended option would be to send the sportsbook an email.

This way there is a written record that can be examined later if necessary. 

If for some reason the problem is still not resolved or is unclear, the next step would be to contact us at Legalbet. In our sportsbook section and ratings there are places to leave complaints about any sportsbook on our site.

This serves a great service to other users on our site who can read about problems people have had with a certain sportsbook. 

Legalbet tries to solve all complaints made by users of our site. Once we see a complaint, we will analyze the situation and if necessary move to contact the sportsbook ourselves.

Bet honestly, have fun and check out Legalbet for all things sports betting!

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