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Sports Betting Teaser Definition and How Do Teasers Work

Sports Betting Teaser Definition and How Do Teasers Work

Teaser Bet: A subset of parlay bets, where the bettor will put two or more bets together but with altered point spreads in favor of the bettor but at the expense of lower odds. 

How do Teasers work

Teaser bets, like parlays, can be made as simply or as complex as the player chooses. Two-team teasers and three-team teasers for example give the player the best chance to win, as there are less variables involved. 

The process of making a teaser bet depends mostly on which method of betting you are using: 

  • Physical Location: This may not be as popular as it used to be, but it remains a viable option. Most American online sportsbooks will have a partner casino where the physical location is located. At the brick and mortar location, you can simply tell the person writing the bet slips which games you would like to bet on including the point totals and spreads that you would like to tease. 

  • Teaser Cards (Fixed): Many casinos and sports betting locations will also have teaser cards available. You can fill these cards out with your selections and hand them to the ticket writer. There are a variety of teaser cards depending on the location you are at. Some teaser cards will come with pre-selected games like NFL reverse teaser picks or a mix of basketball and football teasers. The spreads and point totals are fixed and will not change on these cards. 

  • Teaser Cards (Open): Other teaser cards will allow the player to fill out their own spreads and totals, however these are subject to change. If casinos are using a “live line” then they may ask the bettor whether they will accept the necessary line changes or not. The choice is completely up to the player, who can decide whether to decline or accept the line changes. 

  • Online Sports Betting: As most of sports betting in general is done online, this is likely to become the most popular venue to create sports betting teasers. It also happens to be one of the easiest ways. To place a teaser bet using an online sports betting site, select the teaser button along with any number between two and eight games as well as the totals and point spreads that you would like to tease. From there, you will treat it like a normal bet by inputting your stake and submitting the bet slip.

The difference between a teaser vs a parlay is that you do not adjust the game lines in a parlay, whereas with a teaser you take the lines and adjust them in your favor. Parlays can also include all different types of markets, whereas teasers are restricted to the totals and spreads markets.  

Teasers work mainly due to the margins of victory that are apparent in every sport. There are certain point totals that teams are more likely to win by in each sport, with some being more evident than others. 

In football, the most common margins of victory are three and seven points, which are the margin of victory 25% of the time in the NFL. 

The average margin of victory in the NBA changes each season, as the teams are scoring more and more. However, the average hovers around 12 points, with most of the games being won by five or six points. 

2019-20 | The NFL and NBA teams with the highest average margins of victory:


  1. Baltimore Ravens | +13.7

  2. San Francisco | +11.3 

  3. New England Patriots | +11.1

  4. Kansas City Chiefs | +9.7 

  5. Dallas Cowboys | +7.1


  1. Milwaukee Bucks | +12.6

  2. Los Angeles Lakers | +8.6

  3. Dallas Mavericks | +7.3

  4. Los Angeles Clippers | +6.6 

  5. Boston Celtics | +6.0

Due the possibility of changing the point spreads, the player has a great opportunity to push the point spread past the average margins of victory for each game. For example, the point spreads on different bets may look like this: 

  • New England Patriots +3 @ Baltimore Ravens

  • Kansas City Chiefs +3 @ Philadelphia Eagles   

If the player selects a six-point teaser, the bet will then change to this:

  • New England Patriots +9 @ Baltimore Ravens

  • Kansas City Chiefs +9 @ Philadelphia Eagles 

Now, you have made a major difference in the chances for this teaser bet to win. For both the Patriots and Chiefs, you have covered the two most common margins of victory three and seven. 

Not to mention the other margins of victory in between, which also command a percentage of the average victory margins. 

Both the Ravens and the Eagles will now need to win by more than nine points for your bets to fail. 

This explains why the teaser bet can be so effective, as the higher the point spread given, the slimmer the chance that teams will be able to overcome this.  

The margin difference between 2.5 and 3.5 for an NFL game is vastly more important than the difference between 1.5. 

The most common margins of victory for both the NFL and the MLB (percentages include):

NFL3 (15.39%)7 (9.55%)10 (6.14%)6 (5.58%)
MLB2 (18%)3 (15%)5 (8-9%)6 (6%)

The most common margin of victory for the NHL is by far one, making up more than 20% of all final scores. 

Teaser Odds 

Though you will gain a much greater chance to win these teaser bets, you will also have to accept that with an added benefit comes an equal negative. 

The odds for the games that you tease will be lower than the regular lines, meaning that the payouts for the teaser will also be lower. 

As the odds decrease with your bets, your margin for error will also decrease. When you make bets with high odds, you can afford a lower win percentage, since you will have higher payouts. 

Win percentages needed to break even for common NFL teaser amounts:

  • Six Points | 72.3%

  • 6.5 Points | 73.8%

  • Seven Points | 75.1%

This is necessary, as even the most experienced and professional sports bettors reach heights higher than a 55%-win percentage. 

They are able to stay profitable by betting on high odds with good value. This can easily make teasers unprofitable in the long run, if the bettor is not careful with selection.

One such solution that serious bettors use are reverse teasers. These are essentially the opposite of the teaser bets we have discussed in this article. 

Instead of the spread or total being expanded to help the player, they instead move in unfavorable ways making it harder to win the teaser bet but with a higher payout.  

So if you are doing an NFL reverse teaser for better odds and the game line had the Buffalo Bills at (-12) and the Arizona Cardinals at (+12), you would now be left with the Bills at (-5) and the Cardinals at (+5). 

The average odds that are given for two team teasers, three team teasers and beyond: 

Teaser Size

6 points

6.5 points

7 points

Two-Team Teaser




Three-Team Teaser




Four-Team Teaser




Five-Team Teaser




Six-Team Teaser




Sports Betting Teaser | Teaser Bets Over/Under

Now that we have covered most of the basics of teaser bets, we need to discuss how to apply them. Teasers are most effective when placed on NBA and NFL due to the ability to pinpoint which margin of victory will happen most often. 

With the MLB, the percentages for different margins of victory is roughly the same from two until eight. Therefore, it is difficult to understand the number of spread points that will be the most valuable. 

With over/under markets (or totals), we instead need to find the average scores of games and looking a little deeper at which teams score the most and the least. You can do this at a quick glance for most teams just by looking at the style with which they play, but it is better to be sure.

For NFL teasers, teams will almost always be offensively or defensively focused; the same is mostly true for the other major leagues as well. 

Some NHL teams have better forwards, while others have solid defensive lines. You can also look at the goalies for hockey teams and their save percentages, as this will give you a good idea of how capable the other team will be scoring on them. 

Here we can see which teams in each league are the highest and lowest scorers for the 2018-19 season:


  • (NFL) Baltimore Ravens | 531 Points

  • (MLB) New York Yankees | 943 Runs

  • (NHL) Tampa Bay Lightning | 319 Goals

  • (NBA) Milwaukee Bucks | 119.4 PPG


  • (NFL) Washington Redskins | 266 points

  • (MLB) Detroit Tigers | 582 Runs

  • (NHL) Anaheim Ducks | 199 Goals

  • (NBA) Charlotte Hornets | 103.3 PPG

NFL and NBA scoring has been on the rise for the past few seasons, with both hitting records in the previous season. The average points scored in a game for the NFL in 2019-20 was 48.4, while for the NBA in the same season the average points per game was at 112.4. 

Teaser Bet Calculator 

In order to keep on track of your betting finances, you need to strategize your bets ahead of time in order to know what will be profitable over the long run. Or if the bet is even worth taking.

There are many different calculators for teaser bets available online as well as calculators for all types including parlay bets, round robin bets and more.

The player simply needs to go to the website and fill in the information pertinent to their bet. Then you can see the stake and payout correlation as you look for the best bet to put together. 

This can greatly help you to plan out different scenarios and different markets for your teaser bets.