Double Chance 12: A Sports Betting Strategy

No matter how good the player’s intuition is, sports betting strategies are needed for a more profitable long-term game. Without it, it is hardly necessary to count on the predominance of high odds, because the strategy is a specific algorithm of the game, including a certain system or choice of events to conclude a bet.

One of these strategies is the "12" betting strategy or, what it really is in simpler terms, a strategy betting against a draw between two teams.


What Does the Betting Market 12 Mean?

Beting on the 12 (one-two) is one of the double-outcome bets. In this bet, the player will win their wager if the match ends with either team winning the game: either Team 1 or Team 2 (i.e., there will be no tie). At the same time, it does not matter who wins or loses or the final score- the main thing is that the game does not end up a tie.

The drawback of such bets are the low sportsbook odds. As a rule, for bets on soccer or hockey to stake money on the outcome of 12 can be accompanied by odds in the range of -500 up to -250.

The Double Chance 12 Strategy in Soccer

Betting on the most popular sport means employing various "methods of dealing with the sportsbook or oddsmakers." One of them is the "Double Chance" strategy in soccer.

  • Before the kick-off whistle or during the meeting, but before the opening of the score, the player bets on the outcome of 12.
  • After waiting for the draw market to increase (the line is marked as X), the player bets on this market.

In any case, the better will be in the plus, because it is a bookmaker's fork. However, it is necessary to correctly calculate the amount of bets for each outcome.

To understand how things work, let's look at a specific example:

The first half of the game in the Vietnamese second division between the teams "Nam Dinh II" and "Fihshan Khanhoa" ended with a score of 0-0. At the same time, the odds on either one of those teams winning was -294. After the visiting team scored a goal, the odds for the draw match rose to +460.

Once again: when playing betting forks it is important to correctly calculate the size of profits on opposite bets. Suppose, in this case, the size of our stake on both bets is $20. It will turn out that at the end of 12 with a factor of -294 we have to put $16, and on a draw (X) in live betting four dollars with a factor of +460.

When placing such bets, the net profit of the player (subtracted the set $20 from each possible win) will be:

  • $16 on odds of -294: Payout - $21.44     
  • $4 on odds of +460: Payout - $22.40 

Professional bettors also prefer to place bets on the exact score of 0:0. This will help minimize losses or slightly increase the bankroll if the account is not opened.

Which Games Qualify?

To even flirt with the strategy of 'double chance' in soccer players should choose the markets where the following conditions are met.

  • The sportsbook put pre-match odds of a draw of +320 or lower.
  • A victory for the favored team is estimated by the odds of +100 or less.
  • The game is assumed to have two or more goals scored.

Do not bet on all the games that are suitable for the above criteria: it is a direct way to draindown your entire bankroll. 

What to Look for When Employing the Double Chance Strategy

In addition to betting lines, it is necessary to take into account other factors that can affect the outcome of the bet.

  • The game is a favorite away. Not always strong teams manage to win the coveted three points in an away game with a weaker opponent, who knows how to defend. The score is 0-0 or 1:1 often found in such matches.
  • Motivation. The unreaperious desire to break into European competitions, games between principled rivals or generous bonuses are just a few reasons for the victory of one of the teams in the upcoming game.
  • Championship stage. In the first games of the championship it is quite difficult to predict the victory of one of the teams, especially if the forces are equal. Despite the pre-season training camp, not all players approach the first rounds in optimal physical form, there is still no full understanding of the team and the new coaching staff. Also, towards the end of the season you have to hold high positions in the standings and not let close pursuers or "gnaw" the necessary points to keep the registration in the Higher Division.

Without understanding these basic things it is better not to bet at all.

Using the Strategy 12 in Hockey

Typically, bets on double chance in hockey are made to insure a bet on the favorite team to win, in main time. At the same time, there is an algorithm that many “statisticians” are in favor of which is based on the statistically unlikely outcome of a draw. 

The “double chance” strategy can also be applied in live betting. The play style here is the same as in the ‘strategy of the dog’.

  • The bettor puts money against a draw for the first period of the game. Once the bet has been accepted, the player will then choose another game. If the first period does end in a draw, the player uses the market 12 for another bet in the second period and increases the bet amount. 
  • The size of this bet should be an amount that when it is won the player can erase the loss taken from the first period. If the second period also ends in a draw, then the player will again increase the bet for the next period.

With the right approach, the 'double chance 12' strategy for hockey will allow the player to beat the sportsbook. However, we are not forgetting to emphasise that the catch-up game is not an ideal way for players to bet. The inability for continued use of the bankroll or the misunderstanding of basic mathematical betting fundamentals, in particular, variance, will cause a loss.

Pros and Cons of Strategy Against the Draw

Betting on the double outcome like any other strategy has its pros and cons. Here are a few of the benefits to using this strategy to beat the sportsbook.

  • It is very simple and easy to understand. A newcomer will not have to spend countless hours betting to understand it. There is also a wide availability in the lines for this strategy. Markets for win, loss and draw are in every sportsbook. 
  • A higher probability of winning when compared to a basic bet on the win. To win a bet, we have two outcomes instead of just one (out of win, loss, draw).
  • There is also the possibility of insurance. Most betters prefer to insure the rate and minimize the financial losses in the case of failure.

When it comes to the downsides of this strategy, there are low odds for the original 12 bets. Events with the quotes -500 up to -250 seem preferable to beginners because of the high probability of winning, but it is worth it if the player can string together five or six wins for each loss. 

In conclusion, there are no win-win strategies, and each algorithm of the game has its own degree of risk. However the double chance strategy will give you a higher chance to win and stay profitable over a long-term period. 

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