The "Corridors" Strategy: Examples, Advice, Betting Guide

With the «Corridors» strategy, players are attracted to the possibility of winning double the amount from bets placed on different outcomes. Let's take a look at this strategy in detailed examples, talk about its uses, as well as its pros and cons.


In the beginning the strategy "Corridors" was only used in bets on basketball, but now it is being used in bets on football, hockey, volleyball, tennis or any other sport where you can make bets with a handicap. The main advantage of the strategy is that you do not need a large start-up bankroll andhow easy it is to apply.

The basic principle of this strategy, as you can tell just from the name, is a search for so-called "corridors" in the sportsbook’s odds. Many sportsbooks now put wide lines with lots of markets, and odds in different periods of time are very different from each other.

The player’s main task in this strategy is to find an event with a similar "corridors" and choose the right "corridors" by analysing the event. To do this, you need to have accounts in different bookmakers: a bet on one outcome is made in one office, and a bet on another "corridors" outcome - in another.

The strategy involves betting on the odds and on the totals, and to make it easier to understand, the easiest way to consider this strategy is by example.

"Corridors" on Over|Under Bets

For example, using this strategy on totals is the best way to be able to compare online odds of different sportsbooks. For example, in a basketball game between the New York Knicks and the Boston Celtics after the first half the score is 50-42.

  • Sportsbook 1: TO/TU 180
  • Sportsbook 2: To/TU 188

The odds will be about the same and we have found a corridor. Thus, after having made two different bets (one sportsbook betting "total more than 180" and the other betting "total less than 188"), the player has a chance that the final total of the game will fall into the "corridor" between 180 and 188 points, which means that both bets will be successful.

If one of the bets does win, the second will be able to return most of the pot, and the loss will not be so drastic. It is possible that a "corridor" can be found in the same sportsbook, just by tracking the odds online.

"Corridors" on Handicap Bets

Many sportsbooks will allow you to buy points on the head of a particular team, which also expands the ability for players to find successful "corridors".

As an example, we will again use a basketball game between the New York Knicks and the Boston Celtics. For this game we are given different odds for both sides of the handicap. 

  • New York Knicks (-1.5): -143
  • Boston Celtics (+5.5): -141

Thus, the "corridor" is only four points, which is very small for basketball, but the probability of a successful outcome is still quite high.

Especially if the sportsbook offers the option to buy points to tease the handicap, then for the odds of -200 you can get a "corridor" size of eight points, and the net win in case of success will be 50% of the bet.

Corridors Betting in Soccer

This strategy, as it was said in the beginning, can be used for football. For example, let's take the teams Chelsea and Liverpool consider the standings situation in the table.

Liverpool is the favorite, and the odds for winning in different offices range from -250 to -200. Chelsea, in turn, is a strong middle man, who plays fairly stable on the road, but the favorites still concede. The odds of a handicap of +2 for Chelsea will vary in the region of -166 to -143.

Thus, we get a "corridor" the size of a single goal: in the situation that there is a minimal victory of the favored team, we will get a profit from each bet, and in the case of any other outcome, these two bets insure each other, and the whole wager will not be lost.

Pros and Cons of Corridors Strategy

The main advantage of this strategy is the relatively small risk of losing the entire bank. Since one of the bets will be successful no matter what happens, we can exclude the possibility of losing the entire bank at a bad rate: the insurance in any case will return us 40 to 60% of the bank.

In addition, the advantages of this strategy can be attributed to the absence of the need for a large initial bank - you can implement the "Corridors" strategy with a small amount.

The disadvantages of the strategy should be attributed to a relatively small profit from each bet- you will never be able to increase your bankroll by a large amount in a short time, because the strategy offers you the game at relatively small odds.

In addition, to play with this strategy you need to track the lines of different bookmakers in different time segments to find the best "corridors" - it requires both time and effort, and therefore, can also be considered a disadvantage.

To clearly understand the size of the "corridors" that will most likely appear, it is important to carefully monitor the selected events. However, to analyze events carefully should barely be considered a detriment of the strategy. 


The "corridors" strategy is suitable for beginners who do not have a large sum of money to bet with, but want to learn how to analyze upcoming games and consistently make a profit (albeit small) for a long time. Experienced players can try to reduce the size of the "corridors" by catching higher odds and in turn increasing their winnings. 

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