The Dallas Betting Strategy: What is it and How it Works

It’s probably safe to assume that many Americans looking for effective sports betting strategies will not have heard of the Dallas betting strategy. The system is based on the live betting practices of handicapper Ayrat Dallas. 

The system has become popular overseas, and we believe there is no better time than now to introduce it in America. In this article, we will discuss the main features of the Dallas Strategy when applied to soccer, basketball and tennis competitions. 

Using the Dallas Betting Strategy on Soccer Games

The most popular sport to employ the Dallas Betting Strategy is by far on soccer. The formula allows you to successfully oppose the sportsbook. The essence of the soccer strategy is as follows. 

Bets are made in-game (live bets) on one of two outcomes: “this team will not score” or on the individual total of the underdog being less than one (TU 1). In order to find suitable competitions, games must have a clear favorite and a clear underdog. The favored team should not have odds higher than 1.6 (-167).

Starting from the 15-20th minute of the game, the player needs to keep track of the game’s events. The use of a sportsbook’s match trackers, live scoreboards or live streams will come in handy here.

Live scoreboards are available on most USA sportsbooks like BetMGM

Here we will assess two different scenarios: If the favored team is beating the underdog in all respects and looks completely in control, then we will look into the “this team will not score” betting market. If the underdog is noticeably unmatched but occasionally displays competent counterattacks, then it is more logical to bet on the underdog’s total being under one. 

As a rule for using this strategy, the sportsbook’s odds for these outcomes will usually be in the range of -333 to +100. However, the odds will also depend on the exact time in which the bet was placed. 

An example we can look at is a game in the English Premier League, in which in the 22nd minute of the game the odds on the underdog’s total number of goals being under one was -270. The outcome for the team to not score at all was +108. In the situation where each of the two bets are made, both will be winners if the underdog does not score at all. 

In order for the Dallas soccer strategy to be successful, bettors need to learn how to “read” the game. This involves understanding how each team is playing, where the motivation and confidence lies and so on. In particular, these are some things to look for in a soccer game. 

  • The favored team maintains control and a majority percentage of ball possession
  • There should be no more than 5-6 dangerous attacks before the 30th minute of the game
  • The underdog does not display any real chances of scoring. Maximum of two shots on target and no more than five shots towards goal by the 30th minute.
  • The number of corners taken by the underdog is zero or minimal

Many experienced bettors will pay special attention to games in the professional soccer leagues in the following countries:

  • Italy (Serie B)
  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Egypt
  • Israel
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Spain (Segunda)
  • Morocco
  • England (Second Division and Reserve Leagues)

Like any other betting strategy, the possibility of a loss cannot be ruled out. Losses with this strategy usually come from a couple of specific situations. 

For example, this strategy can be unsuccessful when there is a very significant difference in the abilities of the two teams. If the favored team is leading by a wide margin by the 30th minute then the team can afford to relax and the underdog may be able to squeeze in a goal or two. Despite this, the betting strategy is constantly being improved in order to minimize the risks. 

Using the Dallas Betting Strategy on Tennis Matches

In the same fashion that we used the Dallas betting strategy on soccer, we will also make live bets on tennis in order to beat the sportsbook. Here, bets will be placed either on the TU 10.5 or TU 12.5 (if the players are serving the ball well) of the third set. The betting strategy will be successful in theory if the following conditions are met.

  • There is a clear favorite in the match, on whom the odds to win before the beginning of the match were no higher than -167. 
  • Previous sets were played to a double tie break (7:6, 6:7) or if the total of the first two sets was at least 24,. For example 7:6, 5:7.
  • The third set is expected to be played evenly, and the first game begins with a score of 1:1 or 2:2. 

It is also recommended that this strategy be used only on men’s and women’s competitions, while ignoring tournaments like the Grand Slam. 

A perfect example of this working would be between Czech tennis player Jana Čepelová and the Polish player Katarzyna Kawa. The sportsbooks considered Čepelová to be the favorite, however the match did not play out this way. Kawa lost the first set, won the second and finished the opponent off in the third set, with the total number of games of the last set being eight.

Therefore, in this example, the TU 10.5 bet would have been successful.

Of course, this bet should not be made without assessing the current form, tournament motivation, type of surface and other factors. In other words, consistent success requires solid knowledge and specific skills. A strategy, no matter how effective, can only help to increase the number of winning bets made. 

Using the Dallas Betting Strategy on Basketball Games

The Dallas betting strategy for basketball games is sure to be one of the most popular for bettors here in the US. Bets here are again made during the game, however, in this sport bets will only be made on the total number of points.

To effectively employ this strategy, it is recommended that you select basketball games with the following criteria in place:

  • There must be a favored team, for which the odds of them winning must not be higher than -182 before the starting whistle 
  • If, 35-36 minutes into the game (5-6th minute of the 4th quarter), the favored team is losing by six to ten points but is looking for a comeback. 
  • There are a lot of fouls in the game. The ‘bonus’ must be in effect. That is, the fifth and all subsequent fouls. According to the rules, each foul after the fifth warrants free throws. 
  • The total points market is ten or more points less than the total before the start of the game. 

Making sure that the above conditions are in place will increase the probability of hitting the totals and reduces the player’s overall chances of winning. 

Last Words to Note

The reviews and feedback from bettors who have employed this strategy varies. Some players were easily able to increase the bankroll several times, some stayed flat and others actually went into the negatives. 

There is of course a high probability that this is due to the inability of bettors to select suitable events and analyze possible outcomes for themselves. To improve and practice with this strategy it is encouraged that players use bonus funds or make the bets on paper at first. 

Do not forget that no matter how good or popular the strategy is, none of them guarantees a permanent win. If used correctly, the strategy can help, but without a full analysis and consideration of all risks by the player, it will not work.

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