Beach volleyball bets: the rules, features and offers of bookmakers

Beach volleyball is almost like the little brother of regular volleyball. However, during its existence as a separate sport, it has managed to earn a huge army of fans from around the world. It attracts fans with its excitement, unpredictability and the tanned bodies of athletes. Beach volleyball bets are not widely distributed among bookmakers' customers, which means that bookmakers do not have a big advantage over players when putting up lines.


The traditional (competitive) version of beach volleyball is a two-on-two game on sandy surfaces. The area is open, which creates additional problems for athletes. This should be understood when conducting a preliminary analysis of the match. Recognized world leaders in this exotic sport are the national teams of the United States and Brazil. This is not surprising: beach volleyball was born in the United States, and the beaches that go on for miles in Brazil appear to be created for this game.

Beach volleyball stakes 

The final score in beach volleyball, as in regular volleyball, is determined by games won. To defeat your opponent, you need to win two games out of three.

Betting on the outcome. The simplest view is betting on the outcome. In beach volleyball there are no draws, so there are only two options: the victory of the first (P1) or the second team (P2).

Betting on difference on sets. The maximum difference in the score between the teams in beach volleyball is 2-0. Accordingly, there are only two types of odds: F1 (-1.5 / 1,5) or F2 (-1.5 / 1,5).

Betting on a head start on points scored. Since the maximum difference in sets can only be 2-0, the odds offered on points scored can vary greatly. Experienced players prefer bets on a head start on points.

Betting on winning each set. To win the whole match, the team needs to win in two of the sets. In the betting lines for this sport, you can choose the option of which team will win each specific set.

Betting on totals. Beach volleyball has its own system of determining the winner: the first two sets are played up to 21 points, the last set (decisive) is played up to 15 points. At the same time, to win in each set the difference in the score must be at least two points. That is, at the score of 21:21 the game will continue until one of the teams will lead by two points. This system is reflected in the bets on totals. In the lines you can find totals at the level of 80 or 100 points.

Betting on the exact score. In beach volleyball there are only four possible accurate scores when the competition is over: 2:0, 2:1, 0:2, 1:2. Therefore, betting on an accurate score in this sport is quite popular among players.

How to bet on beach volleyball

To begin, the player needs to firmly understand one fact: bets on regular and beach volleyball have nothing in common. You can perfectly understand the classic version of this sport but be completely ignorant in beach volleyball. Therefore, the strategy of betting on regular and beach volleyball will be significantly different.

There are some important details of beach volleyball that form the rules of betting on this sport. Let's talk about them.

Beach volleyball, although a team game, still takes place in a two-on-two format. If there is weak player in the pair, then that team is unlikely to win.

The factor of injuries and various illnesses is of increased relevance. The sport is very traumatic, despite the sand under the feet of athletes. Watching how athletes stretch and prepare for a game can lend knowledge to your betting game. 

"The quality of the sand, the climatic conditions. The various factors involved in this analysis point make studying the match venue in beach volleyball different than other sports. The actions of athletes are affected by weather conditions (too hot, rain, windy, etc.), sand density, uncomfortable conditions before games”.

Beach volleyball tournaments are fleeting. Sometimes teams play several matches a day. Due to the fact that this sport is very energy-intensive, it is always worth paying attention to how many games the team played before the analyzed match.

The team tactics. The longer a pair of beach volleyball players have played together, the better their understanding, their teamwork. Always pay attention to how long and how often the pair play together.

Troublesome opponents exist for every team. In every sport, every team has its own uncomfortable rivals. The teams that you should beat but just cannot ever seem to pull away. Beach volleyball is no exception. Even the strongest pair of "beachmen" can have an opponent with whom they find the hardest to play.

Many of the above tips can help you with making beach volleyball bets. It is important to understand that the main focus of the choice of bets is, of course, on the study of players. Only 4 volleyball players participate in a separate game, only a few top teams are usually present at the tournament. It is quite possible to study information about each athlete. This will be the basis of betting on beach volleyball.

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