Formula 1 Betting, Racing Features and Advice

Formula 1 is the world's premier racing series. In a Formula 1 race, the best drivers on the planet compete, and this is where a huge share of all auto racing money revolves. Naturally, there are a lot of bets on this sport, and it is very difficult to find a sportsbook who does not take bets on a series of "Grand Prixs".

In this article, we'll look at the main things you should know about this type of racing. Including a little background about the races, how Formula 1 betting works and which types of bets are available. 


What is Formula 1 Racing? Features and Background of the Races. 

The Formula 1 schedule runs from March to November and includes about 20 formula 1 races. However, the composition and number of Formula 1 races vary literally every year.

New racing tracks appear, old ones are added to the Formula 1 calendar, but there are a number of Grand Prix races which are untouchable and will not change.

Winning a race in Monaco, Belgium or Italy is very prestigious, and that's why races here are always extraordinary. However, there are races all over the world like Formula 1 Japan for example. 

Each Formula 1 race is called a Grand Prix. For each Grand Prix, there is a consistent Formula 1 schedule consisting of three different stages:

  1. First, we have three sessions of trial races, during which the drivers get used to the track.
  2. Next comes Saturday qualifying, which distributes places on the starting line.
  3. Finally, we have Sunday's race. At the end of the race, the top ten drivers receive points.

The number of teams in Formula 1 racing is also unstable. At the moment there are ten, each with two cars, a total of 20 riders. Each team has its own chassis, which means that all cars are controlled differently.

However, there are only four engine suppliers.

Three teams race under Ferrari, Renault and Mercedes, while the final team races under Honda.

Historically, the most powerful and reliable engine is Mercedes, with Ferrari being a close second. The relatively young Honda - on the contrary, the most unstable and short-lived.

French motorists Renault try every year to close in on the leaders, but so far have done so in vain.

How Formula 1 Standings and Qualifying Works

In order for us to know who the current leaders are in the world's premier racing sport, we need to look at the Formula 1 standings. These will show us the current position each driver is in, as well as give usadditional insights to their racing. 

Drivers in Formula 1 will be ranked based on the total accumulation of points from all races in the Formula 1 schedule. Therefore, if a driver is at the top of the Formula 1 standings, then they also have the highest number of points. 

Points are awarded in a Formula 1 race based on the following finishing positions:

Finishing PositionPoints Awarded
Grand Prix Winner25
2nd Place18
3rd Place15
4th Place12
5th Place10
6th Place8
7th Place6
8th Place4
9th Place2
10th Place1

In addition, a single point is awarded to the driver or team that has the fastest lap in the race if they finish in the top ten. For ties in a race, all of the points are added together and divided equally among the drivers who tied. 

The points from all of the Grand Prixs throughout the Formula 1 calendar will be added together giving each driver his total. At the end of the race schedule, the total number of points won by each driver will decide their finishing position in the Formula 1 standings. 

Anyone can check the Formula 1 standings throughout the season however, to see how their drivers are performing. The best and most in-depth racing websites will feature Formula 1 standings that include each driver's points won from each Formula 1 race of the season. 

Formula 1 drivers are able to qualify by eliminating the slowest drivers after repeated laps. The field of drivers is finally lowered to 15. This process also opens up betting lines. 

Types of Formula 1 Racing Tracks

All of the Formula 1 racing tracks are divided into three types:

  • Slow -speed (e.g. Singapore and Monaco)
  • Medium-speed (France and Great Britain)
  • High-speed (Italy and Mexico)

Naturally, the higher the average speed on a Formula 1 racing track, the greater the role is played by the engine power. Which means that it is worth paying special attention to cars with a Mercedes engine.

On the slow circuits the importance of the chassis comes to the fore and here you can focus on the teams like Renault and Honda. On medium-speed tracks it is important to combine the engine and aerodynamics of the car.

Formula 1Betting Features and Types of Bets

Formula 1 is a very difficult sport for betting. The result of the race is influenced by a huge number of factors. These factors can change with each new race on the Formula 1 schedule, so they are not the only things you need to keep track of.

However there are a few constants to continue to look out for:

  • Weather
  • Physical and current form of the drivers
  • The condition of the automobiles
  • Racing track and driver's tactics

The fate of the race can sometimes be decided by a fraction of a second, and they can be influenced by anything. That is why it is considered unprofitable to bet on small odds in F1 racing.

In general, odds need to be at least about +100, to start being profitable.

Beginners are not recommended to immediately start betting money on these races, it is better to first train on a virtual account.

There are two strategies for betting on the race.

  1. You can bet before the Formula 1 qualifying, not knowing how the drivers will be positioned on the starting line.
  2. You can bet after the Formula 1 qualifying has commenced.

The first option is suitable for fans of predictions on total finish drivers and other general bets, which do not directly affect the order of riders in the final Formula 1 standings.

The second option is a great chance to bet on a strong driver who failed to qualify in a high position, or he was fined for losing seats on the starting line.

The odds will be higher, and the chances of success are not much lower.

Types of Bets on Formula 1

Formula 1 betting can be divided into three big groups: season bets, Formula 1 qualifying bets and race bets. With the first everything is clear: these are predictions for the winner of the championship and the winner of the Constructors' Cup (team standings).

The other two types need to be discussed in more detail.

Betting on Formula 1 Qualifying

On Formula 1 qualifying, sportsbooks, as a rule, are limited to comparing drivers and the winner of qualifications. For the most part it is a comparison of two representatives of the same team, and the odds on one of the riders is usually noticeably higher than those on his partner.

This is due to the fact that with identical techniques in qualifying, everything is decided by the skill of the driver, and to predict who will end up qualifying is quite simple.

Betting on the Formula 1 Race

The same line is offered for the race but much wider. You can also compare two different drivers. This is one of the easiest options. The winner is the driver who is higher in the final standings, and only if they both leave the race after a collision with each other, then the bet is calculated as a return.

You can bet on what place a particular driver will take in the final Formula 1 standings. For example, here are some of the common and popular options for these kinds of bets:

  • The winner of the race
  • Finishing from 1st to 3rd
  • Finishing from 1st to 6th
  • Finishing in a place from 1st to 10th

Betting on placing is also extremely popular. To be more precise, it is a bet on whether a particular driver will finish in one of the first ten spots in the race standings.

Important: if the driver has completed 90% of the distance, but never got to the finish line, he still gets into the classification and is not considered to have withdrawn.

You can bet not only on individuals, but also just on the total number of finishing drivers.

There are also accepted and very common bets on whether the safety car will enter the track. The important thing to note here is that after the introduction of the virtual safety car (VSC) it began to appear much less often.

This is especially true for non-urban racetracks with wide safety zones. However, on the narrow same routes, the use of a real safety car is almost guaranteed.

Formula 1 Betting Picks

Once you understand the way races are conducted and which types of bets are available, a notable step may be to look at Formula 1 picks. These can be examined online before any of the major races in the Formula 1 calendar. 

Like any other major sport of competition, Formula 1 betting picks are put forward by experts after their analyses of upcoming races. Betting picks will give players options for each race, based on what the expert believes will happen.

These picks are not a guarantee of who will win the race and the opinions between experts can differ. These can be great as a secondary source for your Formula 1 bets, but each user's own research should be done beforehand. 

Some things that should be examined before each race includes the current position in the standings of each driver, along with some of the more recent results (past three). Also be aware the type of race that you are betting on (fastest lap, pole position, etc.) and examine how a particular driver has performed in that specific type of race. 

Formula 1 Fantasy- A Great Place to Play the Game

Since the popularity of Formula 1 racing may be overshadowed in the United States due to the phenomenon of NASCAR racing, it can be difficult to find reliable and relevant Formula 1 fantasy leagues. 

Enter the popular and official fantasy site for Formula 1, where users can start pages for just about anything.

On Formula 1 Fantasy, there is a way to participate even further by choosing drivers and competing against other users. The community is large and works like other fantasy sports. Players have the option to either join or create a league and begin competing. 

If you are interested in following this style of racing and getting more involved, then heading over to Formula 1 fantasy is a great additional method of doing so. 

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