FIFA Betting: Popular Ways to Bet on the Video Game

The sports video game FIFA was created in the beginning of the 1990s and today is one of the most popular games in the world. Last year, the number of major leagues and tournaments was increased, with the most prestigious wielding huge prizes for the participants. 

What do you need to know about the video game series FIFA? We will talk about the most important things.

What is the FIFA Video Game?

The FIFA series was developed by the Canadian studio EA Canada, a division of the Electric Arts corporation. The first game came out in 1993, and until 2000 had no real competitors in the soccer video game market.

However, with the introduction of Pro Evolution Soccer (PES), fans of soccer games were divided into two separate camps. Each game has its own pros and cons but judging by the number of ongoing online and LAN tournaments, FIFA is undoubtedly ahead of the competitors.

One of the milestones in a game’s development as an esports discipline was its appearance at WCG, ESWC and other prestigious tournaments.

The series is rapidly developing, the scale and number of tournaments is growing, as well as the number of professional and amateur players and the number of prizes available. Betting on these competitions has also increased.

How Can I Bet on in FIFA?

Bets on FIFA are similar to bets on real soccer games. The main types of bets are bets on the outcome, handicap and the total. In addition to the standard bets we have bets on the exact score, number of goals, whether or not both teams will score and more.

Betting on the outcome: This bet is made on the results of the game’s regular time. You can bet on either one of the teams to win or a draw. The highest number of bets are made on the game’s outcome. You can also bet against the possibility of a draw, wagering that either one of the teams will win.

Handicap is an advantage of goals or a predetermined gap between teams or opponents. For example, the teams can be given a positive handicap like +1.5 or a negative handicap like -1.5.

In the former, for this team to win they simply cannot lose by more than one goal. For the team with a negative handicap, they must win by two or more goals.

Totals, or over/under bets are most often made on the total number of goals to be scored in the game. For example, on a total less than 2.5 bet, the player needs the combined number of goals from both teams to be two or less.

Other Offers. Depending on the sportsbook, the player may have the option to bet on the exact score, the total for individual halves, whether only one team will score in the match or if both will score among others.

Live Betting. If we are talking about live betting on FIFA esports competitions, then it is worth noting that artificial intelligence is not very tuned to unexpected turns, so epic comebacks here are quite rare.

Therefore, if one of the teams actively started the game and is leading by two goals or more, it's very easy to predict the game’s outcome.

Betting Features of FIFA

There are two types of FIFA competitions – an esports matchup (between real players) and a computer simulation game (cyber soccer). Note that betting strategies will vary significantly depending on the chosen discipline.

When betting on an esports game, you should remember that the teams or players chosen are not the determining factor for victory, rather it is the skill of the gamers.

To successfully bet on this discipline, you need to follow the esports players, watch recordings of matches and streams, understand the subtleties of competition regulations and know the mechanics of the game itself.

For example, one of the bugs in FIFA 18 was the so-called kick-off glitch. This glitch consisted of the fact that after a goal was scored by one of the competitors, the second player had the best chance to score a return ball when the ball was drawn from the center of the field.

This script was used by many players on bets, but by FIFA 20, the developers had fixed the error.

In a computer simulation of the game, the strength of the teams involved matters the most. The result of the match is quite difficult to predict, because everything is simulated by the computer and happens randomly.

The advantages of betting on virtual soccer games can be attributed to high odds.

The main point of strategies is to search for patterns based on recent results or statistics. For example, if a team plays five games in a row without a draw, the probability of a draw in the sixth game becomes quite high.

In this case, it makes sense to bet on a draw. This betting strategy works better for a computer simulation game than in an esports match.

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