Betting on Floorball: How and Where to Make Bets

Floorball is one of the variations of hockey, and most often floorball is thought of as just hockey with the ball. In this article, let's consider the main features of betting on this sport, as well as to talk about which American sportsbooks, despite its unpopularity, are ready to take bets on floorball.


Describing Floorball: Scandinavians Love and Hegemony

This dynamic sport was mostly developed in the Scandinavian countries, although the first information about floorball came from here in the United States in 1958. Cosom released sticks similar to what is now seen in modern floorball, and what was called cosom hockey become popular among children and teenagers.

The new kind of hockey did not require ice, and the equipment was greatly simplified, so the discipline attracted attention at the amateur level. In the 70s Cosom clubs were brought to Sweden, and the inhabitants of this country, passionately fond of both ice hockey and active rest, launched the development of floorball on all fronts.

From a children's exercise floorball gradually grew into a real sport and in 1986 Finland, Switzerland and Sweden organized the International Floorball Federation. It now has 55 members, and more than 4,000 clubs and 280,000 registered floorball players play around the world.

Floorball in the game format is similar to hockey with the puck: games consist of three periods of 20 minutes each, the court has a similar size, and on the court each team consists of five players and one goalie.

Clubs in floorball, as in hockey with a puck, have a rounded hook. The ball in the floorball is round and holey, with 26 holes, it is very light, and sometimes its speed in the game exceeds 124 miles per hour.

The strongest floorball tournaments are the Swedish and Finnish championships, as well as the European Cup and the World Cup. Despite the qualitative development of ice hockey in recent years, Scandinavians still have an overwhelming advantage in floorball.

At the World Championships, held every two years, Swedes and Finns often compete with semi-amateur teams, and the probability of a final between the northerners each time is extremely high.

Types of Floorball Bets

  • Betting on the outcome. A line found in games of all different sports. As for ice hockey, in floorball, sportsbooks usually take bets on the outcome of the game without overtime.  There are three options: one of the teams either winning or losing, or a draw. In national championships, a draw is more common than in world competitions.
  • Double chance. Here you can give yourself a little insurance by making a prediction that one of the teams at least will not lose. If you bet on a team with double chance, they either have to win or draw for you to not lose your bet. 
  • Betting with a handicap. Sometimes the team approaches a certain match in good shape, but still not good enough to secure the victory. Thus, with the help of a handicap (or spread) of 1.5 or 2.5, there is an fair opportunity to predict that the lesser team is worthy of betting on. Underdogs in floorball often press the favorites.
  • Over/under Bets. Betting on the number of goals in the main time is usually either over or under a set standard. For example, in the Swedish men's championship they score an average of 11 goals per game, and the most common totals among sportsbooks are 10.5 and 11.5.
  • Period Betting. All of the above bets can usually be made not only for the entire game, but also for the results of individual periods. Some teams roll into the game quickly finding good results, while others play more cautiously, so the line for periods may be of interest.
  • Floorball Futures Bets. It is not as easy to determine the winner of the tournament in more popular sports in advance, but in Floorball, if we are talking about the world championship, the situation is different. The whole analysis here is basically reduced to comparing the line-ups, preparation and current form of the two teams (Finland and Sweden), and for the final championship of the Swedes the odds are usually set below -110.

How to Bet on Floorball: Attention to Detail

For successful floorball bets, you will have to study all the latest information and statistics, which is available mainly on sites in Swedish or Finnish. In case there is an absence of knowledge of these languages, arm yourself with an online translator and pay attention to the following factors.

Starting Lineups. In floorball, as in other game types, there are star players. Therefore, in the case of an injury or illness of a good floorball player, you should be the first to know about it in order to properly assess the line for the game.

In the off-season of the Swedish and Finnish championships there are transfers, which also need to be watched: an weaker team can be strengthened with good signings can suddenly turn into a contender for the championship.

Particular attention should be paid to the goalkeeper's form. In floorball, the goalkeeper experiences a triple load and is an important part of the team. The best goalkeepers of clubs do not often have a comparable replacement, so an unexpected injury of the goalkeeper can seriously affect the chances of one of the sides.

Current Form. The fatigue factor is not that important in floorball, as the break between games, as a rule, is a whole week. But some teams may be in a dark psychological hole and consecutively perform below their level, which can be caused by problems with the coach, management and other unknown factors.

It is worth noting that women's floorball is more prone to such positive and negative series, while in the men's championships the teams perform more evenly.

Playstyle. This is a statistic that is easiest to find on the Internet, and it will help you in betting on total.

Some teams try to create more and stun opponents with fast combinations, while others rely more on goalkeeper swagger and massive defense. Most teams play better in the third period, but there are rare exceptions.

Suspensions Statistics. In floorball, too, there are suspensions, as some teams and players tend to play rougher and regularly earn fines.

Often it is a strategic choice, as numerical superiority in floorball does not give you that big of an advantage, as it does hockey. But this factor still has a price when assessing odds and totals.

Tournament Stage. First of all, you need to understand the difference between male and female floorball. Women break the rules much less often, and in their games the performance is not as high as that of men.

Also important is the stage of the tournament - group stage, regular championship or playoffs. Teams have different motivations at different stages of the season and tournaments. For example, in the group stages of tournaments for national teams the totals are much higher due to the relaxed and open game of favorites against deep underdogs.

In the national championships at the end of the "regular season", a struggling team is likely to have won for a long stretch of games to make it to the final. In the playoffs, the matches are mostly more tactical, and the likelihood of a loud sensation is noticeably reduced. 

Which American Sportsbooks Take Bets on Floorball?

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