Wrestling Betting Online: Main Features and Characteristics

Many types of wrestling are popular worldwide and are included in the list of Olympic disciplines. Accordingly, sportsbooks react to this by offering their betting lines on this sport. We talk about the most important things about betting on wrestling and what you need to know when choosing a bet.


Types of Wrestling: The Most Popular Wrestling Rules

Modern wrestling is divided into categories depending on what methods wrestlers are allowed to use to achieve victory in a given case.

  • Greco-Roman wrestling is held in a rack or stall, but without permission to act with the help of legs, as well as on grips below the belt.
  • Freestyle wrestling also takes place in the rack and stall, with permission to take and act with the use of legs and grips below the belt.
  • Sambo - wrestling in the rack and stall with the use of legs and grips below the belt, as well as using pain techniques.
  • Judo is another option of wrestling, in which all of the above is allowed, but, in addition, you can achieve victory with the help of pain and suffocating techniques.

All of these types are regularly held in regional and state tournaments, national championships (such as the NCAA Championship) or even world championships. In addition, wrestling is one of the most popular types of Olympic competitions.

However, sambo received the official status only recently. It happened in 2018, just in time for the 80th anniversary of sambo's approval as a separate official sport.

Benefits of Betting on Wrestling

Among the main advantages of betting on wrestling are:

  • The opportunity to bet on the winner of the tournament with a fairly high odds (even if the bet is on the favorite);
  • Wrestling is a great option for live bets (during the event), as tournaments are fleeting and vary wildly due to the complexity and threshold of fatigue

Despite the fact that the sport is combative, there is a real "chess" miscalculation of moves, and the victory often goes to the strategist, and not the stronger, which is transferred to the sphere of betting (literately calculating all the options, pros and cons of fighters, their weaknesses and strengths, as well as the capabilities of these indicators in a particular battle, can make a good prediction).

The Main Drawbacks of Betting on Wrestling

Among the main drawbacks of betting on wrestling can be identified as follows:

  • The short time frame of most major tournaments, which do not allow you to bet on any type of fight all year round (you will have to sort out several at once);
  • Awide variety of freestyle betting and less for all other species (due to popularity factor);
  • Not the widest variety of lines (forecast options in a particular match are much less than in competitions in other sports).

Types of Wrestling Bets

The main types of bets, which can be found in most sportsbooks that have wrestling betting lines:

Bet on match winner (in this case, it does not matter how it was obtained - ahead of schedule or by the superiority of points at the end of the match);

Bet on winning the tournament (most major tournaments use the Olympic relegation system, which excludes the right to misfire; that you may have a premonition of winning not the most popular and "prominent" athlete);

Betting on the Spread (meaning winning on points, taking into account the handicap specified in the bet);

Over Under bets (very unpredictable bet in wrestling, as the match has all chances to end with a low score or tighten, and there may also be huge numbers);

Bet on a specific finish if it will be a completed duel (for example, the carcass in freestyle wrestling, when the wrestler pressed the opponent with a shoulder blade to the carpet and held him for at least three seconds).

How to Make Better Wrestling Bets:Betting Features

In order to make more successful bets on the fight, it is important to have some knowledge and skills, as well as to pay attention to the details that can play a decisive role in the fate of the bet.

Conduct a qualitative analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of each opponent: as in the fight different techniques will award a certain number of points, it is important to form in your head an approximate plan of the fight and how great the chances of prey points from both athletes.

Study the statistics of athletes' performances - quite often there are categories such as "uncomfortable opponent" (for example, on the composition or personal parameters) that allow you to predict defeat. The country of the tournament also plays a significant role. Motivation is often influenced by the fans surrounding the athlete.

Consider not only professionalism and skill, but also endurance: quite often wrestling competitions take place in a very short time, and in one day the athlete can meet several rivals at once (at the same time each of them will be stronger, as it's a relegation competition). As a result, it is much easier for a physically hardy wrestler who consistently competes in the tournament at a high tempo to win.

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