Belmont Stakes: Odds, Entries and Where to Bet

One of the most exciting horse races in the world, the Belmont Stakes is an American tradition that dates back to 1867. With online sports betting now legal in the country, it is now easier than ever to bet on this famed race.

Belmont Stakes Entries and Qualifiers

The Belmont Stakes is one of the most prestigious horse races in America, and the third leg of the Triple Crown. Horses who qualify to run in the race are some of the best in the country, and come from the wealthiest owners.

The total limit for horses running in the Belmont Stakes is 12, and horses must be at least three years of age to compete. A horse gains a year every January 1st, regardless of the actual date when it was born.

Requirements for running in the Belmont Stakes:

  • Horses must be at least three years of age

  • Entry and starting fees totaling $30,000 must be paid

  • Colts and Geldings must weigh 126 lbs, fillies at 121 lbs

Although the limit to the number of horses entered in the Belmont Stakes is 12, this does not mean there will always be 12 horses racing, and there usually aren't. As little as two horses have raced in the Belmont Stakes.

The perceived top horses competing in the Belmont Stakes will be the horses who have won either of the last two legs, the Kentucky Derby or the Preakness Stakes. Winning either race will guarantee automatic entry for the horse into the Belmont Stakes.

You can enter your horse to run in the Belmont Stakes simply by signing up and paying the fees to qualify. If too many horses are entered, then the Belmont Stakes will select the horses with the highest purse earnings from their careers.

Belmont Stakes Odds and Winners

The Belmont Stakes best bets and betting types will obviously differ from the traditional sports, however the main point will remain the same. The harder a bet is perceived to be, the higher the odds.

Horses will be given odds to win the race based on a variety of things:

  • Current form

  • Trainer and jockey

  • Type of track

  • Horses age, breed

  • Past performances

There are more factors than this, but these are the main ones to consider. If a horse has won either the Kentucky Derby or the Preakness Stakes just prior to this competition, these horses will be the favorites in the Belmont Stakes betting odds. The favorites will have the lowest odds attached.

The odds in the Belmont Stakes will also depend on the type of bet and the difficulty of this bet. For example, picking a horse to win, show or place are considered some of the simplest bets to make. A trifecta or superfecta however, are extremely difficult to get right, and will feature much higher odds.

It is important to keep track of the current form and past performances of the horses competing, however there are also horse racing and Belmont Stakes betting guides available. These will give you a better chance to win on certain types of bets.

You can always go with the favorite horse, but any horse always has a chance to win. The biggest upset in modern history of the Belmont Stakes was Sarava in 2002, who was given odds of 70-1 to win the race.

Belmont Stakes Recent Winners





Sir Winston

Joel Rosario



Mike Smith



Jose Ortiz



Irad Ortiz Jr.


American Pharoah

Victor Espinoza

Best USA Sportsbooks for the 2020 Belmont Stakes

If there is one thing that goes perfectly hand in hand with horse racing it is betting on horse racing. The most popular and preferred way for most to make bets on the races is at the track. However, due to the locations of racetracks, this is not always possible.

Thankfully, online sports betting is legal nationwide and available in many states. 30 states currently allow for online betting on horse races including Illinois, New Jersey, Iowa, New York and Nevada.

Right now, both FanDuel and BetAmerica are top choices for online horse race betting. Both of these sportsbooks will have an entirely separate section for horse races including the 2020 Belmont Stakes. Leading up to the race, live odds will change based on the public's perception of the race.

Both sites are available in multiple states and have a long list of different betting types and odds available for the Belmont Stakes, along with other races. FanDuel and BetAmerica also have a great reputation as noted in our user rating, coming in first and fourth places, respectively.

Other sportsbooks for betting on the Belmont Stakes:

  • TVG

  • TwinSpires

Belmont Stakes FAQ

When is the Belmont Stakes race?

The third and final race of the Triple Crown, the Belmont Stakes is traditionally held the first or second Saturday of June. This takes place five weeks after the first race, the Kentucky Derby and three weeks after the Preakness Stakes, the second race. The 2020 Belmont Stakes will take place on June 20th with the post time set for 3 p.m. Eastern Time.

Where is the Belmont Stakes held?

The Belmont Stakes has been held at the Belmont Park racetrack in Elmont, New York since 1905. The track is considered to be one of the top elite racetracks in the United States. The 2020 edition of the Triple Crown race will be held here as well.

Belmont Park is located on Long Island just outside of Queens, and is a 1.5 mile track with a long homestretch and wide turns throughout.

How many horses run in the race?

There is a limit of 12 horses who compete in the Belmont Stakes every year. Owners must nominate their horse to run in the Triple Crown races by January of the same year.

Horses are chosen to run in the Belmont Stakes according to lifetime winnings, or if they won purse money at either of the previous two Triple Crown races.

The entry fee for entering a horse in the competition is $15,000, with another $15,000 to start the race.

How can I bet on the Belmont Stakes?

The most popular way by far to bet on the Belmont Stakes is at the track in New York. There are betting offices on site where you can make a variety of bets.

Betting types on the Belmont Stakes include:

Straight Wagers

  • Win - This is a bet on a horse to finish first in the race

  • Place - Betting on a horse to finish with first or second place

  • Show - The best chance, betting on a horse to finish in the top three

Exotic Wagers

  • Quiniela - Pick which two horses will finish first or second, in either order

  • Exacta - The same as the Quiniela, but in the exact order

  • Superfecta - A bet on which horses will finish in the top four, in the exact order that they finish

However, if you are not able to make it to Belmont Park to bet, there are plenty of online sports betting sites that have horse racing sections.

BetAmerica is one of the leading online sportsbooks available in America that has plenty of experience with horse racing. The site has a complete section for horse racing and is available in multiple states.

When is the post time of the Belmont Stakes?

The post time is the exact time that the races are set to begin and the time when all jockeys and horses must be ready at the start line.

Post times change minimally from year to year, but are usually set at around 6:45 PM Eastern Standard Time.

What is the fastest time at the Belmont Stakes?

The fastest time in the Belmont Stakes belongs to Secretariat, who is one of the most successful and well known horses in history.

Secretariat ran the Belmont Stakes and set the record for the fastest time in 1973, finishing the race in 2:24.00 flat, a full 31 lengths in front of his opponents. In that same year, Secretariat won the Triple Crown, setting records in all three races.

Fastest Race Times in the Belmont Stakes:

  1. Secretariat - 2:24.00 (1973)

  2. Easy Goer - 2:26.00 (1989)

  3. A.P. Indy - 2:26.13 (1992)

  4. Risen Star - 2:26.40 (1988)

  5. Point Given - 2:26.56 (2001)

Which jockeys, owners and trainers have had the most wins?

Over the years of the Belmont Stakes, the record for number of wins for a jockey and an owner is at six, while the number of wins for a trainer is eight.

James G. Rowe Sr. is the most successful trainer in the Belmont Stakes. He has the record eight wins here and has also won the race twice as a jockey.

Most Decorated Belmont Stakes Competitors



# of Wins

Years Won

Triple Crown

Triple Crown Year/s


Belair Stud


(1930, 1932, 1935, 1936, 1939, 1955)


1930, 1935,


James R Keene


(1879, 1901, 1904, 1907, 1908, 1910)




James G. Rowe Sr.





Jim McLaughlin


(1882, 1883, 1884, 1886, 1887, 1888)




Eddie Arcaro


(1941, 1942, 1945, 1948, 1952, 1955)


1941, 1948

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