NCAA Parlay Picks and Betting

Believe it or not, college sports in the NCAA are just as popular as professional sports in America. Some events like NCAA basketball’s March Madness have even more money wagered on them than events like the NBA Finals or the MLB World Series. 

Two most popular sports in the NCAA are easily basketball and football. Additionally, since the seasons barely collide, players can watch and bet on NCAA games nearly all year long! Since the NCAA is so popular, you will find betting lines for nearly every game on most online sportsbooks.

Within these games, players can expect to find more than 50 betting lines for each game including moneylines, spread bets and over/unders. 

NCAA Basketball and Football Parlay and Picks - What's the Difference

First, let us define what exactly a parlay bet is. A parlay bet is a wager made up of more than two different betting lines. The parlay odds will be the combination of the odds of all betting selections included in the parlay. 

This is the main reason that they are so appealing, because parlay odds will be much higher than the individual selections included. The odds for three games at +140 each would become around +1200 if combined into a parlay.

However if even one selection in a parlay bet loses then the entire parlay will also be lost. 

Just as football and basketball are the most popular NCAA sports for betting, they are also the most popular for parlay betting. The only difference between the two is that basketball games are used for NCAA basketball parlays, and football for NCAA football parlays. 

Where can I bet on NCAA Parlay Picks

People love betting on the NCAA, but players should also want to make the smartest bets they can. Looking at NCAA parlay picks is a great way to gain insights into how experts think, find new betting ideas or even to compare your own parlay picks. 

There are hundreds of experts posting their NCAA parlay picks online free. Going to any of them will usually provide players with a decent analysis of the upcoming game as well as betting predictions (picks) like which team will win, how many points are scored, etc.

Despite having predictions and game analyses, you cannot place parlay bets on these sites. What can be done then after finding some NCAA parlay picks you want to try out?

The answer is finding an online sportsbook, where players can freely bet on lots of different competitions including NCAA games. Once you have read our sportsbook reviews and chosen a site, click the bet now button to complete registration and make a deposit. 

After that, you can log in and test out NCAA parlay picks and your own picks on real competitions for real money profits. 

Making the Smartest and Best Bets on NCAA Parlay Picks

Now that we have established that NCAA parlay bets can be made anytime using an online sportsbook, we need to understand how to make wagers that will guarantee profits. Unfortunately, there is no single strategy available for making winning bets 100 percent of the time.

We do have some basic tips however that we know will help you to make better wagers everytime:

  • Keep the Parlays Small - this is something that really goes for all parlay betting, not just the NCAA. Keeping your parlay bets limited to two or three selections gives you a much better chance to win. Parlay bets with any more than three selections will make your chances of profiting over a long period of time nearly impossible. 

  • Choose One Conference: When it comes to NCAA sports, there are a lot of different conferences involved. For betting, players should focus on and exclusively bet on only one conference per season. Doing so will give you a much greater understanding of the teams, players, matchups, etc. and in turn, allow you to add wiser selections to your parlay bets. 

  • Keep Control of the Bank - the first thing you do not want to do is to lay down 50% of your bankroll on one parlay bet. Instead, employ a strategy where you bet a small percentage of your bank for each bet. 

All of these can be applied in one way or another to parlay bets in general, not just on NCAA parlays. Still, these are some good basic tips that will immediately make you more competent when it comes to making parlay bets.

NCAA parlay picks are incredibly popular and can give you some good insight into upcoming competitions. We definitely recommend finding some expert picks that you enjoy reading. However, we also advise each bettor to do their own homework and not only to rely on NCAA expert parlay picks. 

NCAA Parlay Cards and NCAA Football Parlay Sheets

Betting online is not the only place to bet on NCAA parlay picks. In fact, if you do it in person, you may have some slightly different options available. These include both parlay cards and NCAA football parlay sheets.

While they may go by different names, they are essentially the same thing. Both of these parlay cards will list all of the upcoming NCAA football or basketball games for a certain period, usually by weeks. These parlay cards will also have all of the point spreads and over/unders for each game as well. 

Players with parlay cards can circle or select the games and bets they want to include in the parlay and submit them with their stake. Parlay card odds are usually a set amount that depends on how many selections you had in your winning parlay bet. 

For example, five times your stake for three correct picks, six times for four picks and so on. These parlay cards can typically be found in casinos and other physical sports betting locations.  

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