NFL Picks and Parlays: What is an NFL Parlay Bet and How to Make Them

Both parlay bets and NFL betting are some of the most popular items on the tickets at USA sportsbooks. We answer the question “what is a parlay bet?” and include a lot of other valuable information about parlays in another article. 

The NFL is one of the only professional football leagues in the world, with the Canadian CFL being the only other one. Betting on the NFL is the most popular choice among American bettors. Games in the NFL are played every Monday, Thursday and Sunday. 

With top sportsbooks offering over 100 different betting lines on each game, it is very easy to combine different singles bets into an NFL parlay.

Parlay Bet and NFL Parlay Bet Defined

Simply put, a parlay bet is a single combination of multiple individual bets. Each selection included in the parlay must win. If even one loses, the entire parlay is lost. 

Basically, a higher risk, higher reward bet type than an average single bet. They also increase the fun, but this is not the only reason why its not uncommon for bettors to make these wagers. 

These are popular among bettors because parlay odds are much higher than the individual odds that the parlay is made up of. NFL parlays are parlay bets composed entirely of bets on games in the popular football league. 

How to Bet on and Win NFL Parlay Picks

Making bets on NFL parlays has really never been easier than it is now. With sports betting legalized in the United States, there are now legal online sportsbooks in many states. Almost all of which have both NFL betting and parlays available. 

By going to our USA state page, you can select any state with legal sports betting and read reviews of sportsbooks in that state. Select a sportsbook, complete the quick online registration and make a deposit. Once that is done, players can begin building real NFL parlay bets. 

We love making NFL parlay bets, however it has its challenges. The league is known for being very competitive and unpredictable. We are reminded that on ‘any given Sunday’, any team in the NFL can beat another. 

However, with great strategies intact, players can increase their chances of returning a profit from NFL parlay bets:

  • Stick to one division: Keeping track of an entire league is difficult even for professional bettors. Instead, select one division (four teams) to bet on each NFL season. Doing this will ensure a much better understanding of these four teams and in turn better NFL parlay picks. 

  • Keep your NFL parlays small: Too many bet selections (legs) in a parlay and the odds of winning become nearly impossible. By putting together two-leg or three-leg NFL parlays, you will keep the odds of winning in a much more favorable position. 

  • Tease your selections: The NFL has a special type of bet available often called a teaser. This allows you to adjust point spreads for a better chance of winning. Doing so will lower the betting odds, but in a parlay bet the change can be offset by other selections. 

These are a few basic strategies that will help you to make stronger NFL parlays. A couple of which can be applied to parlay bets in general as well. These are not the only options however. One of the most popular routes to take for players is to check out NFL parlay picks before betting. 

Finding the Best NFL Picks and Parlays

Finding exactly which betting markets to include in your parlay bet can be difficult, even if you are only searching for games in one division. Sometimes we just need some more options to consider. 

This is exactly what NFL parlay predictions and picks are for. There is seemingly an endless number of experts online willing to share their analyses of the games and predictions. Many of these sites are free, and can contain great information such as trends and news for upcoming games. 

The NFL picks and parlays articles are all about the predictions however, which are usually included at the end of the analysis. The choice is then yours on whether or not you include the expert’s predictions. 

NFL picks and parlays are extremely popular, so players  should have no problem studying lots of different expert opinions. These NFL picks and parlays serve as a great source for parlay betting ideas, expert analyses and a place to compare your own predictions with the experts. 

NFL Teaser Parlay and Online Teaser Cards

The NFL is one of the few leagues where players can make teaser bets. Like stated above, these can be used to adjust point spreads and totals in NFL games. 

For example, if the New Orleans Saints are seven point favorites, then the team will be handicapped seven points in the spread (New Orleans -7). Let's say that you think New Orleans will win by more than a single touchdown.

In this case, you could tease the spread and handicap the Saints by ten points instead (New Orleans -10). Now, the team has to win by at least 11 points instead of eight. Since this is objectively more difficult, sportsbooks will give you higher odds for the ten point spread. 

The opposite is true as well. If you think New Orleans will have a tough time covering seven points, the spread can be teased to three instead making it less risky but with lower odds. Multiple teaser bets can be combined to make an NFL teaser parlay. 

Some sportsbooks, physical and online, will also have NFL parlay cards available. These will include a list of all the NFL games that week, with the point spreads automatically teased to benefit players. 

These cards will have lower payouts than a normal parlay card because the spreads are smaller and favored teams will have fewer points to cover. However, they have less risk included as well and a quick and safer option. 

NFL Parlay Calculator 

In addition to NFL picks and parlays, there is another tool that can be helpful when creating these bets. Parlay calculators are also available free online and will help you keep track of the odds and expected payouts of your parlay bets. 

These are automatically done as well through online sportsbooks. By selecting multiple markets and adding them to your bet slip, the sportsbook will automatically calculate the final parlay odds and potential payout should the parlay bet win. 

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