Learning about Bundesliga Predictions, German Soccer and Bet Types

When it comes to world soccer, the German Bundesliga is not far behind the Premier League in terms of popularity. In America especially, thanks to TV deals, it's one of the most popular leagues to watch. Teams here will play games nearly every week, making Bundesliga predictions, odds and games readily available. 

The league usually begins in August, and runs nearly the entire year until the end of May. Famous teams in the Bundesliga include Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund. 

Below you will find various strategies and tools to help make the best Bundesliga predictions for the German soccer league. 

Which German teams are the best for Bundesliga Predictions

The Bundesliga is characterized by two teams Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich, both of whom dominate the league and are consistent threats in the European tournament the Champions League. 

At any given time looking at the Bundesliga standings, it's more than likely you will see one of those two teams at the top. In fact, you would need to go back all the way to 2009 in order to find a Bundesliga champion who wasn't Bayern or Dortmund. 

These two teams have the biggest budgets, and are favorites for Bundesliga predictions. 

Despite first looks, that does not mean that the German soccer league is not competitive. Especially in recent years, there have been other teams who have realistically challenged for the title, and seen world class players take the field for them. 

Other teams in the Bundesliga who are known to compete are Wolfsburg, Bayern Moenchengladbach, RB Leipzig and Bayer Leverkusen. For Bundesliga predictions, these will be the teams most often backed to win their games. 

Upsets do happen, but the top teams in the Bundesliga retain their spots year after year, which means they are often good bets to win or draw most games throughout the season. 

Features of Bundesliga Predictions: Things you need to know about German Soccer

Every soccer league is different. There are different styles and generally accepted ways to play the game in each country and league. 

For example, the Serie A in Italy is very defensive and focuses on beautiful dribbling and passing to lead to goals, whereas the English Premier League focuses on their plethora of talent, pace and physicality.

In the German Bundesliga, the focus is heavily on teamwork and offense. The league is certainly more offensively minded than others. In Bundesliga games, it is not too uncommon to see four to six goals scored by both teams. 

Therefore, when looking at Bundesliga predictions, pay attention to the ones who give you teams and picks for betting markets like “Both Teams to Score” and “Total Overs”. These predictions will often make for a good bet, as the nature of the league yields lots of goals. 

Germany, in general, is also known for being the best league at developing young talent. This alone has made them the most profitable league in the world. Due to this, it's not unsurprising to find one or two teams that seemingly come out of nowhere to compete in the season.

The Bundesliga champions, however, rarely change. 

More Trends to look for in Bundesliga Predictions - Competitions

There are a few more trends that we can look at regarding the German style of soccer that helps us to make better Bundesliga predictions. While we have already looked at the league itself, Bundesliga teams will also compete in various tournaments throughout the season that do not affect league standings. 

Let's take a look at some trends for tournaments where the Bundesliga teams will compete.

Bundesliga Predictions in The Champions League

The biggest soccer tournament for club teams in Europe is the Champions League. This is where the top teams from every European soccer league face off to be crowned the champions of the entire continent. The teams who finished in the top four in the Bundesliga standings the previous year will compete in the Champions League. 

What we need to understand about the Champions League is the sheer competitiveness of the competition. There are no guarantees no matter how good a team is. This tournament follows along the same formula as the league as far as Bundesliga predictions go. Betting on Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund are good bets, and will have higher odds against stronger opponents. 

Bundesliga Predictions in The Europa League

While the Champions League is the biggest club tournament in Europe, the Europa League comes in second. This tournament takes the teams that narrowly missed out on Champions League soccer, and in recent years the competition also features strong teams.

The fourth and fifth place teams in the Bundesliga standings will qualify for the Europa League. 

In the Europa League, Bundesliga teams will immediately be at an advantage. This is because they already face immense competition by playing in a top five league, so playing teams from smaller leagues will often not be as difficult. Bundesliga predictions on the German teams are a good bet here, as they along with other top five league teams in the competition will be at an advantage. 

The DFB Pokal - the German Cup

Every top five league will have its own version of the DFB-Pokal. This is a countrywide tournament featuring only teams from Germany. Every single Bundesliga team will compete in this tournament, along with Bundesliga 2 teams and others from various leagues. Again, teams from the Bundesliga will be the strongest and the most heavily favored. 

However, this competition differentiates itself from the previous two tournaments due to its prestige, or “lack thereof”. Not to say that the tournament is not official, but top Bundesliga teams will certainly not take it as seriously. Be careful of betting on “sure games” or taking obvious Bundesliga predictions. 

Upsets are more common here than anywhere else and many avoid betting on this tournament due to the lack of good opportunities. 

Bundesliga Top Scorers Predictions

Betting on individual games is not the only way to wager your knowledge on the Bundesliga. Sportsbooks will also have futures bets, where you can bet on long-term outcomes. These include a variety of things but the most popular are the following.

  • Betting on the Bundesliga champion

  • Betting on the top four finishers 

  • The league’s top scorer

Each of these three is popular in their own right, but making bets on the Bundesliga’s top scorer may be one of the most enjoyable. The bet is simple, you place a bet on one of the players in the league in hopes that by the end of the season they will have scored more goals than any other player. 

There are Bundesliga predictions available for bets on the league’s top scorer. The dominant, consistent scorers throughout the league do not just change on a whim. Which means the top scorers in the Bundesliga will stay the same throughout the years. 

Still, odds will generally be good for this type of bet, as a lot of things can change over the course of an entire season. 

Betting and Predictions on the Bundesliga Winners

Another one of the futures bets that we listed above are bets on the Bundesliga winners. Unlike typical American leagues (including even the MLS), European soccer leagues do not end with playoffs. Rather, the team with the most points at the end of the season will be champions. 

Win - Three Points

Draw - One Point

Loss - No Points

For each win, a team gets three points, a draw will earn both teams one point apiece and a loss means a team gets no points for that game. The Bundesliga winners will generally average around 80 points by the end of the season. 

It can be very hard to find good betting opportunities here, even though selecting the eventual Bundesliga champion is not that difficult. This is because, in the German Bundesliga, two teams (really just one) dominate the league year after year. Borussia Dortmund, and to a much greater extent Bayern Munich are consistently crowned Bundesliga champions. 

Only 12 teams have ever won the Bundesliga, and since 1962 Bayern has won it 29 times. It is for this reason that odds are incredibly low for this bet on both Bayern and Borussia Dortmund. Due to the difficulty of this bet, many will rather opt for betting on the teams to finish in the top four, instead. 

Sportsbooks to Bet on Bundesliga Predictions

With legal sports betting now available, and the popularity of the German soccer league, it's easier than ever to find sportsbooks to cash in on your Bundesliga predictions. Sportsbooks all over the country will feature Bundesliga games and soccer games in general have the most lines available. 

To get started betting on your Bundesliga predictions, you will first need to select an online sportsbook. There are plenty of ratings and reviews available to help you do this. After signing up, Bundesliga bets can be made whenever there are games. 

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