Best Premier League Predictions Betting Lines and Odds

Quite easily the most popular soccer league in the world, people from each and every country tune in to watch England’s Premier League. With the massive amount of popularity that the league gets, finding odds and picks from top United States sportsbooks is easy. 

Premier League predictions can be made every single week, following the league schedule. Games in this league are often played on the weekends, though it's not uncommon to have fixtures in the middle of the week. 

We feature the best picks and odds to make your Premier League predictions as well as odds, lineups, statistics and news for each game in the league. 

How to Read Premier League Predictions and Odds

Learning to read sportsbook odds will give you plenty of advantages, and is necessary to becoming a serious bettor. Once you know what the betting odds mean, you will immediately know which team or outcome in general is favored.

To clarify, sportsbooks will make their own Premier League predictions with the odds that they set. For each betting line available for a game, there will almost always be one option that sportsbooks believe has a higher chance of coming true. 

This is where it will be important to understand American odds, as they will tell you which is which. There are two things that need to be paid attention to here. The positive and negative signs in front of the odds. 

  1. Positive Sign (+) - Contrary to first impressions, this actually designates an outcome that is less likely to happen. Therefore, this is the underdog and the payouts are higher. 

  2. Negative Sign (-) - The exact opposite. The negative sign indicates an outcome that is more likely to occur. This is the favorite, and the payouts are lower to the dollar. 

More so the higher the number with a negative sign in front of it, the more likely it is to happen. Whereas with a positive sign, it is the opposite. For example, (+100) is more likely to happen than (+160), and (-120), is less likely to happen than (-180), and so on. 

These are the sportsbooks own predictions, as they set the lines and odds for each game. 

Sportsbook Takeaways on Premier League Betting Lines

Now, since we are able to read the sportsbook’s odds, we can immediately know which outcome the sportsbook considers to be more likely to happen. That is, we can tell the sportsbook’s Premier League predictions based on the odds. 

Let's take a look at the main betting lines for a Premier League game:

Here we have a regular Premier League game between Burnley and Liverpool. BetRivers Sportsbook has set its odds for the game, and has therefore also let its predictions for the game be known. 

There are a few key takeaways from the odds we have been given:

  1. Burnley is a massive underdog, the odds implicate a six percent chance for them to win

  2. A tie or draw is the second most likely outcome

  3. The sportsbook predicts this will be a low-scoring game, as the odds are higher for more than 3.5 goals 

For the main betting lines given, we now know the sportsbooks predictions for this Premier League game. The sportsbook is heavily implying that Liverpool will win the game, and is slightly favoring a game where less than 3.5 goals are scored. 

Teams who Dominate the Premier League Standings: Top Teams for Premier League Predictions

For at least ten years now (and a lot longer for four of them), there have been six teams in the Premier League who consistently find themselves on top of the standings. These teams have the highest budgets in the league, the most fans and will consistently have the strongest players. 

  • Arsenal

  • Chelsea

  • Liverpool

  • Manchester City

  • Manchester United 

  • Tottenham 

In the 2015-16 Premier League season, Leicester City shocked the world when the team won the Premier League title. The reason it was so shocking was because the six teams above are so dominant. 

In fact, other than the season that Leicester City won, you would have to go back all the way to the 1994-95 season to find a champion who is not in the list above. 

Premier League champions are not determined by playoffs, but rather are the team with the most points at the end of the season. Three points for each win, one point for each tie and zero for losses through 38 games. 

While no bet is guaranteed to win, Premier League predictions on these teams to win are usually a good bet. 

Types of Bets to include in Premier League Predictions for Top Teams

In regards to making Premier League predictions on the top teams, the prediction on them to win is definitely the most common. Through a full season in the league, the top three teams can usually expect to average around 80 points. 

This means throughout the season, they will be expected to win around 20-25 games, or about 52-65 percent of games. When looking at betting lines, there is also the option to bet on a team to either win or draw a game. This is designated as 1X or 2X.

The top teams in the Premier League will either win or draw around 30 of their games, Which means in theory a Premier League prediction on the tie or draw for a top team would be correct about 80% of the time. 

Sportsbooks certainly know this, and therefore the odds on these bet selection will be very low. 

This brings us to another popular selection for Premier League predictions, bets on the handicap or spread. These types of wagers will attempt to make games more even between an underdog and a favorite. 

They do this by taking away a number of goals from the favorite or giving the underdog goals. 

When to Make Predictions - Premier League Schedule

The exact dates of the Premier League schedule may fluctuate each year, there is a general start and stop time for the season. This includes the tournaments within the year. Premier League teams will not only play regular-season games, but also various annual tournaments as well. 

The Premier League season typically runs 38 games from August to May, with other tournaments related to the league going from:

  • FA Cup: September - May

  • Carabao Cup: August - April 

  • Champions League: June - May

The first two of these tournaments are specifically for soccer teams in England, while the Champions League is a European tournament which will feature the top teams from the Premier League standings the year before.

Each of these tournaments present extra opportunities to make Premier League predictions. However, it should be understood that at least for the FA Cup and Carabao Cup, the results are more often unexpected and do not follow the typical course of games in the Premier League. 

This is mainly due to the fact that top Premier League teams will focus on the league cup or the Champions League, which can lead to upsets being more common. 

How Can I Bet on Premier League Predictions

After studying Premier League predictions and deciding which ones you deem trustworthy, the only thing that's left is to understand how to make bets on them. Now that sports betting is legal, making wagers is extremely convenient and easy. 

It also helps that the Premier League is so popular, as every sportsbook will have bets available for this league. The first thing that American bettors should do is find out which sportsbooks are available and licensed in their states. 

Once a sportsbook is chosen, then finish the registration to create your own account.

After logged in, betting on English Premier League predictions and games can be done anywhere in the state on your mobile device. To select a bet, click on the odds next to the betting selection to add it to your bet slip. Place your stake and hit confirm!

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