Hard Rock sports betting app

Despite Hard Rock sports betting being a perfect fit for the mobile desktop, there are also mobile app versions of the sportsbook available for both Android and Apple. Before downloading the apps, you can register at the sportsbook by going to the official Hard Rock website.

Hard Rock is one of more well-known American brands in the country. The Hard Rock brand is currently operating locations all over the world, and was founded in 1971 in London. Today, Hard Rock offers online sports betting in addition to the famous casino portion of the website. The sportsbook is also currently offered in multiple states. 

Downloading the Hard Rock sports betting apps can be done in two different ways, depending on the version of the app that you want. The IOS version will be available in the Apple store. To download the Android version, you will need to go to the website and find the section with Android instructions. 

Sportsbook apps are still not registered in the Google Play Store, so you will need to follow the instructions on the site to complete the download. This is common practice for Android apps, and will be the same on all sportsbooks. The instructions for the Android app are not difficult, and will have you follow a few basic steps. 

  1. Find the section on Hard Rock to download the mobile Android app

  2. Click on the ‘Download Now’ button and wait for the file to download

  3. Find the downloaded file and select install; wait for the app to appear on your device

Registration can be done either before or after downloading your version of the sportsbook app. This process on Hard Rock is slightly different than other sportsbooks. Registering accounts After registering the account, you will be able to make payment transactions and begin mobile sports betting. 

Payment Transactions on the Hard Rock Mobile App

Despite the minor differences between Hard Rock and other online sports betting apps, the payment options are quite common as well as the method to pay them. Once you have registered an account and logged in, you can make payment transactions by going to your profile information and selecting deposits or withdrawals. 

Hard Rock offers some of the most widely used payment transactions available right now. The variety of methods combined with their popularity means that the sportsbook can cover most users. Another advantage of the payment methods on Hard Rock is that multiple methods of payment available can be used for both deposits and withdrawals. 

  • Play+ Card

  • Credit/ Debit Card

  • PayPal

  • PayNearMe/ Hard Rock AC (New Jersey)

Choosing your deposit method is something that you will be prompted to do once you have signed up. In order for maximum convenience, players should strive to pick a payment method that works for both deposits and withdrawals. Online wallets like PayPal are options that can do both, and normally have quick processing times as well. 

Betting on the Hard Rock App

The Hard Rock sportsbook app works in the generally the same way as other sports betting apps do. The main sports betting page will serve as the hub of the entire sportsbook. On this page you can navigate to different sections of the app such as the different sports available, previous wagers and any free bets or promotions you may have. 

One thing that stands out about Hard Rock is that the sportsbook in terms of sports and leagues is quite large. The professional US leagues take priority on Hard Rock, the games that are under trending on the main screen will likely be from the popular American leagues. Just scrolling down the lineup on the main page will give you a huge variety of competitions. 

Finding specific competitions can be done in a couple of ways. There is a search tab at the top of the screen that can help you find any specific sports, teams or leagues that you are looking for. Another way you can easily navigate to a specific competition is through the tabs at the top of the screen.

This method also gives you the ability to see the number of different competitions in each sport or league. Once you have selected a competition you can click on it and it will take you to the page for that sport. For each individual sport you will be able to switch between leagues and see all of the available games and main odds for each event. 

There are also filters available for pages for a specific sport, ways that you can more easily narrow the results. League and time are two of the major ones. The second of which will sort each game starting with the competitions with the earliest start times at the top. You can also sort the betting markets displayed next to each competition. The default is the moneyline, but you can browse game markets such as over/unders, spreads and period bets as well. 

Depending on the preferences, players will be able to check out the main bets for all games regardless of league here, or find the next upcoming game in a sport. Selecting bets to make can be done by clicking right on the betting market that you would like to add. These bets will go directly into your bet slip once selected. 

Hard Rock Bet Slip Markets

The betting slip is where players can look over all of the bets they have selected, as well as confirm the selections. Adding one market to the slip and making a bet is known as a straight or singles bet. There are more ways to bet than this on Hard Rock however. Adding multiple markets to the bet slip will bring additional options such as parlay bets and round robins.

Once you have multiple betting markets in your bet slip, then the way you wager on them is up to you. Simply switch between the tabs to make a system, parlay or straight bet. Open and settled bets will be placed in the “my bets” section on the sportsbook. Here you can keep track of all of the bets you have made on Hard Rock, and see when one of your bets has been settled. 

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