• Great live zone with game center and statistics
  • Huge range of betting markets on popular sports and leagues


  • Slow sportsbook loading times with app glitches
  • Sportsbook layout makes navigation difficult

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Review of the bookmaker Hard Rock from Legalbet

Founded in 1971 by Isaac Tigrett and Peter Morton in London, the Hard Rock café has since become one of the most famous brands all over the world. The Hard Rock International brand currently has buildings in 74 countries. This number includes 185 casinos, 25 hotels and 12 casinos. 

Known to display musical memorabilia on its walls ranging from guitars to photos even to costumes from famous musical tours. The Hard Rock entered the gambling sphere in 1995 when the $80 million Hard Rock Hotel was opened in Las Vegas, Nevada. The 12 casinos are placed in large markets such as Atlantic City, Vancouver, Biloxi, Mississippi and Tampa, Florida.

With the 2018 legalization of sports betting in the United States, Hard Rock Café was eager to get in on the action. Its Atlantic City casino location announced that they would be offering sports betting online and on-site in January 2019.

Both of these sportsbooks are run by Gaming Innovation Group. The Malta based company consists of three parts which operate without a third-party sports betting company. The GIG Sports Connect, GIG Trader and GIG Goal software was developed over 18 months and has already been tested in real world situations.

Odds — normal

We examined the online sportsbook for the Hard Rock's odds on major sports leagues and competitions. We look at many different leagues and at the top sports available to find the average margins offered in the top sports. Betting markets used include the moneyline on the main outcome and the main game line for the over/under on totals. 


Average Margin = 5.19%

The soccer section on Hard Rock is quite extensive meaning we were able to look at many different leagues. The MLS has average margins of 5.17 when looking at the win, draw or loss markets as well as the TO/TU at 2.5 goals. Average leagues like the Dutch Eredivisie had average margins at 5.05 while top leagues like the English Premier League were about the same with 5.34. Margins from the individual games went from 4.8 up to 5.99. The soccer section for Hard Rock sits in the normal category on Legalbet with a total average of 5.19 for the sport. 


Average Margins = 3.44%

Hard Rock's Sportsbook only features one league for hockey, but it is the most popular one with the NHL. The average margins for all the games looked at was 3.44. This puts the odds in the good category on Legalbet. The markets used were win or loss and over/under on the total number of goals. 

Other Competitions 

Baseball (MLB, Japan NPB) = 4.13%

Basketball (NBA, EuroLeague) = 4.21%

Football (NFL, NCAA) = 4.04%

Tennis  (WTA French Open) = 5.01%

MMA (UFC) =  4.54%

Betting options — normal

The Hard Rock website offers wagers on twelve of the most well-known sports. The number of bets available for each sport can be impressive at times. For example, there are a multitude of betting options for leagues like the MLB. The site also features sports such as rugby, cycling and MMA. If you are looking for exotic or smaller sports however, they can not be found here. 

However, there are some smaller sporting events available for betting, such as the FIBA world basketball tournament.The design of the website is an eyeful. The home page features two different sets of tabs. One features sports you can choose from and the other different leagues.

Scrolling down the home page shows the all of the upcoming games separated by sport along with the odds information next to them. The first section of the page features all live games with the second showing the games that will start soon.

It is easy to navigate through the different sports and to find the specific game you want to bet on. The second tab line features the popular American league the NBA, NHL, MLB. The NFL is featured twice on the second tab line, both in NFL and NFL Preseason.


The Hard Rock football section features bets on both the NFL, NCAA and the CFL. The bets available for the CFL games are traditional bets. You are offered to bet on the moneyline, on totals or on the spread. There are different varieties of the spread though, and you can choose how many points to add from around three options. The NFL of course has more offers on display.

For the NFL, you can also bet on the totals, moneyline and the spread, but there are more options available for these bets. You make wagers on these three types of bets for the whole game or just for one half. For the totals there are different totals predictions to bet on as well as individual team totals available. The spread is the same. The NCAA has the same bets as the CFL, limited to just the three main bets at full time. Futures bets are also available for all three leagues.

For the CFL you are offered odds on who will win the 2019 Grey Cup. The NCAA and NFL have similar futures bets available. You can wager on the champion, individual conference winners and individual awards like the Heisman or Rookie of the Year awards. You can also make bets on whether individual teams like the Baltimore Ravens will make the playoffs as well or for the NFL there are totals bets on the number of wins a team will get for the season.


The basketball section is unique at the Hard Rock for its inclusion of the FIBA World Cup. On the site, you can make bets on the group winners or on the country that will win the entire competition. The NBA is the only basketball league featured on the site. You can make a large variety of bets in the futures category. Bets are available on division and championship winners as well as individual award winners.

Like the NFL, you can make over/ under bets on the amount of games that a team will win for that season. You can also make bets on whether those teams will make the playoffs or not. The odds on these can range from around -100 to 2000. For the championship, you can guess which division and conference the championship winner will be from. The bets available on the games include totals, spreads and money line bets. Different options are available for the totals and spreads bets.


The number of bets available on America’s pastime is less than expected, but there is still a good variety for bets on games. For the individual games, you can make totals, moneyline or bets on the spread. The spread and total bets both include extra innings. For the spread bets there are three different options with different handicaps placed on each team.

On certain games, you can also bet on the winner of innings 1-5 and 5-9. For totals, you can bet on the total of the game or the totals of the individual teams instead. You can also bet on whether the total score will be odd or even. Or you can bet on the score totals by each individual inning. Finally, there is an offer available on the possibility of an extra inning with decent odds for the ‘yes’ option. In the futures category, you can place wagers on who will win the world series as well as the conference and division winners.

Live — good

Hard Rock is one of the few websites that displays a truly stellar live section for betting. The home page of the live zone will first display all of the games currently being played live. Second will be the games starting soon. They will then show the rest of the upcoming games separated by sport. The main odds for all of these events will be displayed next to the game listing.

Hard Rock Live Betting

To get started live betting on a game, simply go to the live section and click on the green live button. In this section all of the bets available will be displayed. The odds will update quickly after any significant changes in the game. The live scoreboard on the right of the screen is almost as good as watching the game on tv. It could be argued that it is better due to the stats displayed below. There is no live streaming available for games on the site, but it is not completely necessary with the scoreboard.

The scoreboard shows a live field that shows the positions of the athletes on the field/ court and even shows the animation of the ball moving in accordance to the game. The score and statistics are updated in real time. There is also a large amount of information available for the game.

During a tennis match for example, the location, type of court, and what round of the tournament they are playing in is displayed. This is an incredible live section that just about eliminates the need for a television nearby. Once selecting a bet, a tab will be created at the bottom of the screen where you can hide the bet if you choose to wait. You can select several different bets without having to leave the live section.

Updated: 04.06.2023

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