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  • Casino ads take up half the sportsbook screen
  • Sportsbook design makes navigation difficult
  • No Live Streaming service

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Review of the bookmaker Golden Nugget from Legalbet

The Golden Nugget Casino is one of the bigger names in American gambling. The first Golden Nugget was built in 1946 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company has changes ownership multiple times, but all locations are now under one owner. There are currently four other locations that host the Golden Nugget casino other than Las Vegas. One of the famed hotels/casinos exists in multiple us betting hubs. 

  • Biloxi, Mississippi
  • Atlantic City, New Jersey
  • Lake Charles, Louisiana
  • Laughlin, Nevada

The company also has plans to expand its online casino to Pennsylvania, applying for an online gaming license in the state in October of 2018. Landry’s, Inc, run by CEO Tilman Fertitta owns all five of the locations.  The Texas billionaire also owns a portion of Caesars Entertainment as well as the NBA team the Houston Rockets. 

Already one of the most successful online casinos in Atlantic City, the Golden Nugget opened its sportsbook on August 15, 2018. Thus, making it the fifth Atlantic City casino to open a sportsbook. Golden Nugget is partnered with the popular company, SBTech, to program and update all of the casino’s software. The company is very experienced and trusted partnering with other well-known sportsbooks such as DraftKings, BetAmerica, Churchill Downs and many more.

The company has won numerous awards for its incredible services, including back to back Best Sports Betting Software of the Year awards in 2018 and 2019. The company’s CEO is Richard Carter and has over 50 partners worldwide. By using this software, Golden Nugget is ensuring they have reliable and proven software on the site.

Odds — normal

We examined the Sportsbook at the Golden Nugget to find the average margins for different sports and leagues featured on the site:


Average Margin = 6.86%

Many different leagues and tournaments are featured in the soccer section on Golden Nugget. For the average margins we looked at games in the Dutch Eredivisie were extremely poor, sitting at 10.72. They were however much better for the MLS where the margin average was at 4.68. However, when getting to more premier competitions the margins were lowered back into the normal category, with averages for games in the Spanish La Liga coming in at 5.19. The total average from all soccer leagues and games looked at was 6.86.


Average Margin = 4.74%

Margins on tennis were taken from two different competitions, and came out to 4.74 in total. This places the sport into the good category on Legalbet. For matchups in the French Open Qualifiers, the average margins were at 4.35. In the ATP Hamburg, the margins were a little higher sitting at 5.13.  


Average Margins = 4.18%

We were able to look at two different leagues in the hockey section on Golden Nugget. Both leagues averaged out together at 4.18, putting this sport near the top into the good category. For the NHL, we looked at the markets for win or loss as well as the goal totals. The average margins for this league were 4.19. For the Russian KHL, the markets we looked at were the same, however the margins a little lower at 4.18. The margins in this section from the individual games range from 4.01 up to 4.39. 


Average Margin = 4.57%

In the basketball section of the Golden Nugget Sportsbook, we found a total average of 4.57. This places the sport of basketball in the good category for margins. We were able to observe three different top leagues. The margins were nearly the same for all top leagues. The NBA had an average margin of 4.61, the EuroLeague with 4.54. The range for the game margins from 4.51 up to 4.67. 

Other Competitions

  • Baseball (MLB, Japan NPB) = 4.4%
  • Football (NFL, NCAA) = 4.45%
  • Tennis (French Open, ATP Hamburg) = 4.74%
  • MMA (UFC) = 4.48%

Betting options — good

Right now Golden Nugget sports book has fourteen sports available for players to bet on. The sports are very common for Americans with only a a few straying outside of the country’s borders. In addition, all of the sports listed are available on most sportsbooks. However, there are exceptions with regards to the lines featured in some sports. Included in the lineup are the mainstays for American bettors.

Football, baseball, hockey and basketball are all available. You can also find a good amount of boxing and MMA offers on the site. As for sports outside of the country it is typical for American sportsbooks to offer bets on cricket, Rugby Union and Aussie Rules rugby and Golden Nugget is no exception.

The Golden Nugget also features a section of bets with boosted odds called the Golden Lines. Although something similar exists on most sports betting websites, the one featured here is quite a bit more impressive in terms of the quantity of options.

To see 14 different boosted odds bets here is not uncommon, whereas on other sites three or four is the norm. The odds also spread across different leagues as well, depending on the time of the year for the number in each league.

Types of lines include things like will Real Madrid win the 2020 Champions League or Will a Canadian team win the Stanley Cup 2020. There are also over/under bets, parlays and more.  The Golden Lines section really brings out the best in this sportsbook and helps players to experience multiple boosted odds to choose from.  

Golden Nugget Baseball Markets


Something that makes Golden Nugget truly unique for baseball fans is the option to place bets on the Japanese NPB League in addition to the MLB. Although the options are typically not as great in number as on MLB games, you can still expect to find a number of bets available in the double digits here. You can make wagers on the moneyline, the number of runs per inning, and even the winning margin among other things.

There are also bets on the run line for different amounts of time (one inning, five innings) and the option to bet on the first team to score. Golden Nugget is the first sportsbook we have reviewed to have bets available for this league. The number of bets available for the MLB is not surprisingly considerably more. On some games there are more than 50 varieties of bets available. You can make wagers on the typical options such as the moneyline, over/under and totals bets.

There are also a considerable number of bets on the game’s pitchers as well. You can bet on each starters total strikers, runs allowed and ERA. You can also bet on the total number of home runs and bases for certain players.

There are many varieties of odds displayed for over/under options for runs in the game. There is also a good number of futures bets available for the MLB. You are able to bet on who will win the World Series, as well as the American and National Leagues. Bets are also available on all of the conference winners as well. Also among the futures, you can bet on the MVP winners for both leagues.


The American born sport of football seems to be one of the main focuses on the Golden Nugget sportsbook. The leagues available are the NFL and NCAA. For the NFL the company goes all out with seven different sections available to bet on before the season even starts.

You can bet on preseason games, team props, futures, the Draft and more. Betting on the 1st overall pick in the NFL Draft is available. You can also make totals bets on the number of wins that each team will get in the upcoming season. The number of wins depends on the team but usually ranges on an over/under from six to nine wins. The most impressive part of this section is NFL Regular Season Prop Bets which has almost an endless list of bets that you can make on your favourite categories.

Bets on who will win the MVP award, the quarterback with the most passing yards, receiving yards and almost every other metric you can measure are available. You can also make bets on the star players and how they will due in regards to statistics specific to their position. For example you can bet on the total number of rushing yards that LeVeon Bell will have over the course of the season. Or on Carson Wentz’s passing yards. There is a long list of these types of bets that will almost guarantee that the punter will find a bet suitable for them.

For the regular NCAA and NFL games there are main bets such as the moneyline, totals or with a handicap. You can also make most bets available for the whole game for the first half and for each quarter as well. These include bets like first team to score, last team to score and whether the score will be odd or even by the end. 


There are many fine bookmakers who go all out with the most popular sport in the world and Golden Nugget is no exception. While looking through the leagues and tournaments you would be convinced there are none missing and in terms of the major leagues available you would be right.

The featured leagues under soccer are of course the big five (Germany, England, Spain, France and Italy). However there are many, many more listed with offers available as well as different tournaments. You can bet on leagues in countries such as Iceland, Bosnia, Cyprus, Azerbaijan, etc. The major tournaments are also available such as the World Cup, Euro 2020, the FA Cup and the Champions League.

For these tournaments you can bet on the winners as well as who will qualify for the knockout stages. On a single game from one of the bigger leagues you can expect to find around 100 different bets available. These of course include who will win, totals and handicap bets. There are also many parlay and special bets available. For the specials you can bet on things like whether a team will score a penalty or not, whether an own goal will be conceded or whether a team will miss a penalty.

You can also bet on the winner at halftime or if a team will come from behind to win or not. There is a long list of options for categories like the total number of goals scored, the final score or how much one team will win by. Handicap bets also come in a huge variety with each team having at least four different options as well as the exact score. For the latter category you can bet on as many as 19 different options for a team. To sum it up, this is an excellent section for soccer and is up there with the best American sportsbooks.

Live — good

Golden Nugget is also a very good bet to enjoy live games on. The Live Betting section features all sports being played at the moment with a match tracker to help follow the action. On the left, the site will list all of the sports currently being played with the scores shown next to them. The games are separated by sport and in no particular order.

Live games can easily be switched to even when browsing specific markets

These games can be expanded in the overview tab showing more stats such as the main odds and time of the game. There is also a Live Schedule tab that shows all of the upcoming games and the times they will start. This schedule is very extensive and therefore can be separated by both the sport and the date.

You can see the schedule for dates up to a week away from the current day.The Game View tab is where all of the action takes place once you have selected a game. In the middle of the screen you can see the score between the teams and the time of the game. Below the that is a long list of all the bets that are available at the time with the odds constantly updating. The Match Tracker on the right side shows as live of a version as you can get without watching a live broadcast of the game.

For example, in a soccer game the ball on the screen will move around mimicking the ball in the actual game. There will also be live updates above the ball such as yellow card given, free kick or if there is a corner, etc. Under the Match Tracker a large number of stats will be shown like offsides, goal kicks, yellow cards, and everything else you would expect from a soccer game. A good overall live version, it is up there with any of the other sportsbooks in New Jersey.

Updated: 04.06.2023
Review rating: 5 / 5

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