• Great mobile app that features quick speeds and appealing design
  • Consistently good odds that can compete with any market
  • Good selection of sports and betting types, lots of period/future bets


  • Promotions not always available and often not very many
  • Could use more options for payments and customer support

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Review of the bookmaker Circa Sports from Legalbet

The Circa Sportsbook is the official sports betting app and physical sportsbook by Circa Sports. The company was founded and is based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. The company owns multiple casinos and locations in the city, including the Las Vegas Club. 

Circa Sports first launched its mobile app in Nevada in June 2019. A little more than one year later, the company expanded by launching a sports betting app in Colorado through a partnership with Century Casinos in July 2020. The design of the sportsbook is heavily influenced by Vegas-style sportsbooks.

The company Circa Sports has made its name through competitive odds and a high number of games featured for popular leagues. We can expect this to be the standard for Circa Sports throughout new states as well. 

The sportsbook app has a nice design, is easy to use and features good odds throughout. Though some sections like promotions could certainly be added, overall it is a good sportsbook. It will continue to be competitive at its core with customer first service and goods odds and sports selection. 

Top reasons to use Circa Sports betting app:

  • Plenty of different sports and competitions to bet on

  • The odds will consistently remain competitive giving you better profits

  • Great mobile app design that makes it easy to navigate and find different sections

  • Payment method allows you to make deposits and withdrawals online

Odds — normal

Circa Sports started out of Nevada and for that reason we believe that like most other mobile betting apps from the state, there will be a heavy focus on American sports and leagues. 

This is currently the case, as the sportsbook continues to expand into new markets the focus remains on football, baseball, hockey and basketball. Although there will also be some international and college offerings included as well.

  • Baseball

  • Basketball

  • Football

  • Hockey

  • College Football

  • College Basketball

  • Soccer

  • Boxing

  • Rugby

Betting options — normal

Circa Sports betting app has plenty of different betting types and along with a large number ways to make them. There are halftime bets, bets for futures and plenty of other options for betting that will sometimes be completely unique to Circa. 

The main betting types are available, along with the different additional offerings like round robin and teaser bets. The mobile apps from Circa should carry almost all of the same bet types that you can find in the physical sportsbook.

Minimum Bet Amount: $5

  • Moneyline Bets

  • Handicap Bets

  • Over/Under Bets

  • Live Bets

  • Future Bets

  • Round Robins

  • Teaser Bets

  • Prop Bets

  • Yes/No Futures Bets

The minimum amount for any wager on Circa sports is five dollars. However, the maximum depends on each player.

Circa has gained a reputation for being a place where professional bettors love to play, since the maximum wager amounts tend to be quite high. If you are going to be placing high wagers, you should speak to the sportsbook manager when depositing. 

Live — normal

There is a live betting section available on the Circa mobile betting app when such games become available. This section will allow you to bet on games at any time, even as they are being played. Live betting on CG Sports also has features that are different from pre match betting.

This includes enhanced odds for some of the more popular games, which means players get bigger returns. There is no live streaming, so you will want to have some other form of watching the game available. 

The live betting section is very quick, and gives players the opportunity to jump into live games and bet on the popular games during any time in the competition. 

Circa Sports Official Mobile App

Circa Sports brings the Vegas-style design with it to the mobile betting app. The focus is entirely on sports betting and having the best odds to go along with it. The main page is clean and has both featured and upcoming games shown.

Much of the app’s navigation takes place through the use of the bottom tabs. There you will be able to switch between all of the main sections on the mobile app. This includes going to the different sports available, your betslip and profile, and the main menu.

In general, the sportsbook betting app follows a pretty traditional approach to sports betting, and is not truly out of the ordinary from the other mobile apps we have seen. What it does well is the fact that everything seems to be just one click away.

All of the different sports and featured bets are laid out on the main screen for easy access. The mobile app isn't overbearing and is able to achieve this while keeping the design simple and appealing. The speeds between transitions are also very quick, with actions like betting performed almost instantly. 

Registration & Verification

The process for registering an account will be different in each state depending on the laws regarding sports betting, however in every state you will need to sign up for an account before making bets.

The process will differ in a few ways depending on the state and the rules surounding the industry. 

  • Fully Mobile - can download the betting apps and create an account, deposit and start betting all online.

  • Partly Mobile - can download the app and create an account, but will need to go to a physical location to complete the registration.

  • On Location - will be able to download the app, but registration and deposits will need to be made in the physical location.

Depending on the state you will need to sign up in one of these three ways. You can check the specific rules for Circa Sports in each state they operate by going to our state page and selecting your state. In all cases there will be a couple of similarities. 

You can always download the app before you sign up, even if the registration is not available online. The registration processes are also all quite similar no matter which sign up you need to complete.

In any of the above variations you will need to fill out some basic information and provide identification, and no registration method should take no longer than 15 minutes. 

Deposits & Withdrawals

We would expect to see a multitude of different payment options the more states that Circa Sports opens in. Having multiple ways to fund an account is definitely necessary in many tough markets.

However, right now there is only one online payment method available for the sportsbook. 

Circa Sports accepts the Play+ Card, which is a tried and true method used across many US sportsbooks. The Play+ Card acts as a prepaid account that will let you both deposit and withdraw. There are a couple of steps that you will need to complete in order to receive this card. 

  1. Log in, go to the cashier section, and select Play+

  2. Enter the necessary information to complete enrollment to the Play+ Card 

  3. Wait 10-14 days in order to receive your card in the mail

  4. Fund the card with debit/credit cards, bank transfer or PayPal

  5. Deposit the funds directly into your sportsbook account

This is a great option to have if there is only one available, as it will allow you to fund the card with multiple different forms of payments. If you happen to be in a state where Circa has physical locations, you will also be able to go to the locations and make transactions.

This can usually be done in cash during normal business hours. 

Review Conclusion

Circa Sports is a mobile sports betting app that has been well established in Nevada, and is starting to expand its brand to new markets. In its first endeavor outside the state, it has produced an app that has a lot of great features included, but also could use improvements to stand up to the original app out of Las Vegas. 

The important betting feature live betting is included on the app and that is something we love to see. The sportsbook has also added an online payment method in the form of the Play+ card which allows players all over the state the ability to fund their account. 

The important betting feature live betting is included on the app and that is something we love to see. The sportsbook has also added an online payment method in the form of the Play+ card which allows players all over the state the ability to fund their account. 

The odds are consistently good from Circa Sports as it is something the company prides themselves on. In general, what we expect to see throughout Circa Sports betting apps is either coming to fruition or is already being displayed. 

The mobile betting app has an array of different sports and competitions to bet on, good odds and unique betting types featured on the mobile app. However, there is still plenty of room for improvement, mainly in payment transactions and the addition of more promotions. 

Updated: 04.06.2023

Information about the company

Questions and answers

What are the best features of Circa Sports?

There are plenty of things that the mobile betting app provided by Circa Sports is able to do well. The main thing that the company has always prided themselves on is the odds that the sportsbook is able to consistently produce.

The sportsbook works with some of the top oddsmakers in the country, and is always competitive with its offerings.

Among the other features that stand out on Circa Sports is the addition of live betting along with the selection of sports and bet types on the site. These things help to make the mobile betting app a well rounded offering that appeals to many different players.

With a customer first approach to business, Circa Sports is a mobile sportsbook that strives to offer the best in every category.

How to use a Circa Sports bonus?

Circa Sports does not yet have a promotions section on its mobile apps, although the sportsbook has offered bonuses and contests before in the past. 

Once an official section for promotions is set up, you will likely just need to go to the section and select a promotion you would like to use. Each promotion will have certain requirements that you will need to fulfill in order to receive the bonus. 

How to contact Circa Sports

Right now, there is only one contact method available for users on the Circa Sports betting app. You can email the support team by clicking on the contact button on the mobile app. There is also an FAQ page with a lot of general information to help you learn more about betting on Circa Sports.

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