• Good selection of sports and bet types
  • Very good mobile app that runs well
  • Low minimum for all wagers, tied for lowest in Nevada


  • Very few deposit and withdrawal options, need to visit physical location
  • Missing a promotions and live betting section

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Review of the bookmaker South Point from Legalbet

Nevada Sports is the official betting app of the South Point Hotel, Casino and Spa in Las Vegas. It is one of the newer locations in the city, as construction on the site began in 2003 and the name South Point was adopted in 2006 following Michael Gaughan became full owner of the property.

South Point in and of itself is no stranger to sports betting, as the physical location has a large sportsbook as well as a section for horse racing. South Point launched its sports betting app Nevada Sports on May 6, 2020 and in that regard was a little late to the market. 

There are a couple sections missing from Nevada Sports that we would like to see included like promotions and live betting. These features are considered necessities on many sportsbooks and greatly impact the betting experience. 

For what we have though the mobile app shows itself well. The betting markets and functionality of the app are truly great to see. The mobile app is one of the highlights to the sportsbook, as it runs very smoothly with almost nonexistent glitches throughout. 

Top reasons to use Nevada Sports betting app:

  • Very low minimum bet amount at $2, ties for lowest in Nevada

  • Good mobile app which runs smoothly and without problems 

  • Large selection of bet types including many unique prop bets

  • Mobile sportsbook app runs 24 hours a day

Odds — normal

The Nevada Sports sports betting app follows many other US sportsbooks in offering the major American sports and leagues. The sportsbook does really hold any variety in terms of international sports or competitions. 

Soccer and tennis are two of the sports that you can commonly see on US sportsbooks that have the main bets coming from outside of the country. The selection is by no means vast, but it should command the majority of focus from US bettors.

  • Football

  • Baseball

  • Basketball

  • Hockey

  • Golf

  • Tennis

  • Soccer

  • Auto racing

  • Horse Racing

  • Boxing 

  • UFC

Betting options — good

There are plenty of different betting lines available on Nevada Sports betting app. The bet types that are available also cover the main bet types that we would hope to see on a sportsbook. 

  • Moneyline Bets

  • Spread Bets

  • Totals | Over/under Bets

  • Prop Bets

  • Futures Bets

  • Parlay Bets

  • Round Robin Bets

  • Teaser Bets

The only major thing that is missing from the app is the live betting, which is a major exclusion but can almost be made up for by the unique massive number of prop bets the app has available. 

Many prop bets involve players in the game like how many assists will a certain player have today or will a certain player catch a touchdown or not. The more unique these are the better, as it really gives you a chance to get creative with your bets.  

Registration & Verification

Like many sportsbook apps in Nevada, players must sign up for the Nevada Sports betting app on location at either South Point or Rampart casinos. Neither of these locations are more than 20 minutes away from the Vegas strip, and are easy to get to if you live in the Vegas area. 

  1. Download the Nevada Sports app for either Android or IOS

  2. Go to either the South Point or Rampart casinos in Las Vegas

  3. Complete all paperwork and provide correct documentation

  4. Sign into your mobile sportsbook account and begin to bet

The process for registering a sportsbook account for the Nevada Sports app is not very difficult nor is it a long process. You will need to fill out some paperwork, provide the appropriate documentation and be at least 21 years of age. The process in its entirety should not take more than 15 minutes when all is said and done. 

Once you have created your account you will be able to log in and make bets on the mobile sportsbook from anywhere in the state. Nevada Sports mobile app operates 24 hours a day, while other Nevada sportsbooks often close before midnight. You can find almost all of the same betting features and sports on the mobile app as you could on location. 

Deposits & Withdrawals

On the Nevada Sports app, there are unfortunately very limited options for making payment transactions. This is the same for both deposits and withdrawals. Furthermore, you will need to visit one of the physical locations for both payment options.

There are no online payment methods available which makes this function of Nevada Sports quite inconvenient. The minimum deposit amount for Nevada Sports is also about two times higher than most sportsbooks in Nevada, at $100. These things combined turn making deposits and withdrawals into something of a painful experience.

Going even further down the painful road, you will only be able to deposit or withdraw cash. There are no other forms of payment accepted such as credit or debit cards, checks, chips, etc. You will need to go to one of the two above locations during business hours and pay in cash. We would hope to see more options be added to make payments a more convenient process. 

Customer Support

In case of any possible disputes or questions regarding your time betting, Nevada Sports does have two Las Vegas locations that you can contact regarding your account. These are at both the South Point and the Rampart casinos.

Of course, you will always be able to visit the locations during the business hours and talk to guest services about your accounts. There they will definitely be able to get an answer to your questions and it will likely be quick. This will probably be the most effective way for resolving any issues. 

 Phone numbers are listed for both locations and you can also fill out a small amount of information in order to receive an answer back via email address. You should expect to wait up to 48 hours in order to get a reply back. There are also plenty of FAQs and information on the site that could help to answer any questions you have without contacting the customer support.

Review Conclusion

There are both really good things about Nevada Sports as well as some things that could definitely use a bit of work. The functionality of the mobile betting app is first and foremost something we look at, and it impresses in the way it runs. The app is smooth and features smooth transitions and few glitches.

Sports betting on Nevada Sports is also quite good with plenty of betting lines and unique bets to keep you guessing on what will be featured next. The exclusion of a promotions and live betting section certainly hurts to see. The limited options and range of payment methods also truly keeps the Nevada Sports betting app from reaching the top of the sports betting competition.

For what it is however, Nevada Sports still puts out a functional and reliable sports betting app. The app features plenty of different bet types and other sports betting features, which help to make the sportsbook unique. Overall, Nevada Sports is a good app especially for locals but we will look forward to more sections possibly being added to really take this sportsbook to the next level. 

Updated: 04.06.2023

Information about the company

Questions and answers

Who owns South Point?

South Point Casino is owned by Michael Guaghan, who in 2006 sold his remaining Boyd shares in return for full ownership of the location. 

What are the best features of Nevada Sports?

The best features of Nevada Sports for us would have to be the selection of bet types that you can find as well as the functionality of the app. It's important to have a betting app that runs smoothly so that you don't miss out on any odds or bets, and Nevada Sports is a good example of one that works well. 

In addition, the app runs 24 hours a day which makes it extremely convenient for use especially when all other apps in the state go offline. Nevada Sports features all of the main bet types, and has a large number of unique prop bets that keep things interesting. 

How to contact Nevada Sports?

You can contact Nevada Sports by going to either of the two physical locations; South Point or the Rampart Casino in Las Vegas. You can also visit the website and fill out information to receive an email in return, or to call the locations and have your questions answered over the phone. 

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