• Plenty of different betting types and sports available
  • Good rewards program which earns you extra points for betting
  • Mobile app runs well and features a professional design
  • Low minimum deposits and multiple locations to sign up


  • Missing both live betting and promotions section
  • Mobile app closes at 8 PM, while others can stay live all night
  • Lack of additional payment options, only cash on location

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Review of the bookmaker Peppermill Race & Sportsbook from Legalbet

The Peppermill mobile betting app is the product of the Peppermill Hotel and Casino in Reno, which in turn is owned by Peppermill Resorts. The hotel and casino are located in Reno, Nevada. The location was opened as a coffee shop on April 23, 1971 and expanded into gambling in 1979. 

According to many reviews about the location, it is consistently one of the most popular hotels and casinos in Reno. The physical sportsbook is one of the most well known and has been renovated and expanded multiple times since its start.

Peppermill continues to make updates and offer new features for users of the sportsbook. One of these was releasing a mobile sportsbook app that allows players to bet from anywhere in Nevada.

Peppermill’s mobile betting app has many of the same features as the physical locations. The mobile sportsbook has many different betting types and sports to bet on. The mobile app itself runs well and is similar to other Nevada sports betting apps. 

Top reasons to use Peppermill mobile betting app:

  • Plenty of different betting types giving you the full Nevada betting experience

  • Rewards program that gives you points for making sports bets

  • The mobile app runs well and is very easy to navigate to find different sections

  • Decent minimum deposit amounts and multiple locations to sign up

Odds — normal

The sports available on the Peppermill Race and Sportsbook mobile app will closely resemble much of the same as the ones at the physical location. The top professional sports and leagues in America will all be featured, as well as a section for horse and other races. 

  • Baseball - MLB

  • Basketball - NBA

  • Football - NFL

  • Hockey - NHL

  • College Athletics - NCAA

  • Racing Events

  • Soccer

  • Boxing

Betting options — normal

You will also find plenty of bet types on the mobile app, including some that are not available on every sportsbook. This is in addition to the main types of bets and lines that you will find for most events on the sportsbook. 

Minimum Bet Amount: $5

  • Moneyline Bets

  • Over/Under Bets

  • Pole Position/ Place Bets

  • Handicap Bets

  • Parlay Bets

  • Parlay Cards

  • Basketball Teasers

  • Football Teasers

  • Parlay Bets

Football and basketball teasers can be made on most games in the professional and collegiate games. Teaser bets allow you the opportunity to change or “tease” the spread or totals numbers given by the sportsbook, allowing you to customize these two betting types for different odds.

You can read more about these bet types and others in our “School of Betting”.

Registration & Verification

To get started betting with the Peppermill sports betting app, you will first need to sign up in person. This must be done at one of two locations. The player can either go to the Peppermill Reno or the Western Village in Sparks. The process will contain much of the same information and steps that are required by other sportsbooks in the state. 

  1. Download the Peppermill Sportsbook app for android or apple device

  2. Go to one of the two physical Peppermill sportsbooks locations 

  3. Fill out the application form with accurate information

  4. Provide photo ID and fill out a W-9 form if necessary

  5. Fund your account with a first deposit and sign in with your password you created

The process in its entirety will most likely not take more than 15 minutes to complete. You will need to bring a photo ID or your social security card with you to sign up. Additionally, you may also fill out a W-9 form to create your account.

The minimum amount for the first deposit you make is $40, which is lower than most sportsbooks in Nevada. Once you have completed all of the above steps you will be able to bet on your mobile device from anywhere in the state of Nevada. 

You do not need to be a resident of Nevada to create an account or to bet, you will only need to be physically present in the state. 

Deposits & Withdrawals

The minimum deposit amount for your first deposit will be $40 with subsequent withdrawals at $20. There are not any online payment methods available for either transactions. You will need to visit one of either two of Peppemill’s locations every time you wish to make a deposit or withdrawal. 

  • Peppermill Reno - Reno, Nevada

  • Western Village - Sparks, Nevada

All deposits and withdrawals made on location must be done in cash and during the locations normal business hours. You can look up any transactions you have made, or any bets that you have placed by pressing “menu” and then going to your account history. 

The minimum deposits will be $20 for every deposit after the first. For maximum deposits, you will need to talk directly with the sportsbook support to find out.

Customer Support

There is plenty of information available on the Peppermill sportsbook if you have questions or want to read about the rules of the mobile sportsbook. There is an FAQ section and a house rules page where you can find information and answers for different questions. 

The rules section will give you a general overview on how sports betting works on Peppermill. The FAQs will answer some basic questions about things like deposits, withdrawals, how to sign up and other necessary information.

There are also ways that you can directly get into contact with someone from the customer support team at Peppermill. The sportsbook has both a phone number and an email signup where you can receive a message back to your inquiry. 

Peppermill Sportsbooks is one of Reno’s favorite places to make bets and wagers, and this translates well into the mobile sports betting app as well. The mobile app is not unique, as others in Nevada use the same design, however it still performs basic functions well and is a solid app. 

As we see with many sportsbooks run out of casinos and hotels, the amount of reach this mobile app has can be limited. This will be the drawback as you will need to go to the location in order to sign up or make any sort of payment transaction.

Peppermill is located outside of Las Vegas though in Reno, which means less competition. Looking at everything, the mobile sports betting app is a very good option for local bettors and players. 

You can find many different betting types and sports to bet on. In reality the mobile betting app serves as an extension of the physical sportsbook, and is not meant to reach a national audience in multiple states. With a good foundation however, a few additions could make it one of the top competitors in the state. 

Updated: 04.06.2023
Review rating: 1 / 5

Information about the company

Questions and answers

What are the best features of Peppermill Sportsbook?

One of the best features of the mobile sports betting app for Peppermill is the selection of bet types you can make. The betting app does not only feature main betting types like the spread betting or totals. 

You also have ways to customize and make your own bets with things like teaser bets. Staying true to Nevada sportsbooks, there are also things like parlay cards where you can select a certain number of games for a fixed odds rate.

Other great features of the betting app are the rewards program and the races available.

Who owns Peppermill Sportsbook?

Peppermill Sportsbook is ultimately owned by Peppermill Resorts. The company owns multiple locations throughout Nevada including the Peppermill hotel and casino location in Reno, where the mobile betting app is from. 

Does Peppermill have a promotions section for its sportsbook?

Peppermill does not currently have any promotions section on the site. The closest thing it has is the rewards program which allows you to gain points for making bets. 

The amount of points you are able to accrue determines the tier that you are placed in, and the prizes that you are given. 

The physical sportsbook however will possibly have some promotions available at certain times. If nothing is written outright, it would be a good idea to ask whoever is working if there are any promotions currently ongoing. 

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