• Multiple locations around the state of Nevada
  • Good selection of deposit options
  • Live betting now included on the mobile app


  • Must visit a location in person before betting on mobile
  • Locations for making deposits are all in Las Vegas
  • Lack of sportsbook bonuses

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Review of the bookmaker B Connected from Legalbet

B Connected is a good and competitive mobile sportsbook when compared to other Nevada online sportsbooks. The offerings are standard and when looking for popular sports and leagues you should have no trouble finding them. 

However, the app comes with some drawbacks which are hard to ignore. The main thing is that the mobile app shares the Miomni design as other sportsbooks in the area. 

This would not be so bad, if B Connected was doing things much better than those competitors. However, many with the same design will also feature faster transitions and lower odds, making it difficult to find the silver lining for the B Connected mobile betting app. 

That being said, the design is still a good one and there are still some major positives about using the B Connected mobile betting app. 

Top reasons to use B Connected Mobile App:

  • The addition of live betting is a major plus, as it allows players a whole new way to make bets on the game. Live betting has become a staple in Nevada and was a must add, so it is good to see B Connected make the addition. 

  • The  sports and betting types included are also quite good. Every American sport and all of the betting types you would like to see are included. So there are no shortage of options when it comes to scrolling through the lines. 

  • There are no bonuses, however there is a rewards program that will give players points for each bet that they make. These reward points will add up and put you in a different tier. The rewards of the tier that you are in will be active for the rest of the year, and B Connected makes the prizes you can earn extremely luxurious. 

Odds — normal

B Connected takes all of the major American sports and leagues and includes them on the app for betting. This covers the most popular sports for betting. There are also a couple of the most popular international offerings like soccer and tennis.

 In Nevada, you are also able to make wagers on both professional and collegiate leagues including in state, so finding bets on the favorite hometown teams won't be a problem. 

  • Football (professional and college)

  • Baseball

  • Basketball (professional and college)

  • Boxing

  • Hockey

  • Golf

  • Horse Racing


  • Tennis

  • Soccer

  • MMA

Betting options — normal

Betting options on the B Connected app keep everything within the main lines. You are also able to make system bets like teasers and round robins. In all, there is a good selection and exactly what we would like to see on any sportsbook. 

  • Moneyline Bets

  • Spread/ Handicap Bets

  • Parlay Bets

  • Prop Bets

  • Live Bets\Futures Bets

  • Totals/ Over Under Bets

  • Round Robin Bets

  • Teaser Bets

  • Futures Bets

Main betting lines are of course the staples, however making parlay bets can turn into a lot of fun with a chance for big profits.

Parlay bets are single betting markets taken and combined into one single bet. You can add as many markets as you like, but if one loses the entire parlay will also lose. The profits can be potentially huge however, as the odds are multiplied with each market that you add. 

Teasers and round robin bets are bonuses for bettors, and are essentially strategic ways of making parlays and spread bets. Here you can put together different parlays with the same bets or choose your own totals or spread numbers for your games. It's definitely great to see these included, as they give you a more customizable betting experience. 

Live — normal

B Connected has recently added live sports betting to its lineup. This is a major addition as live betting has really taken off in America. Many of the online sportsbooks that are launching today have live betting as one of its first features included. 

The point of these types of bets is to allow the player the ability to bet on games as they are being played. This opens up new bet types and strategies for all players. You can access this section on the mobile app by selecting the in-play icon. 

Registration & Verification

One of the drawbacks of B Connected is that you cannot register on the mobile app alone. In order to register for an account at B Connected, you will need to visit one of the locations that the sportsbook has and sign up in person. Before doing this, you can still download the mobile app for either IOS or Android. 

The great thing about B Connected is that the app is truly connected. There are 11 different locations that you will be able to sign up at. These are located in Las Vegas, and are so great in number that if you live in or around the city you should have no problem finding a land-based location within a few miles. 

  • Gold Coast

  • Aliante

  • Jokers Wild

  • Eastside Cannery

  • Eldorado

  • Cannery

  • The California

  • Suncoast

  • Sam’s Town Las Vegas

  • The Orleans

  • Fremont

After going to one of these locations, you can sign up for the sportsbook and provide them with a photo ID to confirm your identity. After this you will be given a code or you can use the email that you originally signed up with to log into your account. 

This process is certainly not as convenient as other sportsbook signups, but with 11 locations it shouldn't be difficult to conveniently find a place to sign up and begin playing on mobile.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Payment transactions will need to be made in much of the same way as registration. The deposit methods are almost all offline, however you will be able to make deposits using the mobile app by getting a Play+ card. 

These cards work as a middleman and are used by many casinos and sportsbooks across the country. There are also a couple of ways that you can make deposits on location at any of the physical sportsbooks in the state or at other participating locations.

  • You can travel to any of the 11 above listed locations and make deposits or withdrawals. There are plenty of deposit methods you can choose from here including credit and debit cards, Boyd casino chips or cash. You can fund your account at these locations and make a cash withdrawal.

  • Another option for making in-person deposits is by using PayNearMe. You can select this option and get your bar code from the app. You can then take this bar code to select 7-Elevens and CVS Pharmacies throughout the state. You can then make your payment and the money will be deposited into your account. 

These payment methods are pretty standard, and they do cover most of the state with the PayNearMe option. The Play+ will be the only online method available and withdrawals must be made on location. The minimum deposit on B Connected will be $50. 

Customer Support

You can easily get into contact with B Connected by filling out a short bit of information and then sending them a message. B Connected will get back to you at the email address that you have provided. 

For many inquiries however, there is an FAQ section that may help to answer any questions that you may have. These go over several categories including rewards points, account information and the mobile apps. It is always best to see if you can find the answer to your question here before taking the trouble to contact one of the representatives. 

Review Conclusion

The mobile sports betting app for B Connected does well on numerous things, and new changes and updates are added everyday. The online sportsbook is a viable option when it comes to betting however there are some improvements that could surely be made.

One of the big drawbacks to B Connected is the lack of convenience for registration and payment transactions. Though the company has a high number of locations, they are all in Las Vegas. Since you need to sign up in person, this will certainly cut off would-be users who live in Northern Nevada. 

When it comes to sport betting, B Connected offers an acceptable selection of sports as well as the type of bet types you would expect to see on an online sportsbook. Now that live betting is official that shows a mass improvement for users of the app, and opens even more betting opportunities. 

In general, B Connected is missing a few things that could truly help to make this sports betting app exceptional, though it does remain a more than average option. You will still be able to access many of the betting lines and sports. With the addition of live betting, it looks like B Connected is on the right track to offering a more complete sports betting product. 

Updated: 04.06.2023

Information about the company

Questions and answers

Who owns B Connected?

The B Connected sports betting app is the product of Boyd Gaming, a hospitality and gaming company that is based right in Paradise, Nevada. However, Boyd owns 15 properties all across the United States in places like Mississippi, Illinois, Iowa and Indiana. 

The company was founded by Sam Boyd in 1975. Either through partnerships or under its own name, Boyd Gaming has opened online sportsbooks in multiple states, including major sports betting states like Pennsylvania, Indiana and of course Nevada. 

Where is Boyd gaming corporation?

Boyd Gaming operates in states all over the country. The company is based in Paradise, Nevada, however and operates locations in Louisiana, Missouri, Indiana, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio and Nevada. 

What are the best features of the B Connected mobile app?

The best features of B Connected are likely the multiple locations that you can find throughout the state of Nevada, in Las Vegas. The rewards program available for users of the sportsbook is also a major benefit to all players on the sports betting app. 

When rising through the tiers of the rewards program, you will be opted in to more and more great offers that will last the entire rest of the year. These rewards are not just related to the sportsbook but can be things like free hotel stays, cruises and more. Other than those, the app runs smoothly and the competitions are usually up to date with their offerings. 

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