Registering at theScore

One of the latest additions to American sports betting came when theScore opened up its sportsbook in New Jersey on September 3, 2019. By going to the official website of theScore, you can get started by downloading the mobile betting app. 

Score Media is one of the leading digital media companies when it comes to sports news. The sportsbook alng with FOX Bet are two sports betting sites that are operated and branded by major media companies. theScore sportsbook began in New Jersey, and immediately began planning moves to other states including Colorado. 

Step 1: Create an Account on theScore

To begin creating an account at theScore you will need to determine which state you will be betting in. There will not be any major differences between the registration if the states are fully mobile, though some will require in person action like signup and depositing. Players will want to begin by downloading their version of the theScore mobile app. 

The process for downloading the apps will also take place differently depending on which version of the app is needed. The IOS version can be found in the Apple store, however Android versions will need to be downloaded directly from theScore’s website. The process is simple and takes less than a minute to fully complete. 

  1. Click on the ‘Download for Android’ button
  2. Wait for the file to download onto your mobile device
  3. Open the file, and click install to complete

Registering an account is the first thing that needs to be done when opening the app. There is no option to view the lines or odds before signing up. Registration can be done completely on the app and from anywhere in the country. Being located outside of theScore’s operating states is not a disqualification. 

Step 2: Complete Registration: theScore Terms and Conditions

The registration process on theScore is nothing to be worried about. The multiple sections will include contact information such as your name, email address and phone number. The last four digits of your Social Security number will be used as your legal document for signup. 

Admittedly, the process does move along a little more slowly than other sportsbook registrations. This is due to the fact that theScore includes a lot of sections requiring a small amount of information, rather than doing things the other way around. Though it makes the process feel longer, the information remains the same. 

There will be a few key things that will be necessary during registration for getting your account approved. These are federal requirements, and they will be present in some form or another no matter which state you are signing up in. As long as these stay accurate, there should be no problem successfully completing registration.

  • Age 21 Years or Older 

  • Valid email address and phone number

  • Last four digits of Social Security

The legal gambling age is 21 across the vast majority of states in the US. There are a few exceptions, though none of which are present in the mobile sports betting industry. Therefore, you will need to be at least 21 years old to sign up and begin wagering. This will be verified by your social security, so signing up with a fake age will not work. 

Key Employees and Geolocation

There are a couple of more things that come up during online sportsbook registration no matter the state you are registering in. Key employees are people who will be prohibited from betting in the state due to their professional affiliates or occupations. States will have slightly different variations of who is a key employee, but there are some that will be present in most.

  • Members of professional sports organizations (athletes, referees, coaches, owners, etc.)

  • Employees of casino or gaming companies operating in the state

  • Individuals associated with companies holding supplier licenses 

  • Union employees representing athletes or teams

If you are in one of these key positions, then you will likely immediately know, and have probably been notified of this even before registration. Some states like New Jersey will have a form available for key employees to fill out if for some reason they have not been exempt from sports betting.

Another thing that players should at least be aware of are the functions of geolocation. Geolocation will be in use by sportsbooks across the country, and allows them to know your exact location in order to prevent players making bets from outside the legal state. Acknowledging its use is as simple as giving the app permission to use your location.

Payment Transactions on theScore

Making payment transactions to and from theScore can be done as soon as your account has been approved and you are logged in. Making both deposits and withdrawals can be done at any time by clicking on your account and going to the wallet section. It is worth mentioning that payment methods can be done on mobile and from anywhere in the country. 

Payment Method



Min. Deposit

Debit/ Credit Card




Bank Wire Transfers








Play+ Card








The payment methods available are a fairly good representation of popular methods used by sportsbooks. Though there is not a long list of payment methods, there are a good variety and multiple methods which can be used for both deposits and withdrawals. 

Play+ Cards are wildly popular with US sportsbooks, and can be found at nearly every one. These offer players who sign up for them a very quick method to make both deposits and withdrawals. For most of the methods, a ten dollar minimum deposit is required. Though some sportsbooks have lower, this can still be considered a normal amount.

For New Jersey players, cash withdrawals can be made at theScore’s land-based partner Monmouth Park Racetrack. Players must bring a photo ID during business hours to withdraw. 

Step 4: Making Bets

Starting out as a digital media company has given massive advantages to the beginning of theScore’s sportsbook app. Betting on theScore does not have any wildly unique features, and the betting itself will take place like any other sportsbook. However, theScore does have some major advantages on its side. 

  • Massive amount of media coverage and statistic for competitions 

  • The ability to synch existing Score Media accounts with the sportsbook

  • Great odds across the board on all sports, with a low margin

Despite a somewhat slow start, theScore has been and is always continuing to improve the sportsbook. The number of sports available on the site has increased, as well as the types of bets that can be made. The overall feel of the mobile app is very professional. Starting from the main page, you can find all of the sports and upcoming games available.

What truly separates theScore from the other sportsbooks is the presence of the mobile media app. Although the two of them need to be downloaded separately, the company has done a commendable job integrating them. Due to this, bettors on theScore will have access to media like in-depth game previews, statistics and relevant news on all competitions. 

Of course theScore has its good and bad like any other sportsbook, however the potential and desire to be one of the top USA sportsbooks appears to be present. The sportsbook has made vast improvements since its first launch, and it's almost impossible to imagine that the improvements will not continue. As of now, theScore sportsbook is an already viable option, with all of the potential to become a top sportsbook unlike any other. 

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